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RIAL Inter American Network for Labor Administration / Organization of American States

October 2014

Newsflash #33


A bi-weekly look at Labor Administration in the Americas

ILO 18th American Regional Meeting concludes

The quadrennial meeting concluded on October 16 with the presentation of the Declaration of Lima, which calls for “integrated economic and social policies to promote social inclusion, decent work and productive employment, as well as an enabling environment for sustainable enterprises.” The Declaration and Plan of Action of Medellin, adopted at the XVIII Inter-American Conference of Ministers of Labor (IACML), were cited as key inputs. Read more >>

Regional initiative against child labor signed at ILO meeting

Twenty-five of the region’s countries signed the "Regional Initiative for Latin America and the Caribbean Free of Child Labour" on October 14 during the ILO American Regional Meeting. The initiative aims to eradicate child labor in the Americas by 2020 and commits governments to working together to achieve that goal. Read more >>

Colombia-Peru RIAL cooperation activity to take place Oct. 21-23

A delegation from Peru will visit the Ministry of Labor of Colombia in Bogota to gain from its experience in the area of conflict prevention and resolution, especially in light of the work done by Colombia’s Directorate for the Prevention and Solution of Labor Conflicts and Labor Corporate Social Responsibility, in operation since 2010.

Americas Competitiveness Forum held in Trinidad and Tobago

Held under the theme “The Human Imagination at Work: Driving Competitiveness, Powering Innovation,” more than 1,000 participants took part in the Forum, which included the annual meeting of the Inter-American Competitiveness Network (RIAC) of the OAS.  Read more >>
News from the Ministries

Canada and Argentina sign and renew agreements in Lima


First National Council on Continuing Training inaugurated in Argentina


Ministers of Labor of Colombia and Paraguay meet in Lima


Chile: Minister of Labor and head of Finance form Advisory Committee on Labor Market Wages


Honduras and Canada meet to discuss eradicating child labor 


Nicaragua holds Forum on promoting health and safety for workers in free-trade zone


Ministers of Labor of Panama and Mexico exchange views on developing human resources


Ecuador and Panama sign agreement on exchanging experiences on child labor 


Uruguay: Work proceeds on employment for migrants and citizens returning from abroad


Minister of Labor of Paraguay meets with U.S. officials to discuss inspection, training and other areas of future cooperation 

Events and Publications

Save the Date: Intersectoral Event on Social Protection and Employment

Mexico City
December 10-12

RIAL Bilateral cooperation on conflict prevention & resolution: Colombia-Peru

October 21-23
Bogota, Colombia

ILO Webinar: Safety and Health in the Construction Sector: Overcoming the Challenges 

November 7 

ILO: Maternity Protection in SMEs: An international review

IDB: Cinco hechos: Sobre la capacitación en firma en America Latina y el Caribe 

(in Spanish)

IDB: Los jóvenes Sí-Sí: Experiencias y aprendizajes de Organizaciones de la Sociedad Civil para la transición de los jóvenes entre educación y trabajo

(in Spanish)
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