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What is your "work" in the world?

Whether you're employed or not... have a contract or not... or are still working, or not... we all have a ‘work’ in the world: Something to which we are called. Something that is ours to do. To be. Or to live. 

What is that for you?
Here are some ideas, videos and an event (the Conscious Business World Summit, March 7-9 online) to help remind you HOW to connect to & do your *work*. AND how important it is... to the world... to each of us... and to you.

Namaste / Shalom / God bless.
Resources & Events: Online

1.  Seeing Life Differently: The Seven Wonders of the World, from NTD TV
Do you see life a little differently from others? What if we were encouraged to share that? 
2.  Sharing my love of nature, from Eric Hellman
Part of my ‘work’ is sharing with others the beauty I find in nature. It’s something I’ve done "for love" for the past six years. And in 2018, it also became one of my primary sources of income. Here is my latest show, and some others you might enjoy...
3.  A letter to filmmakers of the world, by Rolex (Academy Awards 2019)
Rolex created a series of commercials featuring Oscar-winning directors James Cameron, Martin Scorsese, Kathryn Bigelow, and Alejandro G. Iñárritu. Each person wrote an open letter to filmmakers of the world -- to inspire them on a journey that just might take them to the Oscars someday. It's a message that applies to all of us. Watch the main one here, or all of them here.
4.  Thirteen Films that Highlight the Best in Humanity, from Greater Good Magazine
Here are some movies from the past year that exemplify human strengths and virtues.
5.  Conscious Business World Summit: Bringing Real Transformation to Business, from Humanity’s Team, Evolutionary Leaders, and Unity Earth.
March 7-9, (Free, online)

An exciting wave of positive change is building around the world in the way global business is done. It's based on a deeper consciousness that everything is interrelated, interconnected, and interdependent... Listen to some of the leaders in this movement, including Richard Barrett and Ervin Laslo.
6.  Waking Up and Growing Up: The Conscious Business World Summit, from The Convergence magazine by UNITY EARTH
Read more about evolutionary leadership, spirituality and conscious business, details about the Summit, and more...  
(Note: This online magazine is here. To enlarge it for reading, click on the Fullscreen symbol (the ‘broken square box’ near the lower right corner of the page; or click on the + sign to zoom in.) Then click on the white > symbol (right side of page) to turn the pages.)
7.  Syrian refugee finds purpose at business school – and in life, by Jennifer Lewington, The Globe and Mail
After several weeks of classes, Rand About Ras was dismayed at what she saw as an excessive focus on the bottom-line aspects of business and briefly considered dropping out of school. “I initially hated it,” she said of the program. Then her Professor helped her connect to what she really wanted to do...
8.  Dealing with Adversity by Constance Wu, in an interview on Oscars: Live on the Red Carpet
“Being an actress, a struggling theatre actress in New York, there is a lot of adversity you face. I’ve always found that if you stop thinking about the result, or the product,or the job, and you just think about your love for what you do... and you reconnect to that, and you reconnect to your creativity, you feel rich in a way that doesn’t require money. You feel a wealth of meaning in your life. And that keeps you going when there is adversity."
- Constance Wu, co-star of the movie Crazy, Rich Asians
9.  'Trimtabs, Tag & You're IT!', by Jeff Bridges at the 2019 Golden Globe Awards.
Ever doubt if you really are 'the right person for the job' or can make a difference in the world? Listen to one of the best speeches at the Golden Globes, from a respected actor and this year's Cecile B. DeMille Award recipient. 4 min clip from his speech.
10.  Granted, song by Josh Groban
"If you have a dream, go chase it. If you feel hope, don't waste it.
If you find love, embrace it. And never take a single breath for granted."
Quote courtesy of Michael Hryniuk | Photo by Eric Hellman
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