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Centre Events:  Toronto 
1. Growing in Self-Love conversation with Susan Vaughan (Sat Feb 4, 10 am)
2. Soul's Journey meditation + conversation with Sue Vandittelli  (Sat Feb 18, 10 am)

Growing our Work/Life:  Online
1. The Practicality of Spirituality: Bless the Elevator - by Eric Hellman
2. Our Fear of Being Seen as "Religious"  +  Growing Spirit at Work - by Eric Hellman
3. New Book: Police Pursuit of the Common Good by Dr. Ginger Charles (Ret. Sergeant)
4. Generosity’s Perfection by Sharon Salzberg - from
5. See the Perfection: A Short Exercise from Neale Donald Walsch - from Evolving Wisdom

Events & Resources in Our Network & Others:  Washington, Toronto & Online
1. Sister Giant: Creating a Politics of Love  (Washington, Feb 2-4)
2. Where do we go now? (after the Marches) - Marianne Williamson interviewed by Claire Zammit
3. Career Buzz Radio + Who You Are Matters! (Toronto, Mar 2) - from CareerCycles

More Resources:  Online
1. Spirit, Ethics & Work Profile on:  Fr. Max Oliva  (see below)
2. Dr. Jean Shinoda Bolen interview: Goddesses in Every Woman (After 50) - Shift Network 
3. Mindfulness & Challenging Times,
 w. Jon Kabat-Zinn, Tara Brach, others - from Sounds True
4. More Tips on Money - from Sarah Yip (see below)
5. 14 Days of Self-Love - deals on books from Hay House

Inspiration & Reflection:  Online
1. Are you “too unorthodox”? (video clip with Bruno Mars) - from
2. What are you doing with your time? (video with Sam Harris) - from
3. Quote of the Day: “My inner journey scares me.." - by Dr. Glo McArter (see below)
4. Have you been asked to step into a new & scary place? - video with Josh Groban
5. You Are Loved / Don’t Give Up – song by Josh Groban
6. Flying Home - song by Tierney Sutton (from the movie "Sully")

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Centre Events:  Toronto

Saturday, Feb. 4 - 10 a.m.
Growing in Self-Love with Susan Vaughan
This morning, we'll continue our conversation on living and deepening self-love, and its impacts on our work, relationships and life.
Location: St. Andrew's United Church, Toronto 
More information here
Saturday, Feb 18th - 10 a.m.

Your Soul’s Journey:
Meditation & Soulful Conversations

Join us for a morning of reflection, meditation and conversation. Led by Sue Vandittelli. [Read more] 

Please RSVP (refreshments; $10 suggested)
Location: St. Andrew's United Church, 117 Bloor St. E., Toronto
Directions (TTC/Parking). For more info, call 416-490-0911

Growing our Work/Life:  Online

1. The Practicality of Spirituality: Bless the Elevator - by Eric Hellman
How preparing a talk about "faith & works" led me to discover how practical this work can be...
2.  Our Fear of being seen as "Religious"  +
What it means for growing Spirituality at Work 
- by Eric Hellman
After 18 years, I still find that most people are reluctant to talking openly about "spirituality" in their work and life. It's true for me as well. Why is that, and what can we do about it?
3. New Book: Police Pursuit of the Common Good
by Dr. Ginger Charles Ret. Sergeant, and Executive Director, Institute for Spirituality & Policing
Following increasing reports of police brutality and pressures for police reform, retired Police Sergeant Ginger Charles felt guided & compelled to investigate. In this book, she explores:

  - why our police appear to be in constant conflict with marginalized communities 
  - the importance of understanding police behaviors in order to change the culture of conflict 
  - potential solutions to reform and restore the police culture
  - ways to heal the divide between our communities and the police.

I know we can fix this problem. It is simple. It is creating a culture of service rather than abuse.”
- Dr. Ginger Charles
4. Generosity’s Perfection by Sharon Salzberg - from
Giving up, giving in, just plain giving—that’s the truly transformative experience. Generosity opens our heart, frees us from attachment... and is the beginning of spiritual awakening.
5. See the Perfection:  A Short Exercise from Neale Donald Walsch
- from Evolving Wisdom 
"To get things to work consistently in every area of your life, you must stop seeking perfection." A personal story + exercise from Neale Donald Walsch - definitely worth reading!

Events & Resources in Our Network & Others:  
Washington, Toronto & Online

SISTER GIANT 2017 ConferenceWashington DC Feb. 2-4
SISTER GIANT is dedicated to forging a deeper conversation about what is happening in America today – and what people can do to change it. The purpose of these conferences is to forge an integrative, holistic approach to healing the wounds of a nation. "Join us at this time of national tumult so that together we might rethink our country."
2. Where do we go now? (after the Marches) - Marianne Williamson interviewed by Claire Zammit - from Feminine Wisdom
In the powerful wake created by the recent worldwide Women’s Marches, many have been asking: “Where do we go now?” This interview is about how to bring a spiritual lens to current events and claim your power and voice to make a difference as a change agent; plus a preview of the upcoming Sister Giant Conference.
3. Career Buzz Radio +
    Who You Are Matters!
 (Toronto, Mar 2) - from CareerCycles
Hear ear-opening & inspiring career transition stories from elite athletes & dancers from their radio shows, including Annamay Pierse, Olympic swimmer and holder of four World Records, whose career was ended by a mosquito with Dengue fever, and changed her life... + Read more about their upcoming Who You Are Matters! discovery session. (See Video)

More Resources:  Online

Spirit, Ethics and Work Profile:
Father Max Oliva

Max Oliva was a savvy salesman with a bit of a wild side...So when he announced he wanted to become a priest, it caught everyone by surprise, even his Catholic family. Oliva’s passion for business never left him, though.
More than a decade ago, he started speaking about marketplace ethics during his free time, then advising business professionals one-on-one in a kind of therapy session he called “commuter retreats.” As demand grew, Oliva expanded his activity to giving business talks at the request of business owners. He drew audiences as large as 1,000. Proceeds went to a Jesuit chapter in California. In 2010, Oliva, moved to Las Vegas from Canada. Here, he continues to deliver sermons and seminars...
- from Vegas Inc. magazine

a) Read more about him here: Thou shalt have integrity: Las Vegas priest advises businesspeople about ethics, by Julie Ann Formoso, Vegas Inc. magazine
b) His website is:
c) For his Spirituality and Ethics newsletters, go to: 
d) For his latest newsletter, on New questions to ask ourselves, click here
2. Dr. Jean Shinoda Bolen interview: Goddesses in Every Woman (After 50) 
- free audio from the Shift Network.
In this mini-workshop, feminine psychology pioneer Jean Shinoda Bolen, MD. talks about how to "D
iscover Your New Archetypes" and "Liberate Your Authentic Self" at this stage of life. 
3. Mindfulness & Challenging Times, with Jon Kabat-Zinn, Tara Brach, others
- video from Sounds True
This video includes interview clips with leading teachers on how mindfulness helped them through very difficult periods in their lives (including facing cancer, autism and sexual abuse), and how it can help us build bridges and gain confidence in challenge times.  11 min video. Click on the link above, then on the Get instant access button.
4. More Tips on Money - from Sarah Yip 
In our November newsletter, we brought you Five tips and a Prayer on Money from a blog by Sarah Yip. She also recommends these blog articles on making money flow more easily in your life:
a) The Metaphysics of Money - How to Make Millions From Love Not Fear
b) The Secret to Happiness - When life Gives your Lemons, Don't Wish for Oranges
5. 14 Days of Self-Love - from Hay House
Daily book deals this month to encourage self-love and reflection...

Inspiration & Reflection:  Online

1. Are you “too unorthodox”? (video clip with Bruno Mars) - from
Bruno talks about not being accepted by the music community, and the power of staying with what one loves to do.

2. What are you doing with your time? (video with Sam Harris) - from
Neuroscientist and writer Sam Harris explains how people waste their lives doing non-essential things, rather than focus on accomplishing the most they can before they die.

3. Quote of the Day: "My inner journey scares me..."
“My inner journey scares me at times with the vulnerability I am called to express. Could this CALL be spirit energy, consciousness, my God, Love, accepting my invitation to reveal who I am meant to be and what I am meant to do?” – Dr. Glo McArter, psychotherapist/counsellor/mentor 

4. Have you been asked to step into a new & scary place? - video with Josh Groban
Josh sings The Prayer with Celine Dion, then talks about what is what like the first time...

5. You Are Loved / Don’t Give Up – song by Josh Groban
"Don’t give up... When you're lost inside... I'll be there to find you...
Everybody wants to be understood... Everyone needs to be heard..."

6. Flying Home - sung by Tierney Sutton (theme from "Sully")
"Tell me your story. I'll tell you mine. Sing me your song. I'll follow line by line...
Within your trials, I’ll see my own. Still there are journeys that are yours alone.
You were born for this storm you have to weather..."

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