Ellis County GOP Newsletter - May 2018
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Chairman's Note 
by Ellis County Chairman, Randy Bellomy

Thank you all for your attendance at the May meeting. We had a good time as we heard from our candidates in the May Run-Off Election as well as our speaker Rebekah Warwick, from the Heritage Action group, an arm of the Heritage Foundation.
Please get behind our candidates in the run-off and please go vote.
Early voting is Monday, May 14 – Friday, May 18.
Election Day is Tuesday, May 22.
We will have an after-election party starting at 6:30pm on May 22nd at the Woodman of the World Building, 610 Water St., Waxahachie. Everyone is welcome. The Party will provide the entrees, we ask that you bring a dessert.
I also want to thank all of the State delegates for attending the delegate meeting after our monthly meeting.

The Republican Party of Texas State Convention
is June 11th – June 16th in San Antonio.
Our next monthly GOP meeting is Tuesday, June 5th. Hope to see you then!
Don’t forget to vote in the run-off election! Every vote counts.
Thank you,

Randy Bellomy
Chairman, Ellis County Republican Party


The Wray Wrap Up
by John Wray, State Representative District 10

In 2015, the murder of Kate Steinle in San Francisco by a convicted criminal, five-time deportee, and illegal immigrant brought to the forefront the issue of Sanctuary Cities.  As with many others who had fallen victim to repeat criminal aliens, the need became clear for legislation requiring elected officials and local law enforcement to cooperate with federal immigration enforcement agencies.   
Passing a law to ensure that local governments follow federal immigration law shouldn’t be necessary, but the Texas legislature made sure there were no questions when we passed Senate Bill 4.  This "Sanctuary Cities" bill was vital to ensuring public safety, especially along our state's porous southern border.  And while most of our state was already complying and cooperating with agencies like ICE, our citizens can rest easy knowing that Texas statue now requires law enforcement authorities to detain these individuals when requested, so we may avoid tragedies like the one endured by Kate Steinle's family.
For perspective, over the past seven years, Texas Department of Public Safety reports 245,000 criminal aliens booked into local jails.  Those charges consist of the following:

  • 1,323 homicide charges
  • 7,012 sexual assault charges
  • 9,739 weapon charges
  • 77,448 assault charges
  • 18,410 burglary charges
  • 78,198 drug charges
  • 797 kidnapping charges
  • 44,210 theft charges
  • 49,921 obstructing police charges
  • 4,248 robbery charges

Senate Bill 4, as passed the Texas Legislature and signed by Governor Abbott in 2017, prohibited local government entities from ignoring federal immigration detainers which are vital in interdiction of criminal activities by illegal aliens.  Additionally, the Texas House amended the law to allow law enforcement agents to determine the legal status of anyone detained or arrested in order to determine if that individual is lawfully present in the United States.
As with many other conservative pieces of legislation, SB4 was quickly challenged in court and it's effects were delayed by ongoing legal action.  I am glad to report that due to successful defense by Texas Attorney General Ken Paxton, only one portion- the penalty for local officials for failure to comply- is on hold and the remainder of the law has been allowed to go into effect.
I have been a strong supporter of our increased border security efforts and was proud to vote for and co-sponsor Senate Bill 4.  My Republican colleagues and I worked hard to pass this important piece of legislation, defending it from baseless attacks and numerous amendments from Democrat colleagues who sought to weaken or defeat the legislation.
Criminal aliens pose a danger to the safety of our communities and threaten our legal immigration process. Our commitment to the rule of law must continue if we wish to serve the safety of all Texans, and providing greater border security and law enforcement is vital to this effort.  It is an honor to serve in the Texas House and to be able to accomplish these and other important goals.
God Bless You and God Bless Texas.


Heritage Action For America
 Update, May 7, 2018 

This is our first monthly update from Rebekah Warwick, the South Central Regional Coordinator for Heritage Action for America, an arm of the Heritage Foundation. Rebekah will be submitting monthly updates and action items based on current legislation in our U.S. Congress. Please read and act accordingly! 

1) Federal Spending: Fiscal Restraint Through The Impoundment Control Act

Earlier this year, Congress passed—and President Trump signed into law—a $1.3 trillion omnibus spending package that increased defense spending by $80 billion and non-defense spending by $63 billion over the Budget Control Act. According to congressional Republicans and President Trump, the GOP agreed to the omnibus spending levels because Senate Democrats threatened to filibuster and shutdown the government if Congress increased defense spending without increasing non-defense spending. This is where the Congressional Budget and Impoundment Control Act of 1974 comes into play. Section 1017 of the law sets up a filibuster-proof rescission process that can be used by Republicans in Congress to cancel the wasteful spending. The Trump administration is expected to unveil the first in a series of rescissions requests early this week. The initial request will focus exclusively on unobligated balances to avoid political concerns over “re-opening” the budget caps deal and recently passed omnibus.
Action Item: Ask your Congressman to support President's Trump’s rescission request to cut government waste. If the Republican Party is truly concerned with excessive spending and debt, the Impoundment Control Act provides a legislative opportunity to engage in accountability as part of larger effort to restore focus on long-term fiscal challenges.
2) Food Stamps & Farm Bill: Work Requirements, Out-of-Control Subsidy Programs
The House Agriculture recently passed H.R. 2 (Farm Bill) out of committee without any substantial conservative reforms. House Agriculture Chairman Mike Conaway (R-Texas) recently told reporters the farm bill will receive floor consideration the week of May 14th. Heritage Action opposes the current House farm bill for its bad agriculture policy and mediocre work requirements for food stamps. Heritage Action is working with conservative lawmakers to push for changes to the bill and will continue to push for inclusion of strong work requirements in the SNAP program and reforms to out-of-control agricultural subsidy programs.
Action Item: Ask your Congressman to support Rep. Garret Graves’ (R-LA) Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program (SNAP) Reform Act of 2017 (H.R. 2996), which Heritage Action key voted, as policy reform to the Farm Bill. You should also ask their members of Congress to support the agriculture policy reforms included in the President’s Budget and Rep. Ralph Norman’s (R-SC) bill - President Trump's Farm Bill Reforms Act of 2018 (H.R. 5629).
To receive weekly updates from Heritage Action, sign up for the free Sentinel Program at
For questions please contact:
Rebekah Warwick
South Central Regional Coordinator
Cell: 202-316-3930


Early Voting for the Ellis County Run-Off Election begins Monday, May 14th - Friday, May 18th.


Grab your spouse, neighbors, friends, neighbors' spouses, friends' neighbors, and GO VOTE!
(scroll down to find the Run-Off Election information)

Below here in our newsletter are submissions from several candidates in the run-off election. We encourage you to read and get to know them. We are thankful for their participation. 
William 'Doug' Wallace
 Candidate for District Judge, 378th Judicial District Court

We have reached the final stages of the campaign for District Judge in the 378th Judicial District Court. Six months ago, Judge Grubbs announced his retirement from the bench and the process of electing his successor began. We were blessed to have four good candidates present themselves to the voters and I am grateful to Ed, Stacey, and Shani for championing the issues and concerns that accompany this Court. It has been a pleasure to meet so many friends, new and old, who have expressed their earnest desire to participate and support the 378th as it moves forward.

I have been fortunate to share my background and interests with countless Ellis County citizens over the past six months and I appreciate the chance to exchange ideas and learn from them. In addition to my experience as a criminal prosecutor, a civil trial attorney, and a family lawyer I have served as an arbitrator, litigation manager, and law professor.

My experience in family law grew directly from the privilege of serving our country in uniform, as my first family law clients were soldiers I served with in the United States Army. They say that word of mouth is the best way to build a practice. This was exactly how I built the pro-bono practice I used to give back to the men and women who serve our country and community. My clients have included veterans, soldiers, sailors, Marines, airmen, police officers, and firefighters. I am blessed to sleep in the comfort of the freedom they secure, as are we all.

I am running for District Judge of the 378th Judicial District Court because I believe that the citizens of Ellis County deserve a District Judge who can and will handle whatever is asked of it. In the case of the 378th Judicial District Court that means a Judge who will keep the Family Docket the priority in that court and who will be willing to take on whatever civil or criminal matters that may be assigned to that court, to include jury trials.

As we head back to the polls on either Early Voting, May 14-18, or Run-Off Election Day, May 22, 2018, I humbly as for your vote to become your next District Judge on the 378th Judicial District Court.

William D. Wallace

Shani Flemins
 Candidate for District Judge, 378th Judicial District Court

Shani Flemins is an experienced attorney, specializing in Family Law for over two decades.  Practicing since 1991 when she received her law degree from Southern Methodist University, she now has a thriving Ellis County law practice in Red Oak. 

Shani plans to use her extensive experience in Family Law to preside as Judge in the Ellis County court dedicated to Family Law. "I would be honored to serve in the 378th District Court as Judge.

We have the opportunity to show EXPERIENCE MATTERS when the tumultuous process of family court moves forward!” Thanking each of you in advance for your VOTE on May 22nd!

Todd Little
 Candidate for Ellis County Judge

As County Judge, Todd wants to bring a conservative approach to governance including lowering taxes, reducing burdensome regulation, defending property owner rights and the second amendment. Todd believes government belongs to the people and ultimately should perform the will of the people.
When Todd was Mayor of Red Oak there were tough decisions to be made, but ultimately it was the will of the people that prevailed. Transparency, honesty and integrity will also be at the core of Todd's administration as County Judge.

As a 3rd Generation Ellis County resident, Little earned a Degree in Finance from Baylor University where he played Football as a Strong Safety for the legendary Coach Grant Teaff. He returned to Red Oak to raise his family with his wife, Dawn Little, a Registered Nurse and currently a Health Science teacher at Red Oak High School. They have two sons, Tanner, a student at Baylor and Houston, a student at Lindenwood University. Their daughter Stefani attends Red Oak High.

After being elected Mayor of Red Oak for two terms, Todd was term limited and returned to his families’ Insurance & Financial Services business where he currently serves as president. He manages individual accounts as well as small to mid-sized businesses and recommends insurance solutions in the areas of liability, property, employment practices, workers compensation, accident, and life and health insurance.

A lifelong Republican, Todd has always had an interest in politics and community service. A member of the Young Republicans, he was a delegate/alternate to the state Republican Party. He has served on many non profit boards including the Hope Clinic of Ellis County and Meals on Wheels of Johnson and Ellis Counties. Currently he serves on the board for the Fellowship of Christian Athletes where he assists with donor development and awareness.

As Mayor he was successful in lowering taxes, giving tax relief to senior citizens, guiding future development in a growing city, creating vision for the future as well as developing future leaders to carry on that vision.

Please VOTE Todd Little for Ellis County Judge on May 22nd!

Krystal Valdez
 Candidate for Ellis County Clerk

Krystal Valdez is a dedicated public servant and prepared for leadership. Krystal has proudly served the citizens of Ellis County since 2009 with over six years experience as a Deputy Clerk in the Ellis County Clerk's Office and over two years as the current Chief Administrator for Ellis County Court at Law 1. 

In addition to being dedicated to the preservation of records she is also committed to the accessibility of records through advanced technology. Krystal has a proven commitment to technological innovation as she directly assisted leadership with the E-Filing project for the County Clerk's Office. The joint effort project between the District Clerk's Office, the County Clerk's Office and the Treasurers Office took nearly two years to complete, and was the largest technological advancement in the history of the County Clerk's Office. EFileTexas is a unified, statewide electronic filing system that benefits all participants in the court system. 

Krystal is also experienced in the preparation and management of a County budget and is committed to an efficient and responsible government. During her time in government administration she has assisted the Judge in creating policies and procedures that have created efficiency, saving the tax payers time and money. 

Krystal completed her Paralegal Studies through Navarro College, this is extremely beneficial as the ability to research and apply the law is an integral part of the County Clerk's responsibilities. Over the years Krystal has attended numerous continuing education courses including Vital Statistics; Probate Law through the Texas College of Probate Judges; and 23 hours in the Professional Development Program through the Texas Center for the Judiciary.

Krystal Valdez is a proud, sixth generation Texan and 24-year Ellis County resident; she graduated from Red Oak High School and went on to earn her Paralegal Degree from Navarro College. When Krystal is not serving the public she enjoys spending time with her husband Eric and two children, Tyler and Ariana. By the grace of God, Krystal and Eric have successfully completed 15 years together and credit their faith, family support and church community for that accomplishment. Krystal and Eric have remained active members of St. Joseph’s Catholic Church where they have raised their children in the Christian faith. Krystal’s husband, Eric, is nearing 15 years at Oncor, prior to that he spent two and half years in law enforcement. In his free time, he coaches for the Waxahachie Youth Baseball/Softball League and has enjoyed doing so for over 5 years. Their son, Tyler, plays baseball for Mountain View College and their daughter, Ariana, enjoys dancing and softball.

As the population of Ellis County continues on the path of rapid growth, the County Clerk's Office must also be prepared to adapt to that growth. Krystal is confident that the experience she has acquired during her time in the County Clerks Office and in County Court at Law One will allow her to begin working towards solutions on day one. 

Krystal would like to thank her supporters and graciously asks for your vote in the May Runoff Election, Tuesday, May 22nd!

Ellis County Republican Runoff Election - May 22, 2018

County Judge                                               Carol Bush
County Judge                                               Todd Little

County Clerk                                                 Jessica Irwin
County Clerk                                                 Krystal Valdez

Justice of the Peace Pct. 1                            Chris Macon
Justice of the Peace Pct. 1                            Randy Owen

District Judge 378 Judicial District                Shani Flemins
District Judge 378 Judicial District                William (Doug) Wallace

Congressional District 6                                Jake Ellzey
                                                                      Ron Wright


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Ellis County Run-Off Election
Early Voting, Monday May 14th - Friday, May 18th
Election Day, Tuesday, May 22nd!

Ellis County GOP Meeting
Tuesday, June 5th
610 Water St.
All are welcome!

Republican State Convention
June 11th - June 16th
San Antonio

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