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We hope you and your family are well!

We are getting closer to the end of our hunting season.

We had a fantastic season and we are excited for the 2023 season that is laying ahead of us. I think it is safe to say that COVID is something of the past and everything gets slowly back to normal. Please see some pictures of our latest hunts below.

We were also blessed with good rains this year and the grass on Harloo is still green at the end of our winter which is very rare. The animals are in very good condition and we are expecting a great birthrate among the animals at the end of November this year.

We are planning on going to SCI National in Nashville and hopefully we will see you there.

Niel had an amazing opportunity to hunt 2x problem hippos in our area and was fortunate to take his daughter with on the hunt.

The hippos was raiding crops on a sugar farm nearby and the owner of the farm applied for a destruction permit to get rid of the two hippos that cause the damage to his crops. Such hunt can not take place without a professional hunter and the farmer asked Niel to assist on the hunt.

The difficult part was to get both hippos in one night and Niel had to plan this hunt very well to be able to get the both of them.

The farm workers had a good idea of what time these two male hippos leave the reservoir and go into the fields. Niel met with the owner that specific night at around 8H30pm. He used thermal technology to be able to see if the hippos are in the field or not. His daughter was carrying a spotlight and Niel had a light mounted on his .458Lott. The owner had his .375H&H with him as well.

The plan was that Niel identify the two hippos with the thermal and approach them in the dark until they were close enough to be able to make good shots.

At around 9H30pm both hippos was in the field and luckily they were grazing close together about 15 Yards apart at that time. Niel walked in with the thermal to get them in position. The plan was that Niel will shine the light that is mounted on his rifle on one hippo and as soon as the light is on the hippo his daughter must shine with her spotlight on that hippo so that Niel can concentrate on the other hippo with his light and this will give the farmer the opportunity to take the first hippo while Niel can shoot the second with one with the light mounted on his rifle.

They got in to about 30 Yards from the hippos with the thermal and then the plan kicked in. Niel put his light on and then all hell broke loose. They got both hippos down in about 20 sec without any problems about 20 yards from each other. Niel's daughter 18 years old stood her ground and did an amazing job with the spotlight in order to get the one hippo down while Niel was concentrating on the other.

After all the action, adrenalin and congratulating each other they then called for the farm workers to come over to get started with the slaughtering of the two huge animals, each about 1.5 Tons. The workers and the community were very happy to get the meat from the hippos. 3 Tons of meat can feed a lot of mouths and so it did.
See the picture below with Niel and his daughter.

We just want to remind you about our incredible Cape Buffalo deal for the 2023 season.

  • Drama at Harloo Safaris! Two buffalo for the price of one.
  • Limited packages available on a first come basis.
  • Hunt an Old Dagga Buffalo Bull of your choice, and get to take a Buffalo cow “on the house”!
  • There is no difference in hunting the two. In fact cows may be trickier as they are usually found in bigger herds.
The deal includes the following
Choose any Buffalo bull A, B or C deal (from $6700) as per our brochure price list. One 1 buffalo cow is then added for free and a second hunter may hunt the cow.
  • The usual stuff as is stipulated as per our 2022 brochure which is also on our website e.g.:
  • All meals  
  • All drinks, including wine, beer, spirits etc.
  • Services of a PH on 1/1 or 2/1 basis, as you request
  • Skinners, trackers, dogs for recovery of hunted animals
  • Raw/field prep of trophies and delivery to our local taxidermist
  • All taxes and permit fees
  • Use of 4x4 hunting vehicles
  • Daily laundry
The package excludes the following
  • The usual stuff as is stipulated as per our brochure which is also on our website:
  • There is no catch.
  • We have over 300 free range wild buffalo roaming Harloo with a good number of bulls to choose from.
  • We have no “captive bred put and take tame buffalo” on Harloo. They are a challenge to hunt. (in 22 years our Harloo Buff have drawn human blood on 4 occasions.
  • Additional animals can be added as per price list eg Nyala (from $1100), sable (from $2990), kudu etc.
  • This hunt takes place at Harloo Reserve, 9500 acres of real Zululand bush, with shots in the region of 40 to 60 yards.
  • This hunt can be done with either rifle or bow. (walk and stalk with a bow is the ultimate, or use our bow blinds)
  • We have loads of references – including “fresh 2022” ones.
  • Limited packages available.
Please join us on FACEBOOK:

Warm regards and we hope to hear from you soon!
Harloo Team.

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