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Hi <<First Name>>,
Welcome to March! Spring will be here soon along with lots of busy business owners putting their 2016 plans into motion.

What are you working on right now?

I'm excited to share that this week I'll be heading to Frankfurt, Germany, to manage the communications room at the FAWCO Interim Meeting. It's a mini-conference over the weekend where over 100 women will get together to hear more about what FAWCO does and make plans to get and stay involved for their own clubs. It will be fun and challenging and a nice break for me to get out of my house/home office.

In this edition, I have the start of a new interview series: Inspiring Women Business Owners with Tracie Marquardt, my first (and still) client. In the interview you'll learn about her journey to self-employment, her personal mission statement and a bit about how she and I work together.

And additionally there is an online tool introduction for Instagram. Do you already use it? If so, reply with your username, I'd be happy to follow you!

Have a great month!


Inspiring Women Business Owners Interview:
Tracie Marquardt of Quality Assurance Communication

A new series for 2016

Inspiring Women Business Owners: Tracie MarquardtI’m so excited to get this series started on my blog for 2016! I’ve had in mind since I started blogging more than a year ago to do interviews with inspiring women business owners. They also happen to be clients of mine who I know personally and professionally and I get to help them reach their business goals.

The first interview is with my first (and still) client, Tracie Marquardt. She started her own business, Quality Assurance Communication, in 2013 and hasn’t looked back. She serves a unique market and is very involved in the expat and business world in the Heidelberg / Rhein-Neckar area of Germany.

Read the full interview

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What is Instagram?

Maybe you've heard about the social media network before, find out now if it's right for your business

What is Instagram?Instagram is a social media network that functions as an app on your smartphone and allows you to take share photos and 15-second videos. You take photos or videos with your camera phone, select a filter to make it look better, and then post it for your followers to see. It was bought by Facebook in 2012 and has been steadily been growing as one of the most popular social media networks with over 300 million users, especially among the younger crowd.

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Quick Tip #1

Top Locations for Finding Free Images

The online marketing world is a visual one. Blog posts, social media posts, websites and email newsletters all need images.

But what if you don't have the resources or skills to take your own photos? There are plenty of images out there, but many come with a license and fee, or the need to attribute the photographer. Which is just fine, but there are also lots of great looking photos that you can use completely for free and without risking incorrectly attributing the image or using it improperly.

Here's a short list of those websites I regularly use to find free images:

Quick Tip #2

Simple Pin Media

If you use Pinterest for your business or blog, then you need to be following Simple Pin Media. Owner Kate Ahl blogs, does webinars, sends out a weekly newsletter and still manages a group of Pinterest experts who manage accounts on behalf of their clients.

She offers realistic advise for gaining followers and traffic, how to effectively manage old and new pins, and monthly trend ideas. 

To get the most out of Pinterest, Simple Pin Media is a resource you can't afford to ignore. Get on her list and get the 2016 Pinterest Planner right from the homepage:
Simple Pin Media Homepage

Archive Quick Tip

Facebook Object Debugger Tool

Have you ever put a link from your blog post into a new Facebook post, but the image associated with it didn't appear? It may be that Facebook doesn't have all the right information at that moment.

If that happens, use Facebook's Object Debugger Tool which will show you exactly what information is associated with your link.

And if it's not the information, especially the image, that you want, click "Fetch new scrape information" until your image or information appears. Hint: the preview of what your post will look like is all the way at the bottom.
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