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- Quote from Anais Nin 
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Centre Events:  Toronto 
1. Growing in Self-Love conversation with Susan Vaughan (Sat Mar 4, 10 am)
2. Soul's Journey meditation + conversation with Sue Vandittelli  (Sat Mar 18, 10 am)

Growing our Work/Life:  Online
1. The Value of Values: Changing the world for the better by Brian Fraser - on Spiritually Speaking
2. How to Attract Young Talent: A Guide for Startups by Gaurav Bhattacharya -
3. Being More Than Being Useful, by Parker J. Palmer - from
4. Fall Forward: How Denzel Washington failed his way to success - from

Resources & Events in our Network:  Online & B.C.
1. Spirit & Work Profile on:  Alexander Soltys Jones  (see below)
2. New Book: Spiritualize the Workplace by Alexander S. Jones
3. New Book & Workshops: Write Where You Are by Junie Swadron (see below)
4. Creating a worldwide web of love for these turbulent times - from Austin Repath 

Spirit, Retirement & Conscious Aging:  Online & Vancouver
1. Transforming Aging Summit (online, March 7-9) - from The Shift Network
2. The WISE Circle: Conversation on Age & Spirit (New Westminster, April 1) - Glo McArter

Events & Resources in Other Networks:  Online & Various Locations 
1. Mindful Leadership Conference (online, March 1-10)
2. Call for Abstracts: International Spirituality in Healthcare Conference
(Dublin, Ireland)
3. Practicing Spirituality with the Peacemakers (online course) - from Spirituality & Practice
4. Management, Spirituality & Religion Conference - earlybird registration, Mar. 5th
5. Unblocking the Flow of Your Energy, Time & Money teleclass - by Jennifer Hadley

Inspiration & Reflection:  Online
1. Quote of the Day: “Feuds are never about.." - by Olivia De Havilland (see below)
2. Do you have a story to tell? Hear Viola Davis speak from the heart at the Oscars.
3. All that we share - a must-see video on diversity/being different - from TV2 Denmark
4. What a wise and loving mother once did for Thomas Edison - from
5. "Anyway" - sung by Billy Gilman (song by Martina McBride)
6. "Don't go back to sleep" - poem by Rumi (see below)

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Centre Events:  Toronto

Saturday, March 4 - 10 a.m.  
Growing in Self-Love with Susan Vaughan
A monthly conversation on living and deepening self-love, and its impacts on our work, relationships and life.
This month's topic:
How can we turn inward to "our Kingdom of Heaven" when our outer life feels and looks like hell?  

Must RSVP to attend:
Location: St. Andrew's United Church, Toronto 
More information
Saturday, March 18th - 10 a.m.

Your Soul’s Journey:
Meditation & Soulful Conversations

Join us for a morning of reflection, meditation and conversation. Led by Sue Vandittelli. [Read more] 

Please RSVP here (refreshments; $10 suggested)
Location: St. Andrew's United Church, 117 Bloor St. E., Toronto
Directions (TTC/Parking). For more info, call 416-490-0911

Growing Our Work/Life: Online

1. The Value of Values: Changing the world for the better by Brian Fraser
- from Spiritually Speaking blog, TimesColonist newspaper
What values do you want to grow in your work, life and world? Brian explores how we can use our values and words to change the world for the better, one conversation after another.
2. How to Attract Young Talent: A Guide for Startups by Gaurav Bhattacharya
- from
One of the toughest challenges businesses face is hiring a younger crowd, especially millennials. If your company can’t afford to offer lucrative salaries or benefits, you can still hire young talent positions on a competitive budget - by knowing their values.
3. Being More Than Being Useful, by Parker J. Palmer - from
"While my work is important, it is not a measure of my value or worth... In the end, what matters most is not my ability to “produce” but my ability to love."
4. Fall Forward: How Denzel Washington failed his way to success - from
With two Oscars, three Golden Globes, a Tony, and many more nominations, Denzel might seem like the poster child for success. But it wasn't always easy for the son of a Pentecostal minister and a beauty shop owner from the Bronx... - See his inspiring video/speech
"You never know who you touch. You never know how or when you’ll have an impact, or how important your example can be to someone else."Read his 15 most inspiring quotes.

Resources & Events in our Network:
Online & Various Locations

Spirit and Work Profile:
Alexander Soltys Jones

Alex is an author, musician, spiritual director and meditation instructor. He was the first to write and produce New Age relaxation music in Canada, with titles that include Kali’s Dream, Awake & Dreaming and Pranava. He is also well known for his best-selling book Seven Mansions of Color (published 1976), which has become a classic in Color Therapy. His other titles include: Meditation — Where East and West Meet, How Much Did You Love, Awaken the Christ Within You, and his newest books: Journey of the Heart and Spiritualize the Workplace.
      A longtime Stress Management Instructor, he taught classes in downtown Toronto. Many of his clients were from the business community. As he worked with these clients, Alex saw the tremendous stress and anxiety individuals were facing in the workplace: “It was obvious to me that a deep sense of spirituality was needed in the workplace and hence the creation of Spiritualize the Workplace.” 
      A certified Spiritual Director, Alex graduated from the University of British Columbia’s Pacific Jubilee Program at the Vancouver School of Theology. He is also a  graduate of Tyndale University with the degree bachelor of Religious Education.

1) Read more about Alex on our bulletin board.
2) See his website.
3) Read about his new Workplace book below.

2. New Book: Spiritualize the Workplace
by Alexander Soltys Jones
"In Spiritualize the Workplace, Alex offers a practical blueprint to achieve life-affirming success and spiritual satisfaction, even (or especially) in the conflict-ridden, stressful workplace. His guidance to the perennial wisdom and spiritual practice is encapsulated in simple mindfulness techniques and a wonderful assortment of great affirmations to spiritualize work and to create a life of integrity and joy."
- Eli Bay, President, The Relaxation Response Institute
3. New Book & Workshops: Write Where You Are
by Junie Swadron
A book for those who dream of writing but don't know where to begin. “The sweet whisperings of your soul meet you on the page and something shifts. You strengthen. You begin to stand taller and one day you notice that your voice on the page has become your voice in the world.”
Book: on Amazon
Workshops: Victoria and Bowen Island, B.C.
More about Junie Swadron
4. Creating a worldwide web of love for these turbulent times - from Austin Repath
Imagine consciously sending a loving energy into the world --- to create a world-wide web of love for these turbulent times. That is what "A Call to Love" is all about. Read his invitation, story & vision here, and help create a new worldwide web...

Spirit, Retirement & Conscious Aging:  
Online & Vancouver area

1. Transforming Aging SummitFulfillment, Creativity & Purpose in later years 
- Online, March 7-9, hosted by The Shift Network
Often our society fails to provide a viable model for people to see ALL the potential they have in their later years. As a result, we may find ourselves without a meaningful vision around making the most of what can be a very beautiful, healthy and purpose-filled stage of life. This Summit features leaders whose wisdom and work support an empowering vision for aging in today’s world.
2. The WISE Circle: Conversation on Age & Spirit (New Westminster, April 1, 1:00 pm)
A conversation about the deep inner journey of age and spirit. Hosted by Dr. Glo McArter.

Events & Resources in Other Networks:
Online & Various Locations

1. Mindful Leadership Conference, March 1-10 (free online training conference) 
40 of the world’s most respected mindful leaders, entrepreneurs & teachers focusing on personal and organizational transformation. Speakers include: Daniel Siegal, Daniel Goleman, Tara Brach, Tami Simon, Dan Harris, many more
2. Call for Abstracts: 3rd International Spirituality in Healthcare Conference:
"Creating Space for Spirituality in Healthcare"
Submission deadline: March 27. Conference date: June 22, in Dublin, Ireland
For abstract and submission form, contact:
Click to see poster
3. Practicing Spirituality with the Peacemakers (online course)
- from Spirituality & Practice

Shares the teachings/inspirational practices of peacemakers such as Mahatma Gandhi, Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr., Thich Nhat Hanh, Desmond Tutu, Joan Chittister, Bernie Glassman, Daniel Berrigan, John Dear, and many others. Course starts with the inner peace of contemplation, then moves out to bringing peace to the family, neighborhood, and workplace.
4. International Assn. of Management, Spirituality & Religion Conference
- Earlybird registration until March 5th.  Location: Fayetteville, Arkansas.
The 2017 Conference is being held May 18-20, 2017. Early bird registration is until March 5th. The focus is on Leadership, Spirituality and Education, exploring such questions as:
- How do we speak about spirituality in leadership and education in inclusive ways?
- What would a spiritually and developmentally mature leader look like?
- How do we encourage emerging leaders to articulate meaning, purpose & values in their lives? 
- How do we use concepts from great spiritual traditions and secular humanism to expand human capacities for leadership?

Inspiration & Reflection:  Online

1. Quote of the Day:  “Feuds are never about hate. Feuds are about pain."
Olivia De Havilland, Hollywood actress (played by Catherine Zeta Jones), about the feud between Bette Davis and Joan Crawford, in Feud, March 5th on FX channel

2. What kind of story do you want to tell? Hear Viola Davis speak from the heart...
“You know, there's one place that all the people with the greatest potential are gathered — one place, and that's the graveyard...” Viola Davis is one Hollywood's most eloquent actors. Watch her acceptance speech for Best Supporting Actress at the 2017 Academy Awards on "Why we must 'exhume and exalt' ordinary lives." (perhaps even our own?)

3. All that we share – a must-see video on 'being different' - from TV2 Denmark
"It's easy to put people in boxes. There's us; and there's them..."

4. What a wise and loving mother once did for Thomas Edison -
"One day, as a small child, Thomas Edison came home from school and gave a paper to his mother..."

5. Anyway - sung by Billy Gilman (song by Martina McBride)
"You can spend your whole life buildin' somethin' from nothin'
One storm can come and blow it all away
Build it anyway..."

6. "Don't go back to sleep" - by Jalaluddin Rumi 
“The breezes at dawn have secrets to tell you
Don't go back to sleep!
You must ask for what you really want.
Don't go back to sleep!
People are going back and forth 
across the doorsill where the two worlds touch,
The door is round and open
Don't go back to sleep!”
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