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Welcome to the first 2015 newsletter from Escalator Press. In this issue: 

•    We're mashing up our own novels!
•    New releases 2015
•    Q&A, Adrienne Jansen - A Line of Sight
•    Escalator books in the media: Kate Carty, Janet Colson
•    Behind the scenes: new manuscripts
•    Our books

We’re mashing up our own novels!

We’re kicking off 2015 at the Festival of the Elements, Porirua’s wonderful Waitangi Day celebration.

In an event we’ve called What’s the Plot? Escalator authors Janet Colson, Kate Carty and Adrienne Jansen will read some dramatic excerpts from their novels, then mash them together and ask the audience to come up with unique or crazy or heart-wrenching endings! Come and throw in your own ideas. It’s free.

Click here for the entire day’s programme.

What’s the Plot? February 6, Pataka Art and Museum, Parumoana Street, Porirua,12.00 noonClick here for a map of the event centre.

New releases 2015

A Line of Sight
Adrienne Jansen
May 2015
ISBN 978-0-473-30721-9

Open Your Eyes Jackson Ryder
Rudy Castañeda López
October 2015
ISBN 978-0-473-29569-1

Short Stories by Helen Waaka: a Distinctive First Collection
October 2015
ISBN 978-0-9941186-1-5

Q & A with Adrienne Jansen

A Line of Sight (May 2015)

Two men go out shooting, and a third man, a cannabis grower, is accidentally shot. Who fired the fatal shot? And how far will a man go to prove himself not guilty?

Where did the idea for this new novel come from? 
Some time ago a farming friend told me about a neighbour’s son who had just accidentally shot a cannabis grower on his father’s farm. The devastating effect on that family and community, and the complexity of the issues, absorbed me, but I spent a long time thinking about whether it was my story to tell. Of course, the story in the novel is very different from that original incident but the fundamental dilemmas are still there.

Why did you include the Vietnam War?
Because the novel is also about a family with their own histories about violence. One character, a Vietnam veteran, experienced a personal crisis in that war and this shooting brings it all back.

How topical is this novel?
Very. Every year a hunter in New Zealand is shot accidentally. 

And where did Swan, the small blind boy, come from?
I have no idea. But he’s been there from the very beginning. I think his weird view of events is at the heart of the story.

Escalator books in the media

Run Thomas Run, by Kate Carty, features in the latest contemporary fiction roundup by the Listener's Catherine Robertson “…a well-observed portrait of an immigrants family’s struggle to build a future without erasing the past.” (New Zealand Listener, Jan 31–Feb 6, 2015). And from Booksellers News (Nov 2014): "Despite the heavy content and the general dark undertones, this is neither a depressing book, nor a difficult read…it is engaging, and interspersed with brief moments of light and humour. Ultimately, it opens a door into a life that many of us living in New Zealand cannot comprehend.”

Check out Lynn Freeman’s interviews (Radio New Zealand, Standing Room Only) with Janet Colson (Dec 7) and Kate Carty (Dec 22). 

Behind the scenes: new manuscripts

Over the summer an excellent group of five readers, convened by Mandy Hager, considered six manuscripts for publication, or for commissioning, by Escalator Press. As a very small publisher we can only take on one or two books a year. What do we look for? High quality, a good read, and a point of difference – new voice, new perspective. Watch out for Helen Waaka’s distinctive collection of short stories.

Our books

Available from bookstores and our website.

The Shark Party by Janet Colson
ISBN 978-0-473-29514-1, RRP $30

Run Thomas Run by Kate Carty
ISBN 978-0-473-29524-0, RRP $32

The Score by Adrienne Jansen
ISBN 978-0-473-25328, RRP $28

More coming soon...

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