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Sometimes we ALL need a little inspiration...

What is it that brings joy to your heart... touches you... moves you... or speaks to you at a deeper level? What kind of work would you like to do, or give yourself more to? And when adversity hits, how do you get through?

Whatever it is, see if you can take time in the next month to listen. Follow it more. And see where your "spark" may lead you.

Peace / Shalom / God bless.
Events: Online & Toronto
1. Reuniting Science & Spirituality Summit, August 6-9th, Free online.
From The Shift Network. 

A gathering of pioneers in evolutionary consciousness, including leading energy healers, physicians, researchers, and inspiring spiritual teachers. Register here. Program here.   
A weekly, six-part documentary, on the National Geographic channel (TV)

A partnership of National Geographic, Procter & Gamble and Global Citizen to raise awareness about extreme poverty, inequality and sustainability issues. Show topics include: eradicating extreme poverty, ending cash bail, breaking down barriers to girls’ education, funding education for displaced children, ending plastic pollution and helping solve the water crisis.    
3. Book Launch: Touched by the Light: Exploring Spiritually Transformative Experiences by Yvonne Kason, MD, Sat. Sept 28, 2-5 p.m., Scarborough, ON.
Touched by the Light is a synthesis of my 40 years of research and clinical experience counseling hundreds of persons who had Near-Death Experiences and other peak spiritual experiences, and includes the stories of my 5 Near-Death Experiences. It will be available in print, PDF, and eBook, from Dundurn Press. Book Launch: Bluffer’s Restaurant, 7 Brimley Road South, Scarborough. RSVP to to attend, or for more information. 
Being Inspired & Facing Adversity:  Online
4. Basketball Star LeBron James Opens School for Most Hopeless Students – and Their Latest Test Scores Are Astonishing.
From Good News Network

All of the students at this experimental Ohio school had been declared “irredeemable” because of their behavioral issues or social circumstances – but their latest test scores showed they just needed a little bit of love. While these students had previously experienced some of the lowest grades and test scores in the district, they are now breaking records. Also see NY Times article
5. Have you ever been called crazy in what you do? 
Called Foolish for His Research, A New Documentary Tells How Jim Allison Won A Nobel Prize for a ‘Cancer Cure’. From Good News Network

Jim Allison was called “foolish” for claiming the immune system could fight off cancer. Despite being shot down by researchers and pharmaceutical companies, Jim developed the basis for immuno-oncology drugs. Now known as “lpi,” these cancer treatments have successfully treated over one million people worldwide, including former president Jimmy Carter. And in 2018, he received a Nobel prize for medicine. 
6. Facing Adversity: Read & watch how this 12-year-old responded on the "world's biggest stage." 
Ansley Burns on America’s Got Talent: "Well THAT just happened..." (Larger version
7. New trend in Random Acts Of Kindness: "Suspended Coffee"
From The Hunger Site

It’s the advance purchase of a cup of coffee for someone who needs it. You order your beverage as usual, and then simply tell the cashier that you’re also paying for a suspended coffee. Later, when a homeless person or someone in need comes in, he/she can enjoy a fresh cup without having to pay for it. (More on the power of kindness in this TEDx talk video.)
Resources: Online
8. How to Unfold Your Infinite Potential, by Deepak Chopra, MD
Your "best self" is your true self. You don’t have to aim at it or try to improve it. The true self is present here and now. So how do we unfold this in our daily life?
9. Scared about change? Speak up. You are not alone by Jerry Colonna
From Why do Better Humans make Better Leaders,
'Everyone is always looking for the ‘how’ to do things. But they need to understand the ‘why’ of what they do, and ultimately, who they are. When they do that, they often get stuck. They get scared. They get lost in their fears and in old patterns of self-loathing and self-criticism... afraid of being found out. But then a brave soul admits she feels in trouble. The [people] around her let out their breath. By sharing the experience with friends and peers... suddenly people realize they’re not alone.' - Jerry Colonna is CEO of and Chair of the Board of Trustees at Naropa University. This article is taken from his book Reboot
10.  Science of Happiness podcasts/recordings.
From PRI & Greater Good Science Center, sponsored by the Templeton Foundation
Topics include: What to do when you feel like a failure... Facing your fears... How to let go of anger... Finding awe in every step... Letting people help you... Listen like it’s your first date... and many more.
Listen to them on Google Play. On Apple Podcasts.
~ Simon Sinek
11. Empathy in Leadership isn't a nicety; It's a Necessity! by Brigette Hyacinth.
From LinkedIn.

Whatever we do, we are ‘leading others’ by how we treat them... at work, in education, in writing/speaking, in sales, and in management. IF that idea resonates, consider reading this article for some insights into empathy. Author of the bestselling book, The Future of Leadership, Brigette writes: “If you don't have a passion for people, you have no business leading them. In a perfect world, employees leave their problems at the door. In this not-so-perfect world, they bring them to work. We need leaders who will practice empathy.” 
Reflections:  Online
12. Living “Neutral-Positive”, short video by Tanis Helliwell
How do we live fully in this world? "Have a long term goal... and surrender to the experiences of your life."
13.  The Calling, by Eric Hellman
In a church 12 years ago, I had a 'call experience' in which I felt called to speak publicly about God. A part of me was terrified at this and I have lived with that fear ever since. About 3 weeks ago, I was doing some inner healing with that experience and afterwards, wrote these poems...
14. Invisible, song by Hunter Hayes
"Crowded hallways are the loneliest places
For outcasts and rebels
Or anyone who just dares to be different
And you've been trying for so long
To find out where your place is
But in their narrow minds
There's no room for anyone who dares to do something different...
Here's to anyone who's ever felt invisible...

(See full lyrics)
Source: FoodMatters.TV
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