Ellis County GOP Newsletter - April 2019
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Chairman's Note 
by Ellis County Chairman, Randy Bellomy

Hello Ellis County Republicans!

There are a lot of exciting things going on this month in the county!
This coming Saturday, 4-13-19, we will have a full auto shoot which will be held at 878 Airsoft at 4020 FM 878 Waxahachie, Texas. The BBQ will be provided by Ellis County BBQ in Midlothian and pray we have good spring weather. We have Hum V’s or a duce and a half truck to carry us to the shooting site. The shooting positions will be under a tent to allow us to be comfortable no matter what the weather.

Lunch will be served around 12pm 'till everyone is served.  

The next event is the Municipal. Schoolboard and Annexation Election. Early voting starts April 22-26, April 29-30 and Election day is May 4.

This will be the first vote on the new touch screen election machines and we have now gone to county-wide voting which means you can vote at ANY polling place in Ellis County.  

Once again thank you to all who attend our monthly meeting. We had nearly 70 people there and we were all informed about what is going on in Austin by our new legislative liaison Kathy Ponce and also heard updates from Louis Ponder on annexation and commissioner Paul Perry on road conditions in the southern part of the county.

We need to vote YES to make Ellis County a tier 2 county so when a city wants to annex an area the people in that area get to vote on rather, they are brought into the city.  

See you at the shoot!

Thank you,

Randy Bellomy   
Ellis County Chairman 



Saturday,April 13th 10am til 4pm

878 Airsoft, 4020 FM 878, Waxahachie

Full Auto Guns To Shoot!

Safety instructors on hand!

BBQ Lunch provided! 

Tickets $35 a person 

Magazines start at $75 

Bring your friends, neighbors and your earplugs! 

Sponsorships Available:

Copper Level:  $250;  2 people entry to event, name on banner

Bronze Level:  $500;  2 people entry to event, name on banner, 1 small magazine

Silver Level:  $1000;  4 people entry to event, name on banner, 5 minutes speaking time during lunch, ad in Elephant Ear, 2 small magazines

Gold Level:  $1500;  6 people entry to event, 1/2 of banner, 5 minutes speaking time during lunch, ad in Elephant Ear, 1 small magazine + 1 large magazine

Platinum Level:  $2500; 8 people entry to event, complete banner of your own, 15 minutes speaking time during lunch; ad in Elephant Ear, 2 small magazines + 1 large magazine


1/2 of 8' table, 1 person entry + lunch = $55

Full 6' table, 1 person entry + lunch = $70

Full 8' table, 2 person entry + lunch = $110


email Dorinda Sims  -

or Randy Bellomy-

See you there! 



by John Wray, State Representative District 10

The Texas Legislature has been hard at work debating the best way to solve two problems that have lingered for years - school finance and property taxes. These two issues are intertwined, and the solution to one necessarily involves the other.

Currently, the House and Senate are each working on their chamber's version of reform on both topics. The three bill package being put forth by the House includes HB1, HB2, and HB3. HB1 provides the money, HB3 provides the financial reform and resulting tax relief, and HB2 gives taxpayers the tools to participate in tax rate setting decisions, to keep us from getting into this situation again.

There has been a lot of talk that the removal of school districts (which are the largest recipient of property tax dollars) from HB2 would cripple the tax relief efforts in the bill. This talk is completely untrue. The truth is that the property tax relief sought from school district taxes has necessarily been moved to HB3.

Texas school districts are financed very differently than other political subdivisions. Cutting school district tax rates impacts the amount of state aid they receive, causing reductions in their overall funding. HB3 makes significant changes to those formulas so that taxpayers benefit and school funding is protected. HB3 properly addresses the issue, which is why HB2 was amended.

HB1 provides $2.8 billion to fill the vacuum caused by the school finance formulas in HB3. This means a $2.8 billion dollar property tax cut. HB3 also includes a permanent mechanism by which school tax rates can be lowered over time as property values increase, and lowers the threshold to $1.01 (from $1.04) at which voters are required to approve any school district tax rate.

So the last piece of the puzzle is HB2. Cities, counties, and special districts use a different method of rollback. Currently, voters are not asked to approve a tax rate unless the rate would result in an 8% increase in revenue over the previous year. HB2 reduces this threshold for certain taxing units to 2.5%. It is important to note that this is not a "cap," but merely the rate at which taxpayers are asked for permission.

Broad tax relief will only come from taxpayers' ability to hold their cities, counties, and special districts in check. After the 2006 reduction in school property tax rates, the tax relief dissipated in two years due to double digit tax increases by other taxing units. The constraint provided by the new 2.5% rollback rate in HB2 is therefore a necessary component of property tax relief. When the adopted tax rate exceeds the rollback rate, an election is triggered and voters will be asked to approve or deny the increase.

The other important element of HB2 stems from the multiple transparency provisions. It is up to the citizens of Texas, in their various taxing jurisdictions, to utilize the tools provided in HB2. Taxpayers will receive more information about proposed tax rates, and comparisons to the previous rate for EACH taxing entity on an individual's tax notice (like a line-item receipt.) Tax notices will now include the time, date, and location of public hearings on tax rates, and protest and appeals will be available after-hours. These measures are to remove property taxes from a veil of confusion, and allow taxpayers to direct their approval or disapproval directly to the taxing entity proposing them.

Before the 86th Legislature even began, it was apparent that fixing property tax and school finance would be difficult, complicated, and would have to be done in tandem. The House has accomplished this with the three bills discussed herein. Now, both chambers will work together taking the best ideas from all of the bills involved in the House and Senate, to send to the Governor's desk this June.


Texas State Legislative Update
By Kathy Ponce

SB10=The School Safety and Mental Health bill.
Mandates mental health evaluations if your child is deemed a "risk".
Mandates psychotropic drugs.
Implements Red Flag laws. Children can be asked if relatives own a firearm.
If a child is miss-labeled that that mark will stay on their record and follow them from school to workforce.
SB10 has direct wording that was taken out of the TEXAS DEMOCRAT PARTY PLATFORM.
SB11= Creates a Mental Health Consortium to implement SB10. Costs are being estimated at close to $600 million dollars including the acceptance of Federal funds. By accepting Federal funds, Texas is then help accountable to implement Federal policy into our school/educational systems. Taking away parental choice and freedom. 
Both SB10/SB11 passed with a unanimous 31-0 Senate approval vote.
Calls must now be made to ALL House members to vote NO on this bill.
Mental Health should be a parent's choice and not the States choice.
HB2= Property tax reform. SB10 is stalled in the House. Therefore HB2 has moved forward.
HB 2 is the "watered" down version of SB2. 
HB2 Eliminates School Districts, Hospital and Special Purpose Districts. 
HB2 does keep the 2.5 Trigger rate.
HB2 does include all Counties in Texas. Original version only included Counties with $15 million in combined sales tax and property tax revenue.
HB2 has passed the House and is onto the Senate for any discussion and amendments. It is looking like the senate will take up this bill sometime this next week.
HB3=School Finance reform. HB2/HB3 go hand in hand. 
No rollback cap. Looking at a savings of 5cents /$100 of the value of your home. Does not contain any meaningful growth rate control. 
Discussion is in the works to include possibly increasing the sales tax rate to apply to a compression rate buy-down. Still much work needs to be done in regards to this bill and actually saving Property owners any substantial amount of money.
Calls need to be made to your Senate leader to include a Voter Approval rate with a required election.
Please note that this bill received 148-1 passage in the House. Democrats were praising the passage of this bill as it also implements much of the TEXAS DEMOCRAT PARTY PLATFORM Resolutions.
Monument Bills;
SB1663=Monument protection Bill.
HB1836=Alamo Cenotaph Bill.
HB583/SB1663 (Companion bills)=Blanket protection for historical monuments and markers throughout Texas and places any attempts to remove them to a vote of the people.
Please call your Representative to move these bills out of Committee.
Pro-Life Bills;

HB896=Abolish Abortion has received a Public Hearing for April 8, 2019.
SB22/HB1929 (Companion bills)=Prohibits State and Local Governments from funding abortion providers.
SB24=The Alternatives to Abortion Information Act. Requires actual hard copies of information of Alternative agencies that offer alternatives to abortion to actually be placed in a patients hands.
SB23/HB16=The Infant Protection Bill. Protects the life of a child born to a botched abortion.  
These bills have passed out of Committee and have been sent to the Senate for a floor vote. Please contact your State Senator to push these bills out of Calendar and to the Senate floor.
Transportation Bills;
HB1631=Banning Red Light Cameras. This bill has passed out of Committee and has been sent to the Senate. Please contact your State Senator to keep this a "clean" bill and not to add any amendments.
SB374/HB436= End Toll Lanes once the road is paid for. This bill was heard in Committee but has not been voted out of Committee as of yet. 
Tax Payer Lobbying Bills;
HB281=END TAX PAYER LOBBYING. Passed out of Committee and has been sent to the Senate.
Please call both your House and State Senate Representative to enforce to them that we do not want our Tax Payer dollars going to lobbyists that are working against us.
SB702=Requires local Government entities to disclose how much they spend on lobbyists as well as the recipients of those funds.  This bill has passed out of Committee and is going to a floor vote.
Free Speech;
SB18=Protecting Campus Free Speech. This bill unanimously passed the Senate and will be heading to the House. Contact your House Representative to vote YES on this bill.
Religious Freedom;

HB850=would create special protected classes based on "sexual orientation" and gender identity/expression in the Texas Labor Code.
Creates a new government ban against free expression of biblical beliefs and would threaten the religious Freedom of private business owners across Texas. Contact you House Representative to say NO.  
SB17/HB2827=(are in exact opposition to HB850). The Texas professional Protection Act ensures the government cannot with hold on taking away a person's occupational license due to a person's sincerely held religious beliefs. This bill has passed the Senate. Please call your House Representative to support it as well.   
The 86th Legislative session is finding the Republicans to be losing and the Democrats to be winning. 
We still have time to make those send those emails and to remind our Elected Law makers that they need to help pass Strong Conservative Legislation. 
Strong Conservative legislation must be passed in order for Texas to remain the Strong Conservative "RED" state that leads the nation in true Freedom and Liberty.
 House Representative John Wray Contact Information:
Chief of Staff Benjamin Williams 
State Senator Brian Birdwell Contact Information:
Chief of Staff  Anna Barnett
Please remember that as we approach these last 6 weeks of session, bills will be moving very fast.
Public Hearing dates and bill updates will start to be posted onto the Ellis County GOP website.


Acceptable Bigotries
by Jonah Goldberg

Progressives attack Joe Biden for having followed customs and mores of that foreign country that is the past.

Dear Reader (And victims of wind-noise cancer everywhere),

I’m sitting about a block north of the Trump Hotel on Central Park West smoking a cigar on Thursday afternoon trying to write this “news”letter. If seven-day units of time were people, this one would be wearing a Millard Fillmore mask, slathering itself with salmon viscera and running through the nearby polar-bear enclosure at the Central Park Zoo shouting “Trieste belongs to the Italians!” — which is my way of saying it’s been a crazy week.

I wrote my column today on Joe Biden and the effort to un-person him over the fact he has a long history of acting around human beings like a small child at a toy store; Oh, let me see! I just want to touch it! Can I hold that? Oooooo soft!

Now I want to be clear — not in the Scientologist sense, but in the expository sense. I dislike the entire suite of Biden mannerisms and affectations. I do not think he’s a bad person, nor do I think he’s an idiot despite the many nakedly ridiculous things he’s said over the years. Here’s how I put italmost 14 years ago (typos corrected):

He says interesting things, from time to time. I think he makes a fair point here and there. He was correct, for example, that Congress needed to have a real debate over the war. I think he has some obvious verbal intelligence. But, again, what’s fascinating — and what might be distracting some folks from seeing his underlying-yet-occasional smarts — is that he lets his ego and vanity get in the way. The man loves his voice so much, you’d expect him to be following it around in a grey Buick, in defiance of a restraining order, as it walks home from school. He seems to think his teeth are some kind of hypnotic punctuation marks which can momentarily disorient the listener and absolve him from any of Western civilization’s usual imperatives to stop talking. Listening to him speechify is like playing an intellectual game of whack-a-mole where every now and then the fuzzy head of a good point pops up from the tundra but before you can pin it down, he starts talking about how he went to the store and saw a squirrel on the way and it was brown which brings to mind Brown v. Board of Ed which most people don’t understand because [TEETH FLASH] he taught Brown in his law-school course and [TEETH FLASH] Mr. Chairman I’m going to get right to it and besides these aren’t the droids you’re looking for. . . .

I don’t like the way Joe talks (and talks and talks, occasionally using words borrowed without attribution) and I don’t like the way he touches people either. He is a space invader, as in personal space, and I generally cannot stand close encounters with space invaders. People who touch me on the arm to emphasize a point drive me crazy, and if it weren’t for the rule of law and all that, I would have stabbed a few in the forearm with a ballpoint pen on more than one occasion, including on national television.

Biden’s behavior toward women offends me, but not because of Me Too but for old-fashioned, fusty, fuddy conservative reasons. Men, especially powerful men, should not take liberties touching anybody, but especially women. I once had to take an online sensitivity course for an employer (don’t get any ideas; everyone else there did too). When the instructor explained that you shouldn’t just start giving women back rubs without their permission and that you shouldn’t keep asking subordinates out for a date after they’ve repeatedly said “No,” I thought to myself “Self, this is a great example of how we have to repackage good manners in the guise of ‘diversity training.’”

So yeah, Biden’s behavior is bad. And, I think Emily Yoffe makes a very good case that he’s getting what he deserves. As she writes, “Joe Biden is now living in the world of accusation he helped to create.” Biden reminds me of that line from The Dark Knight: “You’ll either die a hero, or live long enough to see yourself become the villain.” If he had checked out or simply retired from public life in 2016, he would be remembered as a hero by many of the very people now trying to weaponize his legacy against him.
So I will not cry for Joe if he’s undone by all this. But it still doesn’t feel right to me.

The Most Acceptable Bigotries
It’s funny. Progressives are quick to defend the customs and mores of non-Western peoples. They celebrate women who wear the hijab. They defend non-traditional cultures at home and traditional cultures abroad. This doesn’t bother me, really. Indeed, in some cases I often find it admirable and wish more conservatives would do likewise. But what does bother me is how this tolerance tends to be selective. For many progressives, when the practices are usefully at odds with mainstream traditional culture, diversity is wonderful. But when the practices are consistent with or — shudder — reinforcing of traditional culture, progressives are often appalled.

For example, it was revealed a while ago that Mike Pence has some onerous rules for how he behaves around women, and progressives were horrified. But Pence’s practices would be celebrated or at least defended were he a devout Muslim. Just last week Beto O’Rourke found it necessary to apologize for thanking his wife for taking the lead on raising their kids. What was he supposed to do? Denounce her for meekly accepting the traditional gender roles of the patriarchy?

This is a good example of having such an open mind your brain falls out. It also calls to mind Robert Frost’s observation that a liberal is someone who is so broadminded they won’t take their own side in an argument.
But the glib and fashionable double standard against traditionalists and orthodox Christians isn’t what I have in mind. It’s the far more widespread and fashionable bigotry against the past.

If a visitor from Sudan comes to your house for dinner, it’s simply good manners to make allowances for the cultural differences. If you go to a foreign country, it’s understood by most decent people that you should be making the lion’s share of adjustments to how people do things. The quintessential ugly American refuses to bend to — or even respect — the norms of foreign cultures, norms that can sometimes be ugly, nasty, or backward by a lot of Western standards.

The arguments in favor of deferring to foreign cultures ranges from Emily Post bromides about etiquette to swirling torrents of words about colonial this, patriarchal that, and imperial the other thing. Fine.

But now imagine that someone comes from the past, which is a kind of foreign land as well. For some people, particularly those wielding the “nightstick of wokeness,” as Peggy Noonan calls it, carrying any old values or assumptions into the present day is a form of heresy or, really, contamination. Beto thanks his wife, and the thronging wokesters shout the equivalent of “2319!” and bust out the cultural hazmat equipment.

Again, Biden’s habits are unappealing to me, and I understand why people accuse him of being insensitive to other peoples’ comfort with his antics. But there’s a remarkable amount of insensitivity going the other way as well.

Forget Biden for a moment. I’ve never understood why we immediately assume that young people are more open-minded, forward-thinking, or moral than older people. Sure, sometimes they are. But sometimes they’re not. Sometimes they’re just open-minded about the things they believe and closed-minded about everything else. And there are few things they are more closed-minded about than the past. I don’t just mean the iconoclastic goons tearing down statues on college campuses, I mean many generally decent and intelligent young people who seem to take it as a given that moral progress has advanced in lockstep linearity with technological progress. Today, people — at least the right people — are simply better people than those from earlier generations.
I think there’s a lot of mythmaking about how Biden simply represents a bygone style of politics that was common for men of his generation. I don’t recall Sam Nunn or Bill Bradley Eskimo-kissing anybody. And his case is by no means the best illustration of my point. But there’s just something about the smug self-confidence of the most socially awkward generation in American history, many of whom struggle to talk on the phone, never mind go on a date, asserting with moral righteousness that their customs and norms are so obviously superior. If Biden were a visitor from another country, we’d hear how charming his customs are. But because he allegedly comes from the past, it’s fine to give a full airing to your bigotry against those kinds of people.
In Support Of Trump's Emergency Declaration
by Kathy Ponce

I want to thank everyone for the time that they have taken to voice their concern over President Trump's Emergency Declaration and the Constitution.

The Constitution is the single most important document in the world today. No Conservative would ever doubt that or argue against that statement. And it must be duly noted that the left has tried, and on some levels been successful, for decades to try and dismantle the Constitution. In the very least, the left has indoctrinated a generation that does not see the importance, necessity, or value of the Constitutions contents.

I do, however, want to present another voice. The voice of someone that supports President Trump's Emergency Declaration.

The National Emergencies Act, passed in 1976, put a statutory framework in place allowing a President to declare a national emergency, with some limitations. It also allows Congress to end any Emergency Declaration if it has the votes to do so, and stipulates that the President must renew the Declaration after 180 days.

Let us note that on March 26, 2019 The veto override FAILED.

Mark Levin, one of the greatest Constitutional scholars , radio host and author defended President Trump's National Emergency. Levin addressed many arguments that the declaration creates a dangerous precedent that could be used by Democrat Presidents by saying Democrats violate the Constitution anyway and the National Emergencies Act can't be used on Gun Control. Levin said, "For those who use the scare tactic that when the Democrats take over, they may do this too, the Democrats do all kinds of illegal and unconstitutional stuff when they take over. They do not need any prodding from us, that's number one.  
Number two, they say they'll use it on gun's and the 2nd can't use the National Emergencies Act, or any statute, to change the 2nd Amendment of the Constitution".
Why are Republicans consistently thinking that we need to "play nice" with the Democrats? Maybe that is our problem, we play too nice. While the Democrats  look to control the country,  to control us, to turn us into a Socialist Nation, and to implement those ideas via an "Open Border" approach. Maybe, just maybe we need to stop playing nice and start fighting like our lives, our children's lives, our grand children's lives, depend upon it. Because guess what? They do.
No other President has been willing to deal with this emergency at the border. And yes, it is an emergency. From the drugs coming over the border to the reports of rape and human trafficking to the diseases now being reported to the people dying by the hands of illegal aliens on American soil. It is an invasion from the outside that is putting our Border Patrol on the brink of collapse. 
Texas Congressional Representative Will Hurd (a rather left leaning Republican) who's district runs up against 820 miles of U.S-Mexico border predicted this past Tuesday the immigration "crisis" in April, likely to include more than 150,00 encounters at the border, as well as incidents of death and violence, for both sides.

Federal  law enforcement is  being overwhelmed with 100,000 migrants who were apprehended and encountered at the southern border in March, but the patrol is being forced to ignore an onslaught of criminal activity that cartels are waging because of the distraction.

Compare President Trump's Emergency Declaration to every other declared National Emergency and ask how many Americans were being killed by those National Emergencies compared to this National Emergency?
There are currently 31 National Emergencies in effect:
*President Carter's 1979 Emergency responding to Iran-sponsored terrorism.
*President Clinton's 1995 Emergency over narcotics trafficking.
*President George W. Bush 2001 Emergency  declaration regarding all the terrorist attacks.
*President Obama's 2015 Emergency suspending entry into the U.S for some Venezuelans.
This year, researchers project that 500,000 illegal aliens will successfully cross the U.S.-Mexico border and make it into the country, unprecedented by Border Patrol. Similarly, the country is on track for more than 600,000 border patrol apprehensions in 2019, a level of illegal immigration that has not been seen since former President George W. Bush .
In 2013 Texas spent $400 million on Border Security . In 2013 it was doubled to $800 million. This past week another $800 million, of the State budget, was allocated to Border security.

Please, ask yourself where that money could be better spent if we had a wall in place?
Please, ask yourself does President Trump not have the right to use the National Emergencies Act? And still be able to protect and preserve the Constitution?
I, for one, would have to say yes.
Thank you for your time, and respect, in being able to present the other side of the National Emergencies Act.


Trump's Options On The Border
by James Jay Carafano
Vice President, Kathryn and Shelby Collum Davis Institute

Put yourself in the president’s shoes. He saw the border crisis building. He warned Congress. They did nothing. Now he has to do something.

Months ago, the administration alerted lawmakers that the number of people entering the country illegally and making unqualified asylum claims was skyrocketing. The only options were to stop them from crossing or let them in and release them while their bogus claims were being processed. The latter option, Congress was warned, could add another one million to the illegal population before the year was out.

It was, by any reasonable definition, a crisis.

The White House asked for resources to address it, but Congress didn’t deliver. This led to a government shutdown. Still, lawmakers refused to negotiate, insisting there was no crisis.

That assertion is no longer tenable. This week, even Obama’s former secretary of homeland security, Jeh Johnson, acknowledged “it’s a crisis.”

Leaders on both sides of the aisle should be in the Oval Office, working into the night until they hammer out a solution. That is not happening. Instead, the House leadership is considering a vote to criticize the administration.

With Congress whistling past the graveyard, what is the president to do? He must look for ways to address the overwhelming challenge with the tools at his disposal. He is already trying to build the wall, despite congressional obstructionism. But what else is possible, and how effective would those measures be?

Trump has floated four options.

Close the border. It would be a dramatic action, but it would not stop the flood of illegal immigrants. They aren’t crossing at the border crossings. And even if the border is officially closed, once they enter the country, their asylum claims will have to be processed all the same.

On the other hand, the threat to close the border sends an unmistakable message to Mexico. Sure, it would be economically disruptive, but so is another one million illegal immigrants. While closing the border would hurt the U.S. economically, it would hurt Mexico a lot more. The closure threat clearly translates in Mexico City as “do more.”

Trump has gotten Mexico to step up its cooperation in the past, and that may be part of the impetus for talking up closure now. Without knowing exactly what the administration would do and for how long, it might be best to reserve judgment. Everyone, including the president, knows that closing the border is not the final answer. For now, let’s just let the president play poker with Mexico.

Cut aid to Central America. As my colleague Ana Quintana wrote, “Foreign aid should never amount to philanthropic handouts or aimless feel-good programs.” Washington shouldn’t be funding anything that’s not working.

Some experts claim that cutting aid would cut the programs that help stem illegal immigration. Well, if that’s their purpose, these programs are clearly failing. The number of people coming out of Central America is growing not shrinking.

That said, it does not appear that the administration has made a final decision on what it will do. Here is the best advice. We must improve cooperation with our Central American partners. And we must make sure that 1) all foreign assistance is strategically allocated to support U.S. foreign policy and national security objectives and 2) it is efficacious. Foreign assistance programs that are not working should be cut. And if new programs are needed, we should start them.

Appoint a Border Czar. Normally, I don’t like czars. Barack Obama appointed a border czar (Alan Bersin), and it solved nothing. For this administration, however, it might make sense. The next two years in Washington are shaping up to be a continuous running battle between the president and his congressional opposition. Having a general to manage the political fight while government officials focus on the day job of securing the border and enforcing the law might just work.

Enforce the Law. White House officials have hinted that they are getting ready to unleash a raft of measures to go after illegal immigrants. Without knowing what they are, it is hard to say if they are the right ones. In principle, however, this makes perfect sense.

The administration ought to be doing everything possible to lawfully reduce the illegal population. Further, enforcement with teeth adds to the effective deterrent against future illegal immigration.

Let’s face it, our southern border is a hot mess. At least the administration is trying to do something about it. The alternative is amnesty and open borders. The better option is to keep doing what can be done until Congress comes to it senses and properly funds the border security, closes the loopholes in the immigration system, and supports the administration in enforcing the law.

Texas Senate Declares Migrant Surge An Emergency
by Arya Sundaram, Texas Tribune

Republican state senators passed a resolution that would declare a crisis at the Texas-Mexico border and request Congress to fully fund border security measures. Democratic senators say they never saw the measure until it hit the floor.

Texas Senate Republicans passed a resolution Tuesday, April 2, declaring a crisis at the Texas-Mexico border and requesting that Congress fully fund "all means necessary" to secure it.

The resolution sparked ire from Senate Democrats, who said the first time they saw the measure was on the Senate floor. Senate Resolution 535 passed in a party line vote, 19 to 12, late Tuesday afternoon.

The resolution doesn’t prescribe a specific border security solution but asks Congress to deploy agents, implement technology, and “erect barriers where needed.” It also states that the “Texas Senate supports the President in his efforts to move forward with emergency action” – a line that angered multiple Democratic senators.

State Sen. Paul Bettencourt, R-Houston, moved on Tuesday to bypass the Texas Senate’s rules to discuss the measure, which he coauthored with the rest of the Senate Republicans.

"I think there’s no question that, speaking with a voice that recognizes the obvious, there is a crisis at the border,” he said.

Democratic senators rebuked Bettencourt's move, saying they were surprised by the measure and prevented from testifying on it because it didn't go through the normal committee process. But Bettencourt said the urgency of the crisis required a rapid response. He repeatedly echoed one of the lines in the resolution: the U.S. Department of Homeland Security predicts that 100,000 migrants would be intercepted at the border in March 2019, the highest monthly total in a decade.

State Sen. Royce West, D-Dallas, moved to refer the bill to the Veterans Affairs and Border Security Committee, but the motion failed in a party line vote.

“Senator, I don’t disagree with you that this needs to be discussed. I disagree with the process by which we are discussing it,” West said. "This is a very substantive resolution that every member should have the opportunity to present testimony on, and we didn’t have that opportunity — at all. If it’s going to be a partisan issue, that’s fine. Let’s call it what it is.”

Sen. John Whitmire, D-Houston, implored Bettencourt not to “burn the whole afternoon” on the border security issue — which took three hours to debate before senators voted — and instead focus on pressing state issues like school finance or property taxes.

"The crisis is in our inner cities,” he said. "If you’re going to be the crisis patrol, there are crises that exist much larger than the one that you’re describing on our border."
Laredo Democrat Sen. Judith Zaffirini asked whether Bettencourt consulted any of the four Democratic senators who represent border districts. Bettencourt said he only consulted Republican colleagues who coauthored the bill.
Republican senators repeatedly invoked human trafficking at the border. Sen. Joan Huffman, who has championed the cause this session, said the U.S. Congress has neglected its duty to address the border security issue.

"How can you not call this a crisis and an emergency? It’s just plain partisan politics,” the Houston Republican said. "Yeah, [Congress] may throw this in the trash. We have the moral responsibility to try to draw attention to this problem.”
McAllen Democrat Sen. Juan “Chuy” Hinojosa offered an amendment that would urge the federal government to stop separating families at the border and to “humanely process” refugee and asylum seekers. Initially, Bettencourt opposed a similar amendment by El Paso Democrat Sen. Jose Rodriguez, but he eventually adopted the measure in his resolution.

Other Democratic senators unsuccessfully attempted to tack on amendments that would urge Congress to oppose other Trump administration policies, such as the refusal of foreign aid to Central American countries and the diversion of military construction money to fund a border wall. One amendment would have deleted the phrase "erecting barriers where needed," but it also failed.

Menendez worried that the measure would enable Trump to declare “Texas wants me to shut down the border.”
Bettencourt said the measure will be entered into the congressional record after the resolution passed.


This is not legislation, it is simply a resolution that is sent to the President and Congress that details the problems that exist on our Texas border and asks our federal government to do their job.

Every Democrat Senator voted AGAINST this resolution!
19 Republican Senators voted for this border security resolution and 12 Democrat Senators voted against it - including the newly elected SD10 Senator, Beverly Powell (D).

This tells us everything we need to know about where Democrats stand on the safety and security of Texans. 

By: Bettencourt, et al.
S.R. No. 535
                               SENATE RESOLUTION

WHEREAS, The United States Congress has the moral and constitutional responsibility to fully maintain the operational security of the Texas-Mexico international border; and
WHEREAS, The United States Congress has neglected to fully fund the maintenance, order, and safety of the Texas-Mexico international border; and
WHEREAS, An unprotected border facilitates drug smuggling and human trafficking and opens the door to spillover violence from criminal cartels and poses a grave threat to homeland security; and
WHEREAS, On March 28, 2019, the U.S. Department of Homeland Security (DHS) Secretary, Kirstjen Nielsen, sent an urgent request to the United States Congress describing the border as "a humanitarian and security catastrophe that is worsening by the day;" and
WHEREAS, DHS is expected to report the interdiction of
100,000 migrants in March 2019, which would be the highest monthly total in a decade; and
WHEREAS, U.S. Customs and Border Protection (CBP) had 12,000 migrants in custody the last week of March 2019, an unprecedented number; and
WHEREAS, Secretary Nielsen reports that the volume of
"vulnerable populations" is unsustainable and DHS, CBP, and Health and Human Services (HHS) facilities are at peak capacity to shelter unaccompanied alien children (UAC); and
WHEREAS, Due to the unprecedented influx of migrants
overwhelming the capacity at CBP stations and the ongoing crisis, U.S. Border Patrol agents assigned to the Del Rio Sector have begun releasing detainees into Texas; and
WHEREAS, News reports reveal undocumented women have made their way into American border towns after being beaten for disobeying smugglers, impregnated by strangers, coerced into prostitution, shackled to beds and trees, and – in at least a handful of cases – bound with duct tape, rope, or handcuffs; and
WHEREAS, 194,000 criminal aliens booked into Texas jails from 2011-2019 were charged with more than 299,000 criminal offenses; and
WHEREAS, CBP reports the unprecedented increase in migrant interdictions is having a detrimental impact on CBP's primary border security mission and security posture resulting in up to 40 percent or more of CBP personnel working to care for, transport, and process vulnerable families and children; and
WHEREAS, Transnational criminal organizations and
smugglers are using large groups of families as diversions to exploit and profit from reduced border enforcement presence; and
WHEREAS, Members of Congress have filed legislation to designate drug cartels as Foreign Terrorist Organizations for their undermining of American national security with a relentless attack on our border while trafficking in human beings; and

WHEREAS, The President of the United States has declared the situation along the border a "crisis;" and
WHEREAS, The United States Congress has consistently
delayed meaningful action on border security, forcing Texas to expend significant resources to keep the international border with Mexico secure and placing an undue burden on the state's taxpayers; now, therefore, be it
RESOLVED, That the Texas Senate hereby expresses its
dissatisfaction with the United States Congress' inadequate efforts to fully fund the operational security of the Texas-Mexico international border; and, be it further
RESOLVED, That the Texas Senate calls upon the United
States Congress to adopt a budget that fully funds all means necessary to fully secure the Texas-Mexico international border, including, but not limited to, deploying personnel, implementing effective technologies, and erecting barriers where needed; and,
be it further
RESOLVED, That the Texas Senate declares this crisis at
the Texas-Mexico International Border an emergency; and, be it further
RESOLVED, The Texas Senate supports the President in his efforts to move forward with emergency action; and, be it further
RESOLVED, That the Secretary of the Texas Senate forward official copies of this resolution to the President of the United States, to the President of the U.S. Senate, and to the Speaker of the U.S. House of Representatives, and to all members of the
Texas delegation to Congress with the request that this
resolution be entered in the Congressional Record.


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