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"What can I do to help, right now?"

Hello All,
I hope this finds each of you safe, happy and well !
This newsletter is about the subject affecting all of our lives these days...

In mid-March, I was asking within what I could do to help with the coronavirus pandemic. Then, over several days,
I heard public officials being asked what people could do if they felt afraid, or how to care for our mental health. The answers didn't go quite far enough for me. And late one night, I felt an inner prompting to go to my computer and start typing. 

The result is a website called
takecareofyou.infoIt's designed to help people take care of themselves, and others, in these challenging times. I hope it will inform, uplift, touch & inspire you, the way it has for me while I've been preparing it.

Have a blessed Passover, and a belated Happy Easter

And may we see a great "transformation for the good" coming out of all that is happening in our world, right now.


Namaste / Shalom / God bless.
TakeCareOfYou:  Online
COVID-19 has created the largest social disruption of our lifetimesMost of us have been touched, if not shaken by it. Many have lost work and income. And some have lost loved ones. Sometimes it can seem so big that we may feel powerless to do anything about it. 

So how can one respond? Here are:
-10 ways you can stay safe, protect others, and care for yourself
- relaxation, meditation, visualization, and prayer resources
- humour, music, and videos (to take time in nature, without leaving your home) 
- ways to be with your losses, fears, or grief
- regional + national information about the virus, and help available, AND
- good news, progress and hope from around the globe.

To access the site, go to:
Here are some things you'll find there....
1.  Be Mindful + Follow... what health experts are asking you to do.
For example, “social distancing”. But think of it with a slight twist:
Creating Physical distance  +  Social/Emotional connection. This is a time for preventing the spread of the virus, while growing the spread of caring and compassion.
2. Practice Self-Care
When we get fearful or stressed, our body tenses up and our thoughts race. Remember to breathe. Find ways to relax your body and calm  your thoughts + emotions. Practice self-care and self-love. (Click to see 'how to'.)
4. Look Gently at Your Fears + Losses
It’s tempting to look away from things that worry or scare us, like the spread of the virus, loss of jobs and income, and loss of life. But the more we are able to see and feel them, the easier it actually is to cope.
     - What have you 'lost' in all of this?
     - Light a Candle for your losses.
8. Find Good News and Hope, in the midst of what is happening
Watch for small signs of progress with the virus, finances, and the economy. Look for stories of people doing inspiring work, sharing things they love, and giving to others.
(Examples from around the world.)

9. Help Others
Do what moves you. Share your gifts, assist people, and contribute in ways you can. Be inspired by what others are doing. Giving increases our immune system, and others' well being too. (Why is this woman smiling? She makes these masks to help communicate with people who are hearing-impaired.)

For all 10 tips, plus resources, links & more, go to 

1) Be Mindful + Follow what health experts are asking you to do

​2) Practice Self-Care

​3) Nourish and Nurture Yourself

​4) Look Gently at Your Fears + Losses

​5) Give and Receive Emotional Support

6) Connect with Spiritual Strength + Support

​7) Stay Informed... but Watch less News

​8) Find good news and hopein the midst of what is happening

​9) Help Others

​10) Use This as a 'Reset Button'

Remember to Inspire Yourself: Online
Is humor your best way of staying sane and getting through?
(More Covid humor here.)
What music inspires and uplifts you? 
Consider Andrea Bocelli's Music for Hope "prayer" concert on Easter Sunday (in a vacant Italian cathedral), viewed online by over 25 million people. (Find it here; turn up your sound.)

Looking for something different? Here's a 'fav' of mine:
You are loved (Don't give up), sung by Josh Groban
And finally, what's your vision of what could come from all of this?
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