Ellis County GOP Newsletter - January 2018
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Hats Off To A Great Republican!
by Mimi McBroom

August 21, 2000, I went into a job interview with the District Attorney of Ellis County.  I was hoping to land the position of misdemeanor clerk in his office.  I remember being incredibly nervous, naturally, and intimidated by the idea of having to interview with “The District Attorney.”  About two minutes into the interview with Joe Grubbs I forgot it was an interview.  We talked about many things and very little had to do with his expectations of me as an employee.  It was the most informal job interview I had ever experienced.  It wasn’t until years later I realized I had already been vetted by his office manager, Sandy Fisher, so he knew, before I ever sat in front of him, I could do the work.  His interview with me was to find out who I was as  a person, not a clerk. 
January 1, 2011, the Governor appointed Joe Grubbs to the 378th District Court and I asked if I could tag along as his court coordinator.  After my eleven year stint in the District Attorney’s Office I suppose Judge Grubbs had confidence in my abilities as a clerk because he said, ”Okay.”  At the swearing in ceremony I overheard the Judge mention to someone that one of my greatest assets as a clerk was the fact I never call in sick.  Well, so much for confidence in my abilities.  I’m not really being fair to the Judge here.  He always let me know he appreciated my work and was kind enough to overlook my occasional snarky comments.  It is a phenomenon that our work days seemed endless but the years flew by.        
December 28, 2017, The Wyatt Mansion was wall to wall people celebrating the career and retirement of Judge Grubbs.  He shakes hands and shares a brief conversation with everyone as they come into the room.  He isn’t thanking each person just for coming to the party, he appeared to be paying a special debt of gratitude to each person who worked for him, supported his elections, and many more for just being good friends.  Standing in the back of the room trying to stay out of the way I couldn’t help but compare what I was seeing to the last scene of “It’s a Wonderful Life.” Like George Bailey, Judge Grubbs has no idea all the lives he has touched and will touch with his unassuming servant’s heart. 
Mimi McBroom
Court Coordinator
378th District Court


Focus On The Future
by Rodney Ramsey
There are times when it seems the preacher is speaking directly to you. Recently he spoke of Paul and his comments to the Philippians. 
Paul, in remembering his transgressions against the Church is trying to forget his past tells them ‘I count not myself to have apprehended: but this one thing I do, forgetting those things which are behind, and reaching forth unto those things which are before.”
He was saying I am not going to focus on the past, rather I must reach for the future. He knew he had committed many sins in the past when called Saul of Tarsus while attempting to suppress Christianity. 
He also said, “Finally, brethren, whatsoever things are true, whatsoever things are honest, whatsoever things are just, whatsoever things are pure, whatsoever things are lovely, whatsoever things are of good report; if there be any virtue, and if there be any praise, think on these things.”
It seemed a fitting sermon for where we need to focus our efforts in our County. Enough of looking back. There are no answers there, only dispair. 
We should look ahead, to our future. We should regain control of our County through the polls. We should focus on who can represent the people   
We should heed the words of Paul, who stated, “Be careful for nothing; but in every thing by prayer and supplication with thanksgiving  let your request be made known unto God.”
I too can do all things through Christ who strengthens me. I hope you can help me strengthen my resolve to raise up our County from where it has been, to where it should be. 
Credit to Brother Walter Buchanan. Good sermon.

Vote Theresa Peel for JP3

Theresa Peel, a local attorney, is running for Justice of the Peace, Precinct 3.  Ms. Peel was raised in Waxahachie, graduated high school at age 16 and attended Texas Tech University majoring in Mechanical Engineering Technology while graduating in less than 4 years.  Returning to the Waxahachie Bank & Trust as a computer programmer, Ms. Peel was instrumental in converting the computer system at WB&T and moving the data center to Ferris Avenue.  Ms. Peel has worked as a consultant and project manager for several Fortune 500 companies such as IBM, Union Pacific Railroad, and ConAgra. 

After over 20 years in the computer field, Ms. Peel attended Law School at the University of Nebraska while maintaining a full-time job and raising two daughters as a single parent. 

She has been a licensed attorney in Texas since 2000.  As a lifelong learner, she obtained her Electrical Technology certifications only a few years ago.

Raised in an entrepreneurial family, working at Jones Market from an early age, accompanying Dad on the bread route when he worked for Manor Bread, operating a successful consulting company, building commercial and industrial properties, managing and maintaining residential properties, Ms. Peel has diverse interests and experiences.  Whether sitting in the boardroom at a Fortune 500 company, operating a back hoe, nail gun, or screw gun, backing a 40’ trailer, writing a computer program or consulting contract, managing a multimillion dollar project, or negotiating a settlement, Ms. Peel is comfortable in all areas. 

As an avid volunteer in the community, she has a servants heart and giving spirit.  Whether it is collecting books for the jail and nursing homes, coaching and judging high school mock trial, helping the homeless, advocating for the veterans, or just supporting local charitable and service organizations, Ms. Peel is always ready with a smile and can often be seen around town in the summer with one of her varied hats!

Ms. Peel would be honored to be elected to serve the citizens of Ellis County. 

Vote Theresa Peel as the next Justice of the Peace, Precinct 3.

Political Advertising paid for by Theresa Peel Gase for JP3 campaign.

Ken Cope

Running to be your U.S. Representative for District 6
Most candidates are looking for endorsements from establishment political groups, which have lots of strings attached. The only endorsement I care about is yours, the individual citizen who I will represent. I will speak for you, the people, not some special interest group.
I am not a politician. I am a grandfather who is concerned for the futures of my grandchildren and yours.
I am the most qualified candidate. I honed my leadership skills while advancing from an Army private at enlistment to retirement as a lieutenant colonel with distinctions and a Top Secret clearance. I know what it takes to defend our country from all enemies, foreign or domestic. I have the skills to defend our national sovereignty, our state’s rights, our borders, and our Constitution.
I believe government is a business and should be run like one, with the results measured by the people and NOT the politicians.  I have degrees in corporate finance and accounting. I have an extensive background in international business, military procurement, real estate, and insurance. All this gives me the unique business skills to put government to work for the people, as our Constitution intended.
To make government work, I support major changes. Like abolishing the IRS. Stopping wasteful government spending. Reducing the national debt. Auditing the Federal Reserve. And making sure that common sense legislation comes out of Washington, not more favors for special interests.
I ask you as my future employer to send me to Washington as your voice in the federal government. There I can defend the founding principles of this country as explained in the Constitution, the Bill of Rights, and the Declaration of Independence. 
My Position on Key Issues: (not all-inclusive)
  • High Speed Rail:    I oppose this project and will use my Representative resources to stop federal funding.
  • Toll Roads:  I oppose toll roads and will use my Representative resources to stop federal funding.
  • IRS:   I believe the IRS should be eliminated, replaced by a simplified tax plan.
  • Healthcare:  I support legislation to eliminate state boundaries on insurance and work towards a “catastrophic” safety net.
  • Federal Spending:  I support reducing spending.
  • National Debt:   I commit to not increase the debt except for national emergency or war.
  • Immigration:  I would introduce legislation to build the border wall, deport illegal criminals, enhance the immigration processing system, provide a six-month window for all illegals to “come out of the shadows” and go to the end of line for normal vetting.  Note: Per the 14th Amendment to the Constitution, I do not believe in “anchor babies.”
  • Lobbyist Money:  I will not take lobbyist money.
  • Term Limit:   I will “self-terminate” at three terms (6 Years)
Twitter: @copetexas

Elect Ed Jendrzey for Judge, 378th Judicial District Court

Ed Jendrzey is proud to be running for Judge of the 378th Judicial District Court, Ellis County. With experience as a prosecutor, magistrate in Dallas County, local private practice attorney and Waxahachie Municipal Court Judge, he has seen the courtroom from all perspectives.

He will strive to enhance the efficiency of the Court, and add Friday afternoon dockets, to provide a quicker resolution to cases enabling families to begin the healing process and start rebuilding their lives. Ed will work with the other judges to continue implementing best practices in Ellis County.

Ed Jendrzey is the Immediate Past-President of the Waxahachie Lions Club, Board Member of the Waxahachie Chamber of Commerce, former director of Waxahachie Youth Baseball 11U/12U Division, and a member of St. Joseph’s Catholic Church. He is the husband of 26 years to wife, Liz, and father of three wonderful children. He enjoys fishing, cooking outdoors, and watching the kids participate in activities.

Feel free to contact Ed with any questions at

Your vote for Ed Jendrzey for Judge, 378th Judicial District Court is greatly appreciated.

Early voting is February 20 – March 2, 2018. Election day is March 6, 2018. 

Pol. adv. authorized by Ed Jendrzey, Candidate for Judge, 378th Judicial District Court.

Ellis County GOP Legacy Circle 
Representative John Wray
Charles Edge
Senator Brian Birdwell
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Patrick Wilson
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Melissa Owen

Join the Legacy Circle!

When you become a Legacy Circle member of the Republican Party of Ellis County you will be a vital part of helping us build a powerful and influential presence here.
Your contribution will help keep Ellis County and the great state of Texas, RED!
Your valuable contribution will go directly to providing a permanent location for our GOP Headquarters in Ellis County which allows us to do the following:
1. Hold our GOP monthly meetings open to all citizens
2. Have training for Precinct Chairman and volunteers
3. Host our ‘Get Out The Vote’ efforts at election time
4. House our resources such as our candidate campaign signs and literature
5. Be a center for town hall meetings to educate and inform our citizens
There are several levels of membership – please choose the one that is right for you!
Student level contribution - $15
Bronze level contribution - $100
Silver level contribution - $200
Gold level contribution - $500
Platinum level Contribution - $1000

To make a contribution, go to:

Get Out The Vote! 

The Ellis County Republican Women will be assisting voters by conducting Voter Registration Events throughout the county.  If you would like to volunteer to register voters or you have a church, business, or other location that would like the ECRW to set up for a couple of hours, please contact Theresa Peel at 972-935-0200. 
Voter Registration Training is conducted at the elections office on Tuesday and Thursdays at 10:00 a.m. 


That's all a man can hope for during his lifetime - to set an example - and when he is dead, to be an inspiration for history.
- William McKinley 


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Thursday, January 18th
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Waxahachie Civic Center
2000 Civic Center Lane
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GOP Fundraiser with
Gov. Greg Abbott

Saturday, February 3rd
5:45 pm - 9:30pm
Lakeview Camp and Retreat Center 
5128 FM 66
Waxahachie, 75167


Ellis County GOP Monthly Meeting 
Tuesday, Feb 6th
609 Water St. 
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Want a New Best Friend?
Ellis County has two animal shelters that have lots of sweet pups and kittens waiting so patiently for a happy home! If you are looking for a new pet, go visit and let them love you! Their tails are wagging in anticipation!  

Visit the Ellis County SPCA in Waxahachie (972) 935-0756 and the Midlothian Animal Shelter (972) 775-7628. 


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