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Success Story

Partnership Provides Disposal for Controlled Substances

The Wyoming Medication Donation Program, Health Care Innovation Award, and Wyoming Association of Sherriff's and Chiefs of Police recently partnered together to provide portable incinerators to three remote drug drop box regions in Wyoming.  The drug drop boxes, located in 38 law enforcement locations throughout Wyoming, provide drug disposal for unused medications, especially targeting disposal of unused controlled substance, a service the Wyoming Medication Donation Program cannot provide. 

Disposal of controlled substances (e.g. medications for pain, sleep, anxiety, ADHD) is an effective method to reduce drug abuse, drug diversion, and accidental poisonings.

All drug drop box collections are destroyed.  It is important to  donate usable items (sealed, in-date, and non-narcotic medications) at a local medication donation site to prevent disposal of valuable items that can help those in need. 

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Improving Prescription Access in Wyoming's Medical Neighborhoods

The Wyoming Medication Donation Program began its third year of partnership working with the Wyoming Institute of Population Health's, Health Care Innovation Award (HCIA) in July 2014.  The grant's strategic partners have been working together to create medical neighborhoods to transform rural health care delivery.  Medical neighborhoods provide patient centered, coordinated care across the care continuum so that patients experience seamless transitions between providers, facilities, and resources to achieve the greatest possible care.

The Wyoming Medication Donation Program is actively involved in Wyoming's medical neighborhoods by providing resources for improving prescription access among Wyoming's low-income residents who lack adequate prescription coverage.  Partnerships with hospitals and clinics serving those in need have resulted in a dramatic increase in the number of referrals for patients to receive free donated medications through the mail. (See graph below)

In the first two years of the grant, the WMDP improved its infrastructure and marketing.  This included implementing a free shipment system for donations statewide.  The  number of public donation sites throughout the state has nearly tripled, rising from 9 in January 2013 to 26 today.  Since work began with the grant in January 2013, the WMDP has provided $2.1 million dollars worth of free medication, through mail and registered dispensing sites, to Wyoming residents in need.

Click here to read the full Health Care Innovation Award Article; Medical Neighborhoods Are Transforming Care Delivery in Rural Wyoming Settings published in The Physicians Report.

Specialty & Overstocked Medications

The specialty and/or overstocked mediations listed below have been hard to match with patients in need. Please let us know if you have a patient that can use these!

Nimodipine : Veramyst : Zofran : Copegus : Dialysis Solution : Campral : Viramune : Eliquis : Fetzima



Albuterol and Duoneb nebulizer solutions : Amitiza : Micardis : Lidoderm Patches : Mirapex : Lactulose solutions : Heparin Flush : Miralax : Pradaxa : Geodon : Ortho-Cept : Restasis : Renvela : Toviaz : Xarelto : And More!

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