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We're changing it up.

Stop Fooling CA has always been a good place to find memes and posts. Beginning this week, our newsletter is going to do more than that - it's now a one-stop-shop for all your slimy, polluting and oily news briefs. 

Below, Big Oil's big headlines from the last two weeks. 

Oil Spill Update

It’s been two months since the oil spill on Santa Barbara’s Refugio Beach gushed 101k gallons of oil on California’s coast. As officials try to figure out what went wrong, we’ve learned quite a few interesting things:
  • Oil that spills in Santa Barbara does not stay in Santa Barbara: Tar balls from the spill were found 170 miles away on Newport Beach.
  • For Plains All American Pipeline, Refugio beach was not its first or last oil spill. On July 10, Plains spilled 4.2k gallons into a creek in Illinois. And this company has a history of this kind of thing – before Santa Barbara, it had to pay $40M to the EPA for 10 spills in four states. 

Big Oil Front Group Revives 

They’re baaaack! After months of hibernation, Big Oil front group the California Driver’s Alliance is back in action. The target? SB350, a proposed law that, in part, advocates California cut its fossil fuel consumption in half.

Here’s what’s interesting: while last year the group claimed to be the voice of consumers, this year they're coming out and saying what we already knew – they’re just a Big Oil puppet. Maybe the charade was getting too hard to keep up, given the dozens of stories exposing the truth. 


Report: Big Oil Really is Out to Get You 

The Union Of Concerned Scientists released The Climate Deception Dossiers: Internal Fossil Fuel Industry Memos Reveal Decades of Corporate Disinformation, a report that documents how over the past three decades many of the world's Big Oil companies have knowingly worked to deceive the public about climate change. The tactics highlights include the leaked powerpoint that provided proof of the Western States Petroleum Association’s strategy of using a network of front groups masquerading as citizen-led organizations.

Don't have time to read the report? Check out the 1:30 video here.


Outlaws: Tesoro Corp., a major refinery and marketing company, was fined over $1 million after regulators found banned air pollutants in gas it sent to market.


BP Oil Spill:  A federal judge found BP responsible for the 2010 oil spill in the Gulf of Mexico, blaming the company for “conscious disregard of known risks.” On top of the $28B BP’s already spent on clean up, it could be charged $18B more in penalties.


Oil Trains: A new report exposes those most at risk of an oil train derailment are – you guessed it – communities of color. In fact, outside the blast zone the percentage of the white population doubled.


Cutting emissions: California is well on its way to reaching its interim emission reduction targets, as outlined by AB32. Emissions in California fell by 1.5 million metric tons in 2013 compared with 2012, while the economy grew at a rate greater than the national average.

Fracking regs: California implemented new hydraulic fracturing regulations on July 1, making the state home to perhaps the strictest fracking rules in the nation. The regulations require increased transparency and accountability through expanded monitoring and reporting of air and water quality, public disclosure of chemicals used in fracking procedures, and estimates of the environmental impact fracking activities may cause.


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