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Asana of the month -   the cobra

Prema's Yoga News No. 26

Monday 08/01/18

Namaste - 

Dear All
HAPPY NEW YEAR 2018, I hope you had a good Christmas break and holiday. Maybe you are still enjoying some time off, until school is back and after Australia Day.
Our weekly Yoga class schedule is unchanged from the previous years.
People might ask me about different times and days, but this schedule works well for me and many of you. So at the moment there are no unforeseen changes.
Please feel free to contact me for any questions, looking forward to seeing you again in 2018.

Please keep following my Yoga Facebok page Hatha Yoga Ipswich for updates, photos, shared links.
Or follow my gratitude and moon reading posts on Instagram @mariaprema 
As well as my blog-posts and website for updates.

Thank you !!
Be well and happy

Prema Maria

Phone: 0423 477 725


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Friday Yoga Class & Satsang meditation at our home in Silkstone. 


The first Satsang meditation class for 2018 is next week, Friday 19th January 2018.


5pm – 6:30pm  Hatha Yoga Class (breathing exercises, sun salutation, 12 basic postures, guided final relaxation)


6:45pm – 8:30pm Satsang (silent meditation, uplifting Sanskrit chants, an inspiring reading)


The cost is $15 or  one tick on the class pass.

Please book  and confirm by Wednesday 17/1/18. Thank You !!

The topic for the lecture will be about the benefit of Kirtan (Mantra chanting) and the meaning of Satsang.


View from Mount Coolum, January 2014.

In September 2018, we will have a Yoga & Meditation Retreat Weekend. This time at a new location/facilities in Coolum Beach on the Sunshine Coast, QLD.

It's the weekend from 7/9 - 9/9/18

The cost for the weekend is $420, the deposit to book your space is $120.
If you pay your deposit by the end of this month, 31.1.18, your 
deposit is $100, Retreat cost $400.
(early bird offer)

At the end of last year I became a member and broadcast volunteer at the international Radio Station Radio 4EB FM 98.10, broadcasting in over 50 languages from the Studio at Kangaroo Point, Brisbane. In general I'm on air once a month, sometimes more, for the German speaking language group.

In the greater Brisbane / Ipswich area (SEQ) you can listen to it on FM98.1
or worldwide via the internet. Website:  

If you are looking for a driving school instructor, please support my husband Ian in his new career.

After 28 years at Steggles, Ian had the chance to start working with our next doors neighbours, who own and run the Discount Driving School in Ipswich. He teaches now young and not so young people to drive, or upgrade from an automatic to a manual driver's licence.

 For bookings and questions, please contact Lesa through the website or Facebook page. 
Or phone Ian directly.

Thank YOU !!

Current Yoga Classes

Cameron Park Scout Hall,
Easton Street, Booval 

Tuesday, 6pm – 7:30pm

Raceview Scout Hall,
32 Taylor Street
Eastern Heights 

Tuesday, 9am – 10:30am
Thursday, 5pm – 6:30pm
Thursday, 7pm – 8:30pm

Seniors Yoga class 
Wednesday, 9am – 10am

fresh cut Roses

PCYC Ipswich
Wednesday, 6:30pm - 8pm

Sunrise walk at Coolum Beach, November 2016.

YOGA Retreat Weekend
September 2018, Friday 7/9 - Sunday 9/9/18



Bhujangasana - the cobra pose

Major benefit: its effect is to arch the spine back gently, promoting flexibility
 of the lower back in particular. The gentle pressure that the pose brings to bear on the abdomen, also has a beneficial massaging effect on the internal organs.



  • Lie on your belly, with the hands flat on the floor under the shoulders, elbows bent towards the rib cage, chin down, feet & legs together.
  •  Press the hands down into the mat and inhale and lift the head and chest off of the ground, keeping the neck in line with the spine. Only  then bend the head back, as it feels comfortable in your neck.

  • Pull up the knee caps, squeeze the thighs and buttocks, engage mula bandha, and press the pubic bone down into the mat.
  • Keep the elbows close to your sides and use the arms to lift you up even higher. Drop the shoulders down and back and press the chest forward. 
  • Breathe and hold for 2-6 breaths.
  • To release: exhale and slowly lower the chest and head back down to the mat. Turn the head to one side, make a pillow with your hands or slide the arms alongside your body and rest.
Physical benefits:
  • Increases flexibility, rejuvenates spinal nerves and brings a rich blood supply to the spinal region.
  • Works, massages and tones the back muscles.
  • Stretches the thoracic region and expands the rib cage and chest.
  • Massages all organs trough gentle pressure on the abdomen.
  • Relieves constipation.
  • Helps relieve problems of the uterus, ovaries and menstrual problems,. Regulates the hormones.
Mind and Pranic benefits:
  • Demands considerable concentration.
  • Stimulates pranic flow to the lung, stomach, kidney, bladder and spleen meridians.
  • Awakends the Kundalini (potential spiritual energy).

Do not practice the Cobra while pregnant, although this yoga posture is an excellent way to prepare the body for pregnancy.
Website Hatha Yoga Ipswich
Website Hatha Yoga Ipswich
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Instagram @mariaprema
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