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And the Scummy goes to…
The Daily Caller!

For being a right-wing “news” website funded by climate deniers!

The Daily Caller is full of inaccuracies - top among them is calling themselves a “news” website. This week, the good people at Buzzfeed, documented some of the most egregious climate change stories (hint: the outlet is largely funded by notorious climate deniers, the Koch Brothers). Top among them: attempting to link the Orlando shooter with clean energy advocates and comparing climate experts to an X-Files villain who want to kill all of humanity.  


Frack Off

In California’s farming heartland, one out of five oil and gas projects occur in underground fresh water sources, according to a new study from the Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences. The authors found that oil and gas activity occurred in underground freshwater formations in seven of the eight counties, with the most activity happening in Kern County with 15 to 19 percent, the hub of the state's oil industry.
Ever wonder where all the fracking bans - proposed, passed, and failed - are located in California? We created this interactive map so you can see exactly where the grassroots actions are taking root. 
This week, we have a fun new term to use about fracking. Orphan waste: oil and gas drilling byproducts that include tons of radioactive material that are not regulated.
A new study links fracking-related air pollution to toxic chemicals in people.

Methane: Silent but Deadly

California is working hard to meet its climate commitments as clean energy and electric vehicles spread across the state. But fracking is undermining these efforts, as methane, a potent greenhouse gas, routinely leaks during oil and gas extraction, argues Environment California in a recent op-ed, “It’s like picking up a piece of trash off the ground and then emptying an entire dumpster in the same spot.”
Eleven Big Oil companies leak so much methane, their emissions are equivalent to running seven coal power plants. Shout out to ConocoPhillips and ExxonMobil, topping the list. 
In Pennsylvania, hundreds of thousands of oil wells have been abandoned for years. Although "inactive," they still pose a threat. They are all leaking methane, which contaminates water, contributes to global warming, and has caused deadly explosions. Across the U.S., about 2.6 million wells are no longer in use, and only 10 percent of them are documented. The rest? They’re surreptitiously emitting methane in somebody’s backyard.
A new map shows approximately 12 million Americans live within a half mile of oil and gas extraction, including 1.3 million Californians. The health of people living in the threat zone is at risk due to air pollution, according to the Clean Water Fund.

Big Oil Oopsie

On June 23, a pipeline valve in Ventura opened and sent nearly 30,000 gallons of crude oil down a steep canyon. Thankfully, the flow was stopped before hitting the ocean - but clean up could take weeks. The company responsible, Crimson Pipeline, is no stranger to accidents. This is the company’s 11th “oopsie” in 10 years.

Recap: Exxon is mounting a major public relations offensive, using all the standard right-wing media outlets to spread the notion that various state attorneys general are squelching its First Amendment rights by investigating its decades of deception on climate change. So, why is Exxon throwing such a hissy fit? "Because it knows it’s in a huge hole of its own making, and distraction is its only hope," writes Bill McKibben in this brilliant piece.
The battle between attorneys general and Exxon rages on. The Virgin Islands AG agreed this week to withdraw a subpoena it had filed probing decades of Exxon’s research and advocacy on climate change to make way for the Department of Justice to focus on its ongoing investigation. The attorneys general of New York, Massachusetts and California are also investigating Exxon’s climate history.
Exxon keeps calling misleading the public on climate change “free speech.” Everyone else calls it fraud, according to the Union of Concerned Scientists in recent op-ed                                               
Looks like someone struck a nerve: Exxon sues a second attorney general to fight off climate fraud prob.
Exxon Mobil Corp. is ramping up its lobbying of other energy companies to support a carbon tax, marking a shift in the oil giant’s approach to climate change as the industry faces growing pressure to address the politically charged issue.                             

                       Big Oil’s Big Bucks                        

Californians prove that Big Oil’s money can’t buy everything. Despite the usual egregious sums of money Big Oil poured into California’s legislative elections, legislators supporting clean air, climate action and the environment came out on top in several races.
The House approved a bill that would block the IRS from collecting names of donors to tax-exempt groups. Can you guess a big supporter of this bill? It's Charles Koch!
The Cost of Fossil Fuels: With proper accounting, the fossil fuel business doesn't look like such a moneymaker. In fact, fossil fuel companies impose more in climate costs than they make in profits. In other words, Big Oil makes profits and we all pay the costs.
Air pollution is a serious and growing threat to public safety – it's becoming a health crisis, leading to around 6.5 million annual deaths. You betcha Big Oil has something to do with this.
Following a major oil train derailment near Portland, Oregon has called for a ban on oil trains in the state. Opposing the ban, Union Pacific said “we absolutely understand the concerns… safety is a top priority.” Funny, it seems like if safety were a top priority, there would be no oil trains.
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