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Big Oil: From Bad to Worse

The Santa Barbara Refugio Beach oil spill was already California's worst spill in 25 years. Further investigation revealed that Plains All American Pipeline could have underestimated the size of the spill by over 40k gallons.

To paint a clearer picture of what spills like this really look like, a Park superintendent explains some of the cleaning process. The list includes excavators, dry ice-cannons, cranes, and over a $250m price tag.


Big Oil front groups back on the scene

Big Oil front group California Drivers Alliance is rearing it's ugly head again, making huge ad buys claiming clean air laws will hurt consumers and aren't realistic. This is about the equivalent of Philip Morris telling people quitting smoking is more trouble than it's worth. 


Say No to Oil by Rail 

Californians realize how much their lives could be changed by an oil train derailment. In Turlock, fire fighters set up training sessions to learn how to fight crude oil fires, catastrophic infernos that most departments are not equip to manage.
In other areas of California, citizens fearing their safety are speaking out to stop the Phillips 66 proposal for a transport station before it’s too late.


Californians on Climate Change

Although climate change can still be a politically divisive issue, a majority of California voters agree that the threat of climate change is very real. Most voters support the State’s climate change policies, both to secure their quality of living, but also for the sake of the economy. In fact, many California voters fear for a future in which climate goals are not met. 



Clean Power Plan: Obama lays it out for us. The CCP isn’t just about the environment – it’s about protecting our communities.


Big Money for Big Oil: Consumers Watchdog calls out California oil refineries for raking in record profits. 



Arctic drilling: Drilling for oil in the turbulent artic waters threatens worsening climate change significantly. Despite this and technical and financial set backs and citizen opposition, Shell continues with its artic drilling plan. 

No Rain for CA: A NASA recap of 2015’s rainfall demonstrates how little rain the west coast has seen compared to the rest of the country.


Fracking’s Latest: As more studies are done on fracking, more detrimental side-effects are revealed, including the possibility that this form of extraction produces 100 times more methane (a potent GHG) than reported.


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