Ellis County GOP Newsletter - February 2018
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This month, we invited all our candidates to submit a write-up about themselves for our readers. We thank the candidates who responded and are proud to feature them in our February newsletter. They are in the order they will appear on the ballot. Enjoy!

Ken Cope
Candidate for U.S. Representative, District 6

The focus in any election is always on the candidates, but the way I see it, you are the most important person in this race.  Each one of you, across the district. I have enjoyed meeting so many of you and discussing your concerns.  I have made a list of those concerns and if elected, I will address them. That will be my job, since I will be working for you.
For those of you that I have not yet met, I will do my best to correct that before March 6. I would ask that you hold off voting until you have visited my website,  Ask your friends if they know me or know about me, see what they think.  I am proud of my accomplishments and the reputation I have built over a lifetime.  My leadership and business experience are unmatched by the other candidates in this race.
I entered the military as a U. S. Army Private, but retired as a Lieutenant Colonel with a Top Secret clearance.  My experience was wide and rich.  As a Quartermaster Officer, I spent four years in the Seventh Infantry Division and then became a procurement officer buying major weapon systems and ammunition for our joint combat forces.  My last position was a Battalion Commander where my unit (more than 400 senior officers and non-commissioned officers) reported to the Pentagon on the readiness level of military units across the entire central United States.  I spent 10 years on active duty and 15 in the reserve system.  I know well our government’s funding systems and the complexity of those operations.
As a civilian, I was an aerospace executive at a manufacturer of commercial and military aircraft until I retired.  My responsibilities encompassed all operations and the international supply chain. I negotiated many billion-dollar contracts that generated thousands of jobs.
My most significant achievement was convincing my wife, Marie, to marry me.  That was 43 years ago.  With Jesus Christ as our partner, we worked at a successful marriage and were blessed with three children, and then six grandchildren. 
So why do I want to be your next Congressman?  Because I am concerned that your grandchildren and mine will not have a country to inherit.  We need a representative willing to put your interests above his own.  I have pledged that if elected I will serve no more than three terms, nor will I accept lobbyist money.    
Many of you know me as someone who has fought the Bullet Train for the last four years.  But I am not a one-issue candidate.  I bring thoughtful solutions to our shared concerns. Even though I ran for U.S. Senate in 2014, I am not a politician. Just a regular citizen like you who has come forward to serve if you decide that I am the best candidate in this race, as Grassroots America – We the People has done. I believe that I am, and I hope you agree that this district, and this country, can benefit from what I have to contribute.
In closing, I humbly and respectfully request your support and your vote, and pray that our Lord keeps this country safe, prosperous, and free.


Ron Wright
Candidate for U.S. Representative, District 6
I have been committed to community service most of my adult life, and stood on principle for conservative values, even when it wasn't the easiest thing to do.

CD 6 has been my home for over 40 years, and I have served as a volunteer, city councilman, and tax assessor collector.

Further I have served as a District Director for the 6th District and learned a great deal about the people of Navarro, Ellis and Tarrant Counties.

My record includes standing up for property rights, the precious right to life, and against raising taxes. I understand the needs of the people of CD 6 and will fight for them in Washington.

Jake Ellzey
Candidate for U.S. Representative, District 6

My mission is simple and clearly defined. First, service is a calling and duty for me.  I’ve been under oath continuously since July 6, 1988 to protect and defend the Constitution, first as a Midshipman at the Naval Academy, then as a helicopter and combat fighter pilot in the Navy for 20 years, and now as a Commissioner on the Texas Veterans Commission.  
Second, I will serve my family, God and the people of the 6th without reproach according to the Constitution.  
Finally, I’m on a mission to honor our veterans who wrote a blank check for our nation, and my fallen brothers and sisters who gave the ultimate sacrifice for the country we love.
We have to secure our borders, rebuild our military after 16 years of war, provide better care for our Veterans, reduce our national debt, and scale back regulations for our economy to grow.
There’s a direct correlation between the dysfunction of Congress and the lack of veterans who are elected.  Mission accomplishment transcends ideology, and when I went into combat in the air or on the ground with the SEALs, I never asked how my teammates voted.  I received the endorsement of With because they know that Congress functions better with more Veterans.
Border security for 330 million Americans must always be the first priority.  In fact, border security is actually in the Constitution in article 4. I’m astounded that some would violate their oath of office by prioritizing non-citizens first, even threatening a shutdown of our government.
DACA was a cynical, unconstitutional attempt at making law by a President who put lives at risk with this order.  Now Congress has to clean up his mess.  This is not my fault nor the Republicans; it’s Barack Obama’s, but I’m willing to do my duty to deal with the issue.  Additionally, DACA did not provide a path to citizenship.  Even Obama never asked for that.  It only provided the ability to go to school and then have permanent residency, which is not citizenship.  So we’re talking about something that was never part of the deal in the first place.  However, if you enlist in the military for 5 years and serve honorably, then I think you’ve earned citizenship.
No amnesty, no chain migration and no diversity lottery.
Drop out of school, break the law or violently protest in my country, you’re immediately deported.
We are a nation of laws inhabited by charitable people.  We care about people less fortunate. I’ve been to Iraq and Afghanistan in combat and provided tsunami relief in Indonesia, and I know how blessed we are.  My oath, however, is clear.  Support AND defend the Constitution.
I’m 100% pro-life.  Always have been, always will be.
I’m a life member of the NRA and believe in the original intent of the Second Amendment in which the right to keep and bear arms “shall not be infringed.”
I humbly ask for your vote on March 6th.

William “Doug” Wallace
Candidate for Judge, 378th Judicial District Court

William "Doug" Wallace

Shani Flemmins
Candidate for Judge, 378th Judicial District Court

Shani Flemins is an experienced attorney, specializing in Family Law. Practicing since 1991 when she received her law degree from Southern Methodist University, she presently has a thriving Ellis County law practice in Red Oak.

Shani plans to use her extensive experience in Family Law to preside as Judge in the court dedicated solely to Family Law cases. “I would be honored to serve in the 378th District Court as Judge.

We have the opportunity to show that EXPERIENCE MATTERS when the tumultuous process of family court moves forward.

I have MORE experience than all of the other candidates combined.

I am asking YOU for your VOTE on March 6th.”

Thank you.

Todd Little 
Candidate for County Judge

Todd is a 3rd generation Ellis County resident. He currently lives in Red Oak with his wife Dawn and three children and manages his family’s small business. Todd understands the pressures of a small business and the effects that big government and higher taxes has on small business owners and citizens in Ellis County.
Todd Little has rallied supporters across the county with a simple message. “It’s time to give our courthouse back to the people. As a true conservative, I will restore trust in government, lower your taxes, eliminate burdensome regulations, and make Ellis County government more efficient.”

Todd Little was elected Mayor of Red Oak from 2000-2006. He was faced with challenging decisions involving the rapid growth of Red Oak as it relates to infrastructure and how that impacts the average Ellis County resident. He was instrumental in the construction of the Red Oak Municipal Center and the Central Fire and Police Station. He served the citizens of Red Oak by working with City Council to lower taxes, grant property tax relief for senior citizens, and improve economic development.
Todd is a graduate of Baylor University with a degree in Financial Planning. He understands the importance of a balanced budget, accountability, and how to build a team.

Todd is an advocate for community service and volunteerism. He served as Board President of Hope Clinic, a community-based nonprofit health center, and a Trustee for Meals on Wheels of Johnson & Ellis Counties. He was a delegate for Ellis County to the Republican Party of Texas and is a former member of Young Republicans.
Todd operates his family’s financial services and insurance business. He is a risk manager and insurance representative for small to mid-sized companies.

He has been married to his wife Dawn for 25 years. Dawn is a Registered Nurse and a health science teacher at Red Oak High School. They have three children Tanner, Houston, and Stefani.

Krystal Valdez 
Candidate for County Clerk

Krystal Valdez has proudly served the citizens of Ellis County since 2009, she has over six years’ experience as a Deputy Clerk in the Ellis County Clerk's Office.

Over the course of those six years she was cross-trained to perform a variety of tasks in multiple roles including Vital Statistics, Lead Civil Clerk and assisted in Probate Guardianship.

Krystal is most proud of her accomplishment in leading the E-Filing project. The project took nearly two years to complete, and was the implementation of the Texas Judiciary’s electronic court filing system, eFileTexas. eFileTexas is a unified, statewide electronic filing system that benefits all participants in the court system.

Krystal has over two years’ experience in her current position as the Court Coordinator for Judge Jim Chapman in Ellis County Court at Law One. During her two years as Court Coordinator, she has assisted the Judge in maintaining a balanced budget, created policies and procedures that have created efficiency, as well as successfully bridging the gap between the needs of the Court and the Clerk’s office so that they may better assist each other in their daily duties.

Krystal has attended numerous continuing education courses over the years including Vital Statistics; Probate Law through the Texas College of Probate Judges; and 23 hours in the Professional Development Program through the Texas Center for the Judiciary.

Krystal Valdez has lived in Ellis County for over 20 years, she graduated from Red Oak High School and went on to earn her Paralegal Degree from Navarro College. 

When Krystal is not working she enjoys spending time with her husband Eric and two children, Tyler and Ariana. By the grace of God, Krystal and Eric have successfully completed 15 years together and credit their faith, family support and church community for that accomplishment.

Krystal and Eric have been active members of St. Joseph’s Catholic Church for over 20 years where they have raised their children in the Christian faith.

Krystal’s husband, Eric, is nearing 15 years at Oncor, prior to that he spent two and half years in law enforcement. In his free time, he coaches for the Waxahachie Youth Baseball/Softball League and has enjoyed doing so for over 5 years.

Their son, Tyler, plays baseball for Mountain View College and their daughter, Ariana, enjoys dancing and softball.

As the population of Ellis County continues on the path of rapid growth, the County Clerk's Office must also be prepared to adapt to that growth. Krystal is confident that the experience she has acquired during her time in the County Clerk’s Office and in County Court at Law One will allow her to seamlessly transition the Clerk’s Office from day one.

Krystal would like to thank her supporters and graciously asks for your vote on March 6, 2018.

Denise DeLara
Candidate for County Clerk

I am Denise De Lara and I am so excited to be running for your County Clerk!

I am routinely asked, what does the County Clerks’ office do? Well, let me give you the condensed answer: Almost every single one of you reading this has or will have a document at the Clerk’s office, whether it is a birth certificate, land title, death certificate, etc.. I like to say the County Clerk’s office documents you from the cradle to the grave, and these documents are important as they deal with our lives they need to be kept secured yet easily accessible.

You may ask, Denise, what are your qualifications?

I am hard-working, service and detail-oriented, technologically-proficient and I am all about the DETAILS.

I worked for 6 years as a Technology Specialist for Red Oak ISD at Shields Elementary. I was responsible for all technological issues and implementation of programs and software on campus. I also taught every student about technology and how to use computer programs.

I have had many conversations with the Commissioner’s and I know they are looking at new options for a software system. There is a possibility that there could be a new system already approved prior to taking office. I know that I have the experience needed to facilitate any new implementations or transitions.

Currently I am an Office Manager in a medical office. In my current role, on a day to day basis, I supervise up to 75 employees. I am the Technology department and compliant office.

Also, I served and led the Ellis County Republican Party for 3 years as the Elected Chairman and SREC SD22 Committee Woman.

I know one of the candidates has worked for the Clerk’s Office in a non-supervisory role as a receptionist and one of several Deputy Clerks.

I am the ONLY candidate that has the supervisory experience in the private sector and as an elected official.

I served as Chairman of the Ellis County Republican Party, where I was responsible for overseeing the Executive Committee. When I was appointed as the Chairman, it was in compete duress. Under my leadership, the party has flourished. I have rebuilt our credibility as well as relationships with our elected officials.  Now the party is in the best financial shape it has been in for over 20 years.

Why should you vote for Denise DeLara?
I am the only candidate who has demonstrated involvement in the Republican Party on a local and state level for ten years long before I decided to run for office.

I have the supervisory experience to lead the Clerk’s office into the future. I also have the technology background to advance the efficiency and accessibility of the office. I have the personal skills to elevate the Customer Service aspect as well.

I will encourage and motivate my staff, and I will be a 'hands on' County Clerk.  

I will be readily available to the citizens, elected officials and all other departments in Ellis County.

We need elected officials who decide to run on the Republican ticket that they have a proven commitment to Republican values and who demonstrate that on a daily basis.

I grew up in Duncanville and graduated from Duncanville High School. My dad Tommy Covington was the Vocational Agriculture Teacher in Duncanville High School for over 20 years. My mom Peggy worked in the banking industry. In high school I was involved in FFA. After high school, I attended Mountain View College.  During that time I met my husband and we were married and we have three daughters, two who have graduated from Red Oak High School and Navarro College.  We moved to Ellis County almost 20 years ago.  

Please VOTE Denise De Lara for Your County Clerk on March 6!


Get Out The Vote! 

Election Day is Tuesday March 6th
Early Voting starts February 20th - March 2nd.

Tell your friends, neighbors, parents, kids, that person whose name you always forget at the grocery store - to get out and VOTE! In many cases, the primary is the election!

For election information visit:

"The ballot is stronger than the bullet."
 - Abraham Lincoln


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When you become a Legacy Circle member of the Republican Party of Ellis County you will be a vital part of helping us build a powerful and influential presence here. Your contribution will help keep Ellis County and the great state of Texas, RED!
Your valuable contribution will go directly to providing a permanent location for our GOP Headquarters in Ellis County which allows us to do the following:
1. Hold our GOP monthly meetings open to all citizens
2. Have training for Precinct Chairman and volunteers
3. Host our ‘Get Out The Vote’ efforts at election time
4. House our resources such as our candidate campaign signs and literature
5. Be a center for town hall meetings to educate and inform our citizens
There are several levels of membership – please choose the one that is right for you!
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Lincoln Day Dinner
Monday, February 19th
Waxahachie Civic Center
2000 Civic Center Lane
Waxahachie, 75165
Sponsored by Ellis County Republican Women
Speaker: Karen Watson, Republican and Author

Tickets $30
or call 972.627.3447 to order

Meet The Candidates Forum
Tuesday, February 20th
5:30pm - 8pm
Midlothian Conference Center
1 Community Circle Dr
Midlothian, 76065
All are welcome!

Early Voting Begins!
Early Voting starts February 20th - March 2nd.
For election information visit:

Election Day, Tuesday March 6th!


Want a New Best Friend?
Ellis County has two animal shelters that have lots of sweet pups and kittens waiting so patiently for a happy home! If you are looking for a new pet, go visit and let them love you! Their tails are wagging in anticipation!  

Visit the Ellis County SPCA in Waxahachie (972) 935-0756 and the Midlothian Animal Shelter (972) 775-7628. 


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If you would like to become a Precinct Chairman for your precinct, please contact
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