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(remainder of agenda will be published on Friday, October 11, 2019)

Thank you to all Marcy-Holmes residents, business and property owners, and annexed members who are running to serve on the board this year. In this Candidate Guide you’ll find:

  • Nominations and Election Procedures 
  • 2019 Candidates for Officer (4 seats up for election) 
  • 2019 Candidates for Director (11 seats up for election) 


In addition to the candidates listed in this guide who submitted forms prior to the election, nominations can be made from the floor. (Article VIII, Section 4).
Eligible Candidates: The Board of Directors consists of up to fifteen (15) Directors at-large to be elected by the General Membership at the October annual meeting, of whom eleven (11) shall be Resident members; all Resident and Non-Resident members must have been members for at least 20 days (Article VIII, Section 1). President and Vice-President each must have at least 6 months prior experience as an elected member of the board of directors or as an officer of the association (Article VI, Section 1).
Eligible Voters: All members of the Association are eligible to vote in elections. There are three categories of membership:

  1. Resident Members: All residents of the neighborhood shall be eligible for membership in the Association upon completion of an electronic or paper membership form, whereby the applicant certifies their residence as within the boundaries of the Marcy-Holmes neighborhood.
  2. Non-Resident Members: Non-Residents who (1) own real property or have an interest in real property in the neighborhood or (2) are a duly sponsored representative of a non-profit or for-profit organization or business with a physical address in the neighborhood shall become members upon presentation of land ownership or appointment by a business or organization.
  3. Annexed Members: Membership may also be conferred on individuals who (1) reside in, (2) own real property or have an interest in a real property, or (3) are duly-sponsored representatives of a non-profit or for-profit organization or business outside the City-recognized Marcy-Holmes neighborhood boundary but who have a physical address within the geographic area bounded by 15th Avenue SE on the west, University Avenue SE on the south, Oak Street SE on the east, and the BNSF railroad tracks on the north. Membership will also be conferred upon residents of Sanford Hall and Roy Wilkins Hall, both buildings located on the south side of University Avenue SE between 11th Avenue SE and 13th Avenue SE. Such members shall be granted the same rights and privileges of Non-Resident members.

Special Notes Regarding this Election:
There are a higher than average number of Directors seats open at this election. Reasons for this include
  1. A number of Directors recently moved out of the neighborhood.
  2. The MHNA Membership amended its bylaws on April 16, 2019 to increase the number of elected Directors from 11 to 15.
Of the 11 Director seats MHNA is electing:
  • 4 will have a special, one-year term (two are completing the remainder of a current Director vacancy and two are new seats created on 4/16/19).
  • 2 are new seats created on 4/16/19, with standard two-year terms.
  • 5 are the regular number of Director seats elected in odd years, with standard two-year terms.
After the election has been tallied, MHNA will ask 4 of the new Directors to volunteer to take one of the special one-year term seats. Lacking volunteers, MHNA will draw 4 names from a hat to determine who will have a one-year seat.


President, Vice President, Treasurer and Secretary each serve 1-year terms


Vic Thorstenson
Vic moved to Marcy-Holmes as a UMN freshman in early 1976. He stuck around, living in rental housing in the neighborhood. Around 1978, Vic got active in the newly formed Historic Riverfront Development Coalition, which sought to preserve structures that were proposed to be destroyed, needlessly altered, or moved by the Riverplace development. Vic joined and was elected Secretary of MHNA around 1980 and remained active until moving with his family to Seward, and later, Prospect Park.
Vic and his family returned to Marcy-Holmes in 1994, in their first house on 3rd Ave SE. Vic served on the MHNA board in the 1990s, was chair of the community’s St. Anthony Sesquicentennial celebration in 1999 and served as MHNA’s liaison with the Old St. Anthony Business Association. Cindy and Vic raised their son here, and were Marcy Open School parents.
Currently, Vic works at the Minnesota Department of Administration as an information officer. He also worked for the legislature for 31 years in various roles, including redistricting, communications, and health care reform. His side hustle is a home business specializing in print communications.
Vic has been proud to serve as MHNA President since January. His neighborhood priorities include affordable student/workforce/family housing, pedestrian and cyclist safety, historic preservation, neighborhood livability, and promoting the community.
Vic is not a fan of social media as a means of discussing community matters - so you won’t find him on Nextdoor or Facebook (he does have a Twitter account, @vthorstenson, which he mainly uses to tell jokes and to retweet his work stuff and Marcy-Holmes events). Vic prefers that we confront neighborhood issues openly and in person though community forums and face-to-face contact.

Vice President

Erich Wunderlich  

Erich Wunderlich has been a Marcy-Holmes resident since 2003, homeowner with wife and family in the 5th Street SE Historic District. He has 40 years business management experience, currently operating a home-based consulting business.
Erich is a longtime Minneapolis neighborhood and community activist with decades of experience as founder, board member and executive of a variety of neighborhood, community and school based non-profit organizations, with extensive knowledge of non-profit administration and finance.
As a Marcy Holmes Neighborhood Association Board Member, Erich will continue to advocate for all members of the community from a core belief that everyone deserves decent affordable housing. Erich will also advocate for the preservation of the neighborhood’s historic character, especially with regard to the area’s Historic Districts, and in recognition of the east side riverfront as the birthplace of Minneapolis.


Barbara Camm

Barbara is currently on the MHNA Executive Board as Treasurer. She has been a Board member for the past four years and a member of the Land Use & Development Committee for the past five years. She was a founder and Co-Chair of Preserve Historic Dinkytown, and for 10 years was on the Advisory Board for Rimon, a local arts organization, where she was Chair of the Finance Committee. Barbara has been in the communications and instructional design field for over 30 years and was Vice President of the professional organization Society for Technical Communication. Currently, she is senior editor for the corporate law magazine Today’s General Counsel and technical editor for the Journal of Computerized Adaptive Testing, an online psychometric journal. Until 2014 she was on the management team at Dashe & Thomson, Inc., a training and communications company, most recently as a Vice President. Her roles included local and international business development, project and resource management, and writing and managing largescale proposals. She attended the Institute for American Universities in Aix-en-Provence, France, and has a B.A. and M.A. in Art History and English from the University of Minnesota.
Her interest in serving again as Treasurer on the MHNA Board is to help keep MNHA’s finances in the good condition they have been historically so that MHNA remains a thriving organization, and continue on the Executive Board to ensure that the voices of the neighborhood are heard and that diversity is represented as we move forward constructively with the challenges to maintaining our neighborhood.


Tom Lincoln

Tom Lincoln is a long-time Marcy-Holmes resident and homeowner. He has served on the Board at various times during his tenure. He is a professional civil engineer working for Kimley-Horn and Associates in the area of land development. He has a professional interest in land-use and development issues in the neighborhood but will recuse himself if there appears to a conflict of interest. He also has an interest in gardening and community gardens as a form of community building. He also enjoys biking and skiing.


Directors serve 2-year terms*
Nicholas Banitt
“Hello, my name is Nick Banitt. I bought a home in the Marcy Holmes neighborhood 24 years ago. I have made my home in Southeast Minneapolis for almost 30 years. I love the area and continue to think it is one of the most vibrant and convenient parts of Minneapolis. I am currently employed by the University of Minnesota Libraries in a unique role providing services to libraries throughout Minnesota.  
I was lucky enough to be elected to the Marcy-Holmes Neighborhood Association board 2 years ago and hope to continue to giving back to the community in this role for another term. Our neighborhood is going through many dramatic changes since I moved in and I hope to be able to provide thoughtful feedback to discussions as we navigate towards the future. I believe that I'm open to all viewpoints and hope to have your vote.”

John Goebel

“I have been a proud homeowner in Marcy-Holmes for the past 11 years. Since moving here as a single man, my family has grown to four: my wife Arielle, son Sebastian (8), and daughter Violet (4). My kids have learned how to bike on 5th and 6th St. SE. They play in the pool and old playground at Holmes Park, where I also play pickup basketball. With a backyard abutting six other properties (occupied by renters, homeowners, and landlords) I'm constantly in touch with my neighbors. We build fences together, discuss recent crime on our block, and keep tabs on new property development. We are currently performing an addition on our home with the aim of staying here for life.
I would be proud to serve the neighborhood that has given so much to us. My experience in video production and communications will prove helpful to the MHNA. Through my day job at Twin Cities PBS, I help non-profits tell their story and interface with state lawmakers through the production of Almanac. Independently, I have worked with Minneapolis Public Schools, Big Ten Universities, and museums around the nation. I hope to share my experience with the board and the neighborhood. This place is special, and we will all succeed together as a group. Thank you for your consideration.”

Kim Hansen

New to the Marcy-Holmes neighborhood, Kim Hansen is looking for the chance to be deeply involved in the strategy, creativity and vitality of this unique corner of Minneapolis. Knowing the Marcy-Holmes Neighborhood Association has a long and respected history with the City of Minneapolis, Hansen would like to be part of discussions, planning and decisions for our local residents by becoming a Board Member.
Kim has over 25 years of experience in non-profit, business, entrepreneurial, and political leadership.  Currently, she is the President of the Bloomington Chamber, an affiliate of the Minneapolis Regional Chamber. She is willing to see all the various sides of issues including the impact to business, future economic benefits and residential satisfaction. Her excellent interpersonal and decision-making skills together with her abilities to listen to others has earned her the respect of business and community leaders as well as elected officials.  

Michael Johnson
Michael Johnson is the Community Engagement Manager at Arts Midwest where he facilitates community curated arts programming. He currently Chairs MHNA's Creative Placemaking Committee and is also a visual artist living at A-Mill Artist Lofts. He is running for the board because of his passion for cultivating opportunities for people to connect to the many creative assets that truly power the neighborhood. When he is not at work or painting in his studio you can probably find Michael walking in the community with his partner, Nick.

Norman Lynsky

“I have lived in my home since 1983. Members of my family have lived in my home since it was built in 1921. I have worked as a hospital patient counselor, and I finished my career at the Target Corporation, where I retired in 2014. I worked as a full-time teaching assistant at the MTCS Elementary School for two years, and I served on the School Board of Directors. I have worked as a volunteer ESL teacher for the Minneapolis Public Schools. I am currently a student at the University of Minnesota. I am concerned about addressing issues of crime and safety in our neighborhood. I was an MHNA Board Member a decade ago and I served on the Safety Committee. Our group worked to establish good relations with the 2nd Precinct officers. We had productive sit-down meetings with City Departments responsible for problem properties. And we provided information and assistance for our neighbors who brought their concerns to us. I am ready and prepared to help my neighbors.”

Ben McKibben
“I have been a resident of this neighborhood for nearly 10 years and am a current MHNA board member. I have a past history working in government; I was a legislative assistant for Representative Oberstar, an intern for State Senator Rick Olseen in the MN Senate, and served as a Student Representative for the UMN’s Board of Regents. I’ve served non-profits as well; acting as President of the Marshall Student Housing Cooperative (Dinkytown) for three years and as CTO for the Project DIVA Initiative (Northside Achievement Zone). I am currently employed as a business analyst for Wells Fargo, planning and executing the development of enterprise scale support applications. The development of luxury condos and apartments has been the catalyst of raising rents across the Marcy-Holmes Neighborhood. Now is the time to start supporting the development of practical housing solutions in the Marcy-Holmes neighborhood that serve the needs of its current residents.”
Dr. Giordi Orreggio
“Hello! My name is Dr. Giordi Orreggio. Associated with cancer research knowledge systems at the U of M and a graduate of the university, I run Benessere Co., a wellness clinic that has served the Marcy-Holmes community since 2005. Along with my associates at the collaborative my vision is to develop a nexus of wellness knowledge, research, education, and service within the neighborhood. Going into the next decade, my mission is to continue addressing a broad spectrum of chronic health and wellness issues facing long-time community members, while growing as the neighborhood does, through added efforts that help the area’s students and new community members continuously live optimally health lives. That motivation is not as selfless as it may sound. If you make somebody’s day better, they are more likely to make somebody else’s day better, and so on until your individual version of the world is a better one. This philosophy will fuel my service as an effective community health advocate on the neighborhood board.”
Sam Penders
“My name is Sam Penders, and I’m thrilled to be running for the Board of Directors. I have lived in the University area since I started at the University of Minnesota in 2015, where I majored in physics. Now, I work as an engineer, while staying engaged with local causes related to transportation, climate, and housing.

As a 22-year-old renter, I fit into the largest demographic of our neighborhood. Yet, my group is vastly underrepresented on the Board. As a board member, I can leverage my experiences as a student, renter, and active transportation advocate to make sure that all of these perspectives are considered.”
Joe Schaedler
Joe has been renting an apartment at the intersection of 4th Street SE and 4th Avenue SE continuously since 2005, making him a 14-year resident of Marcy Holmes. He values this neighborhood for its central location within the city of Minneapolis, vibrant commerce, historical residences, ample meterless street parking, and abundant public transit. He is running for the MHNA Board to enhance its compositional diversity by providing a mindset representing the viewpoints of long-term renters in the neighborhood.

Nick Soldano

“I am a junior at the U studying Environmental Science and I live on 10th Avenue SE. I hope to join the MHNA Board of Directors to bring a student perspective to neighborhood issues, and hopefully strengthen the relationship between MHNA and the student population that is so vital to our neighborhood’s character. My interests in land use and environmental topics, as well as my relevant coursework, will help me make informed decisions and advocate on behalf of students and the neighborhood. I look forward to opening a dialogue with the Association and all of you moving forward.”

Nicholas Tangen

Nicholas Tangen is the Minister of Faith in Community at University Lutheran Church of Hope. His role at ULCH is combination of community organizing/engagement and education. He graduated from United Theological Seminary with a Master of Arts in Leadership, with a focus on Social Transformation. He has professional skills as a writer, strategist, and community organizer. He brings 3 years of experience working with residents in Dinkytown and a commitment to keeping Dinkytown weird. Nick has previously served as the appointed Board Member from the Faith Communities.

Sarah Tittle

“I’ve been a resident of the Marcy-Holmes neighborhood for more than two decades. My husband and I chose to educate our daughters at Marcy Open School from Kindergarten through 8th grade. I have worked as the administrator at First Congregational Church for 14 years. The longevity of my experiences as a homeowner and employee have, I believe, afforded me a unique perspective on the ways our neighborhood has grown and changed, thrived and been challenged. I feel that it is time for me to lend my voice and energy to help shape Marcy-Holmes’ future. 
Living across from Marcy Open School, working at First Church, and serving on the board of Southeast Seniors, I’ve had direct experience with nearly every factor impacting our neighborhood, from development and diversity to crime and economic disparity. As a board member my priority would be to assure that we grow community consensus by listening to every voice and taking into consideration every perspective. At the same time, I am particularly interested in issues of livability and safety. Our neighborhood is truly unique. I look forward to helping Marcy-Holmes preserve its history and community and to working cooperatively with others as it adapts to the 21st century.” 

Karyn Zwieg

Karyn has been working in the community for 7+ years as Director of Housing and Member Services for Riverton Community Housing who have seven cooperative housing sites in the Dinkytown, Marcy-Holmes, Seward and SE Como area. Before coming to this area, she had 20+ years’ experience working at other nonprofits agencies and with various diverse populations of people at; Tubman Family Alliance, YWCA of St Paul Transitional Housing, CommonBond Communities, and Dakota County Community Development Agency. Karyn has a B.A. in Human Service Administration from Metro State University and is a Certified Residential Manager with MMHA. Karyn is a member of National Association of Residential Property Managers (NARPM), Toastmasters International and National Association of Professional Women (NAPW). Karyn regularly attends the Dinkytown Business Alliance meetings, Dinkytown Police and Safety Meetings and Seward Neighborhood meetings as a representative for her organization and is genuinely interested and engaged in improving the community and neighborhoods in Minneapolis. If elected Karyn believes she can contribute with providing guidance and fiduciary insight, financial oversight, program development, ensure effective organizational planning and progress and manage and assist staff in achieving the mission and organizational objectives.

* For the election of the Directors in the transition year of 2019 to start in 2020, the Nominations Committee of the Board shall add two (2) Director-at large positions for a one-year term and designate seven (7) open Directors-at large positions which shall have two-year terms. Thereafter, seven (7) Directors shall be elected to two-year terms in odd years and eight (8) Directors shall be elected to 2-year terms in even years. (Art. VIII, Section 3).

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