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Autumn Beauty, Autumn Change                        (Photo: Eric Hellman)
Resources & Events in Our Network:  Online and Local
1.  Self-Study e-Courses by Tanis Helliwell, International Inst. for Transformation 
Course topics: Ancestor & Family Healing, Transform Yourself, Transform your Work, Spiritual Transformation, Fear Transformed, and Spiritual Intelligence (SQ) Self-Test.
(*Note: prices increase after Oct. 30*)
2.  Workplace Spirituality Research, by Judi Neal, Edgewalkers International, funded by the Fetzer Foundation
A 2018 report on understanding the role spirituality plays in the workplace, with a focus on research and organizational practice. It contains five major sections: (1) Historical background and trends, (2) Research methodologies, (3) Organizational exemplars of workplace spirituality, (4) Spiritual practices in the corporate sector, (5) Outcomes research, and (6) Recommendations for future research in the workplace spirituality domain.
3.  Interfaith Connections, a twice-monthly newsletter for Toronto-area activities.
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4.   Spiritual Dialogue Circle, Monday, Nov. 4th, 7 pm, Toronto
A monthly event. Contact to attend, or for more information.
5.   Waiting for Wisdom: A Pre-Advent Retreat (for women), with Rev. Dr. Anne Simmonds and Ann Mortifee, Nov. 18-19, Emmanuel College, Toronto
Is it possible to experience awe, mystery or wonder... as we juggle all the demands on time, relationships, body, and pocketbook? Through story, song, conversation, movement and ritual, we will encourage women, lay and clergy, to mine the seasonal story for the mysterious and universal themes that can take us to the womb of our deepest self. Can we trust the mystery which longs to bring new life into the world through each of our unique imperfect selves?
6.   Hands Radiating Light, a Full Moon Meditation video by Anna Stoklosa
A gentle, healing experience. (Watch through to the end, and see if you feel the energy radiating from her hands!) Note: Turn your volume 'way up'. (Other videos here.)
Book cover art by Jack Tobin
7. New e-bookTom the Turkey by Roslyn Rus
Tom the Turkey is set in rural Ontario, Canada, at a time when individual farmers grew their own food for their own survival, and the animals who were raised on those farms were treated with greater respect than so many of today’s factory-farmed animals are. Roslyn Rus is an empathic writer, editor/researcher and workshop facilitator who is passionate about improving life on and for the Earth, including for our animal friends.
8. New e-book: Your Life Matters!: Learn to Write Your Memoir in 8 Easy Steps 
by Junie Swadron, Kindle edition

Are you recently retired from a career that gave meaning & purpose to your life? Would you like to leave a gift and legacy for your children + grandchildren? But does a voice inside your head stop you cold, saying things like “Who would read that?” Or, “What could I possibly teach others?”  Author, psychotherapist, and writing coach Junie Swadron has guided men and women to write their life stories for more than twenty-five years. Her books include Re-Write Your Life: A Transformational Guide to Writing & Healing the Stories of Our Lives and Write Where You Are.
9.  Changing the Way We Make Change by Eric Hellman,
We all want to create some kind of positive change in life. But succeeding is often much harder than expected. I'd like to offer some insights from 40+ years of 'creating change' -- about ways we can make it more effectively. (PDF available here.)
10.  Spirit at Work articles (sent in by Lesley Taylor)
Spirituality at Workplace, by Anu Dandona, New Delhi, 2013

"Although the physical and psychological dimensions of individuals at work have been studied extensively, the spiritual dimension has been neglected for many years. Spirituality at work is not about religious beliefs. Rather, it is about people who perceive themselves as spirited beings, whose spirit needs energizing at work. It is about experiencing real purpose and meaning in their work beyond paychecks and task performance."

Workplace spirituality, mindfulness meditation, and work engagement, by Petchsawang & McLean, Journal of Management, Spirituality & Religion, 2017
Examines the relationships among mindfulness meditation, workplace spirituality, and work engagement in an eastern – specifically Thai – context; and compares workplace spirituality and work engagement in organizations that provide mindfulness meditation courses to employees and those that do not.
Events & Resources in other Networks:  Online and Local
1.  MSR Big Questions Webinar, Thurs. Nov. 14 at 10-11am Pacific/1-2pm Eastern
Online, via Zoom. (Free & open to the public).

A dialogue on: (1) How can business drive positive change, and (2) What is the role of science in transforming business leaders at a spiritual level?
MSR is the Management, Spirituality & Religion Interest Group of the Academy of Management. 
2.  Sages and Scientists, Symposium on the Future of Well-Being, Nov 14-17, Bentonville, Arkansas
The credo of Sages and Scientists is: consciousness can help us find the solution to any challenge. Join Deepak Chopra and the world's pre-eminent health and well-being experts, academic researchers, technology trailblazers, thinkers and philosophers to explore the future of well-being and reveal the impact of integrative health, humanity and the cosmos. 
3.  An Interview with Grace Lee Boggs, from
Chinese-American philosopher and civil rights legend Grace Lee Boggs was at the heart and soul of a largely hidden story inside Detroit’s evolution from economic collapse to rebirth. This 2011 interview meets her and her community of joyful, passionate people reimagining work, food, and the very meaning of humanity. (51 min audio; transcript also available)
“The opportunity we now have [is] to reimagine everything, to reimagine work — to think of it as productive not only of things, but of well-being — to think of governance in a different way, to think of education in a different way. What an opportunity. What a time to be alive. We’re not only being, but we’re non-being and becoming.”
4.  We Need a New Capitalism, by Marc Benioff, The New York Times (op-ed)
The current system has led to profound inequality. To fix it, we need businesses and executives to value purpose alongside profit. Marc Benioff is the chairman and co-C.E.O. of Salesforce.
"To my fellow business leaders and billionaires, I say that we can no longer wash our hands of our responsibility for what people do with our products. Yes, profits are important, but so is society... It’s time for a more fair, equal and sustainable capitalism that actually works for everyone and where businesses, including tech companies, don’t just take from society but truly give back and have a positive impact.
Something for Your Soul:  Online
1.  Heart-&-Soul Enriching Messages by Foundation for a Better Life
An amazing channel of videos, public service announcements, billboards, stories of real people, and daily messages to enrich and uplift the spirit. Try these short videos: Humble and KindEncouragement, and Wonderful WorldSee more at
Photo: So You Think You Can Dance
2.  You Will Be Found, song from "Dear Evan Hansen" (Broadway cast recording) 
     with Dance sequence from So You Think You Can Dance
Have you ever felt like nobody was there?
Have you ever felt forgotten in the middle of nowhere?
Have you ever felt like you could disappear...
Like you could fall, and no one would hear?
You will be found.... 
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