Program updates including marketing efforts to clarify drug disposal vs. donation in Wyoming
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Success Story

Medication Donation Network

Teamwork, communication, and helping hands resulted in a patient receiving an ongoing, lifesaving medication before he ran out. 
The supply of donated medications on hand at the Wyoming Medication Donation Program (WMDP) often varies.  On this particular day, the supply of a requested medication was depleted.  Through past experience, the WMDP knew that a local donation site in the patient's community often donates the exact medication that was needed.  The WMDP staff called the donation site to see if they happened to have any on hand, waiting to be shipped to the WMDP hub in Cheyenne.  Sure enough, they had a 26 day supply!
Traditionally, the donation site ships the donated medication to Cheyenne so that the WMDP pharmacy staff can fill the prescription and mail it to the patient.  Fortunately, this community also has a registered WMDP Dispensing Site that is qualified to dispense prescriptions to patients in need using the donated medications.  Because his community had both the donation site and the dispensing site, we were able to bypass the time required to mail the mediations to and from Cheyenne.  The donation site, dispensing site, and WMDP worked together to fill the patient's medication and dispense it to him before he ran out. 
A follow-up call with the patient confirmed that he had received his medications as planned. 
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Merry Christmas & Happy New Year!

The success of the Wyoming Medication Donation Program takes involvement from MANY moving parts.  We are so thankful to everyone involved.  More importantly, our patients thank you! 

Wishing you all a blessed holiday season! 

Thank you to the following organizations:
Donation Sites, Dispensing Sites, Wyoming Department of Health, Hospitals and Labs, Law Enforcement, Clinics, Health Care Innovation Award Team, WY Board of Pharmacy, Public Health, Pharmacies, Prevention Management Organization, the Curriers, and all our Donors!

Donations Collected at the September DEA Take Back Events

In September 2014, the Wyoming Medication Donation Program coordinated with DEA Take Back sites throughout Wyoming for the first time.  The WMDP called and spoke with each of the site coordinators, providing information about the donation program and collaboration.  DEA Take Back Sites willing to participate were provided a tote to collect medication donations, posters and brochures for the public, and pre-paid shipping to return the donations.  A few locations coordinated directly with their local WMDP donation site to have a volunteer accepting medication donations at the Take Back event.

Ninety percent (18/20) of the WY DEA Take Back sites participated.  For every dollar spent on shipping, $30.49 of usable medication was donated.

To read about the National DEA Take Back results as well as results by state, follow the link below.
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Rx Abuse Stakeholders

The Wyoming Rx Abuse Stakeholders (RAS) was organized in 2007 by the US Attorney's Office.  Education, awareness, and collaboration were identified as needs in Wyoming to prevent the increasing abuse of prescription medications while ensuring that they remain available for patients in need.   Preventing these drugs from becoming a source of harm and abuse is a large part of the group's mission. 

RAS is comprised of representatives of the healthcare community, law enforcement, government, and community members.  Partnership with the Wyoming Medication Donation Program (WMDP) has been invaluable in promoting the safe disposal and/or donation of unused medications.  With the help of the WMDP pharmacist, RAS has just launched it's new website:

The site includes many valuable resources for healthcare professionals, law enforcement, educators, and families who need information about prescription drug addiction, abuse, and treatment.  The site also includes locations throughout Wyoming to donate or dispose of unused medications.  Please check it out and provide feedback to

Coordinated Marketing with Drug Drop Boxes

The Wyoming Medication Donation program (WMDP) recently aligned marketing efforts with the Wyoming Department of Health's Substance Abuse and Suicide Prevention Program (SASPP) and their primary prevention partner, the Prevention Management Organization of Wyoming (PMO), in order to provide a clear message about medication donation vs. disposal in Wyoming. 

In Wyoming we have the unique challenge and opportunity of having multiple options for discarding unused medications.  We have the Drug Drop Boxes for disposal and the Wyoming Medication Donation Program for medication donation.  This can cause confusion among the public, wondering which is the best alternative for their unused medications.
Together, the PMO and the WMDP, have developed a poster that provides clarification to the public about both options.  Removing unused medications from the home is important for reducing prescription drug abuse, diversion, and poisonings.  Additionally, the Medication Donation Program can also help low-income, Wyoming residents who lack adequate prescription insurance receive the medications they need to stay healthy. 

The posters will be placed at all of the WMDP donation sites, pharmacies, recycling centers, Drop Box locations, and other locations determined by the PMO.  A version of the poster will also be shown during movie theater previews throughout the state. 
A list of the Wyoming WMDP Donation Sites and Drug Drop Box locations can be found online at:
Donate Now
Disposal Sites
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