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How will we begin the New Year?

Are you looking forward to all it could bring... or feeling a bit like hiding in a corner?

Sometimes a new year can seem daunting, with excessive expectations of ourselves, resolutions beyond our grasp, or fears of what may (or may not) be. 

And yet... this is also a time when the "new" can come into being. As Judi Neal of Edgewalkers International puts it: "This time of year is a favorite for Edgewalkers. It is liminal space... one full of possibility ahead of us."

Which will it be for you, and for me? Perhaps it depends on how we see it, think of it, and approach it. Can we give ourselves permission to take time, now, to listen to the wisdom of our heart and spirit? And d
o we have trusted friends & mentors who can help guide us along the way?

If you already feel like there's too much to do, or that the challenges of life may be too much, here are some
 events, tips & inspiration that may help you begin the year with more peace & grace; and succeed more often, in creating the life, work and world your soul so truly desires.

Wishing you a happy, rich & transformative 2019.

All my best,
Centre for Spirituality at Work
Events & Resources: Online and Local

1.  Body, Soul & Spirit Expo, Jan. 4-6, Croatian Cultural Centre, Vancouver
For upcoming Expo events & locations, see here.
2.  Litios Light Crystals at Body, Soul & Spirit Expo, Jan 4-6, Vancouver
Peter & Ursula Schnell will be bringing their light crystal technology and meditations to Western Canada for the first time... [read more]
3.  EASTERN TRADITIONS: Pathways to Spirituality, Jan 9, 16 & 23, Toronto
A 3-part interfaith series to increase understanding of Hindu and Buddhist paths to spirituality. Hosted by Islington United Church.
4.  Practical tips of wisdom for the year ahead from Judi Neal, Edgewalkers
"This time of year is a favorite for Edgewalkers. It is liminal space. One year is ending (at least in most Western traditions), and a new one full of possibility ahead of us." [read more]
5.  A New Year’s Intention to Practice Self-Compassion by Kevin Aschenbrenner, from Spiritually Speaking,
"When I make resolutions I’m focused more on visible actions... There’s no inner awareness or intention underpinning them, so they just don’t stick. [read more]
6.  The purpose of our life and The urgency of slowing down, from
"I’ve often found the pursuit of happiness to be easier said than done..." [read more]

'One of our most eloquent explorers of what he calls the "inner world", Pico Pyer talks about the need to slow down...' [read more or listen] 
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7.  The Shadow is Out of the Box, by Tanis Helliwell
"I believe that 2018 will be remembered as a chaotic year full of anxiety... Yet I strongly believe that our outmoded self-destructive ways of being are departing because they are out in the open now" 
[read more]

Tanis also has a New Book coming out: The High Beings of Hawaii: Encounters with Mystical Ancestors - available Jan 15th
8.  Some talks from 2018, by Eric Hellman
"This fall I had the opportunity to stretch myself, and share my deeper beliefs & experiences, by doing six spiritual talks on healing, work, prosperity and change..." [read more & listen]
9. A poem-prayer for today:
Invitation, by Mary Oliver
   "Oh do you have time / to linger / for just a little while /
    out of your busy / and very important day..."

[read more]
10.  Signs of the Consciousness Shift:

For the World:
99 Good News Stories You Probably Didn’t Hear About,
from Future Crunch/

They're all worth reading. But let's begin with just nine... [read more]

And on a Personal level:
When Kindness and Heroics Went Viral: Our 10 Best Stories,
from Good News Network

Note: After opening the link, click on the number + title to read the full story.
Photo by Jarrett Little, from Good News Network stories (above)
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