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"In the conduct of one lies the fate of all. 
Divided we fall. Unified, with a smile, we RISE...
hanging onto every thread of HOPE." 

- Seen in a local garden
"How are these times calling you?"

Hello All,
Who could have imagined the past seven months... or events of the last week?

The global spread of COVID-19. An unprecedented shut-down of the economy. Massive reaction to racial injustice. Multiple forest fires, with unbreathable air for millions. Ever-growing political tensions in the U.S. The rancor of the first debate. And now, the President + First Lady (and others around them) testing positive for the coronavirus. It has made for a shocking and unbelievable time.

So how have YOU been affected by all of these? Are you reeling from the News & events, or feeling strong emotions/fears? Has your own work or health been challenged? Are you feeling lost, finding new ways to cope, or growing new ways of working? And what about your connections to others... your self... and "spirit" as you know it --- have these been strengthened or fractured?

These times are calling us to live differently. To face our personal & collective pain, and find ways through it. To treat each other in new and more humane ways. To re-think work. Speak up more. Find our spiritual center. And go deeper in mending and healing our world.

So what can we do about what's going on?
How are these times calling you

We send our thoughts and prayers to the President and the First Lady, and to everyone who has been affected by the coronavirus -- and ALL of the events mentioned above. 

Namaste / Shalom / God bless.
Resources & Events:  Online
1.  Now is the time for "edgewalkers" by Dr. Judi Neal, Edgewalkers International
"We find ourselves in the perfect storm of three crises at once: The pandemic crisis, the racism crisis, and the leadership crisis. This is in the context of the larger climate crisis which has lately been overshadowed. How can we respond?"
A defining characteristic of "Edgewalkers" is their deep commitment to living in alignment with their spiritual values while also making a difference in the world in practical and meaningful ways. (Read her thoughtful essay here.)

2.  Healing of the Fires in the US -- and in Ourselves, starting today...
an invitation from Eric Hellman

Let’s help our neighbors to the South by joining in thought, prayer, meditation & healing:
   8 pm Eastern/5 pm Pacific (or whenever you can) during the next week.
Here’s more about
why and how you can take part.

3. Practical ways to deal with the stresses of these times, from Eli Bay   
When we get fearful, worried or stressed, our body tenses up, blood pressure increases, and thoughts race. It negatively affects our work, relationships and sleep, and the ability of our immune system to cope with illness. So how do we turn this around, and find ways to relax our body and calm our thoughts + emotions?
Canadian stress/relaxation pioneer Eli Bay is offering his practical and effective exercises free of charge during this time of COVID and high-tension change.
Use + explore them here.
Photo by Jenny Godwin (used with permission by Andrea Winn)
4. Rediscovering 'nurture' within community, by Andrea Winn
Is COVID the time of Great Healing? Healing of heart. Healing of mind. Mending our ways of being in the world.. for love to be rediscovered - recovered - brought forth to shine? Let's explore these in:

1) Sun. Oct 11, a community healing Zoom call about:  "Being able to feel love"Click here to register.
2) Article: "If we can feel love, we surely would feel safe."  Read her article here.

5.  How do I take care of myself, and others, during COVID-19?
Find inspiration, practical resources for physical, emotional & spiritual self care, how to deal with the News, ways to help others, and lots more... Originally presented in our April newsletter, here is the updated website:

6.  Thrive Global: Changing the Way We Live/Work + Share Your Ideas with the World, from Ariana Huffington, founder of The Huffington Post
"After my collapse from sleep deprivation and exhaustion in 2007, I became... passionate about the connection between well-being and performance. [Around the world] I saw two things: First, that we're facing a stress and burnout epidemic. And second, that people deeply want to change the way they work and live...
"That's why I launched Thrive Global – to create something real and tangible that would help individuals, companies and communities improve their well-being and performance, and unlock their greatest potential." 
Read more and discover all of their resources here. 
To become a contributor on Thrive Global, click here.

Two articles by Arianna Huffington: 
How to Make the Most of Our Collective Life Transition: Challenging times offer us a chance for meaning and renewal.
We Are Never Going Back: How we can emerge from this crucible into a better, fairer, more compassionate world.

7. 11th Global Oneness Summit: The Power of Love: Resetting Humanity to a New Way of Living on the Earthfrom Humanity's Team, Oct. 17-24
Free online conference, with nearly 80 experts in 22 panels over 8 days.
More here!

8.  What does Spirituality mean to us? A new study of spirituality in the United States, by the Fetzer Institute.
"86% of people consider themselves to be spiritual. 68% believe that their spirituality guides how they act in the world."
In focus groups, interviews, and a national survey, researchers listened to people (of all spiritual & religious backgrounds) share what spirituality means to them, and how it relates to their civic and political engagement. Learn more about what they found here.

9.  Workplace Spirituality: Good for Society, Good for Business. Video interview with Dr. Judi Neal.
A pioneer in this field, Judi addresses how business is changing from a focus on profit to a focus on the greater good. She provides examples of business leaders who lead their companies from their core spiritual values, and some organizational spiritual practices that can help address this underlying spiritual crisis in organizations and society.

10.  Bridge to Oneness: An Interactive Spiritual Workbook for Here and Now: Mini-Book Edition, by Roslyn Rus
"We are living in an unprecedented time that, despite the devastating losses and challenges, is yielding blessings-in-disguise. For example, in practicing social distancing and staying home, we have also realized the need for creativity and (re)connecting with the Flow of Life." 
This new, 14-page mini-edition of her book (published in 2010) features arts-based, community-focused activities to uplift & inspire more creative and conscious ideas for co-creating a better world. See sample, and full ebook available.

Also from Rosyln:
"It is that time of the year to pause and give thanks for all that we DO have, and for a visit from "Tom the Turkey"! More at Google Play Books.

Reflections and Inspiration: Online
Feeling called to do work that is closer to your heart & soul? 
School & college counsellor Brandon Leake makes history on America's Got Talent by doing what he feels called to do: share the spoken word.
See his first audition here.
See all of his 2-to-3 min. 'passion poems' here.
Ways we can do our work differently...
Employees of a cleaning company put on Super-Hero Costumes to cheer-up kids in the hospital. (See one such example in this video.)
How could you do your work in a way that would light you up, and inspire others?
A little Music to stir, shake and inspire...
Rise Up, by Andra Day
Glory, by Common and John Legend 
Somewhere, Jackie Evancho and Barbra Streisand
And some thoughts to ponder:

"Spirituality is both fuel and oxygen for social and political change."
- Omar McRoberts, Associate Professor of Sociology, The University of Chicago

"Guard well within yourself that treasure, kindness. Know how to give without hesitation, how to lose without regret, how to acquire without meanness."
- George Sand 

"This is the critical moment where we shift to everyone being powerful. It's the only way that you can have real equality."
- Bill Drayton, founder of Ashoka  (from Ashoka: Everyone a Changemaker

"[W]hen you risk sharing what hurts the most, in the presence of someone who will not invade you or abandon you, you can learn not to invade or abandon yourself.
"[T]hrough humility and through vulnerability, the true strength of being empowered, my manhood came forth: ...a spirituality that gives me the courage to face the most broken and lost places within myself. 
"We can be someone in whose presence it's safe to be vulnerable and to be open, truly courageous and strong and powerful..." 
- Jim Finley  (Source: Richard Rohr; full story here)
Please take care of yourself, and others, my friends...
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