Update on the effect of Ebola on our Dec. Trip
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Dear Friends and Advisory Panel members of Love Lights The Way,
As most of you have seen in the news for the past few months, Western Africa has been hit hard with a yet-to-be controlled outbreak of Ebola.  Unfortunately, Liberia is at the epicenter of this disaster.  Our hearts are deeply saddened, because Liberia is still years away from recovery from the utter destruction of their country from two decades of civil war (infrastructure, economy, employment, civilization...all of which were set back years and years).  And now, when we are finally beginning to see a lasting peace, and signs of economic recovery (albeit slow), our beloved Liberia is facing her most difficult challenge since the war.
As much as our hearts ache for what is happening, and as much as we desperately seek to visit our compound (Lighthouse Village) to continue the work, it is simply not prudent for our missionary trip to take place as originally planned for this December.  As of the Board of Director's meeting in mid-August, the decision has been made to postpone our next missionary trip until further notice.  The Board will continue to analyze the situation on the ground, and when it is felt that we can travel there with a certainty of safety regarding the Ebola virus, a new date will be scheduled.

Until then, we urge all of our friends and AP members to continue to be diligent in their support efforts.  We must continue to work on fundraising.  If we are not able to go to Liberia until sometime in 2015, then we would like to increase our objectives from what they were for the 2014 trip.  For 2014, we had three major objectives:  1) Convert our existing warehouse into a temporary church building and begin developing a church community on the property,  2) Plant a couple acres of Cassava to generate food and revenue for the village, and 3) Build over 20,000 concrete blocks and the entire foundation for our next building project, which is a K-6th grade school.  Our estimate to achieve these three objectives was $60,000.  We are on-track for raising that amount by December thanks to the generosity of our friends, AP and Board Members, and new Partner Organizations.  So for 2015, we will establish additional objectives which will require additional funds.

And finally, please do not forget to pray for Liberia.  Sometimes the challenge is so great that all we can do is petition God for his mercy and intervention.  This appears to be one of those times.  This current challenge will get worse before it gets better.  But it will get better.  And when it does, the need for support from organizations like Love Lights The Way will be even greater.  Friends, this is a life-time challenge, not one that can be cleaned up and fixed overnight.  We are in it for life, and we invite you to be there with us.  Thank you so much for all of your concern, prayers, and financial support.  May God bless you, and may God bless Liberia.

Jim White on behalf of the LLTW Board of Directors
Secretary - LLTW

Our fundraising status is currently at approximately $36,000! Thank you so much to everyone who has donated this year! Much of these funds have come from church congregations who have allowed us to share with them our mission and taken collections for our cause, from our board members (who each donate 100$ every month!), from friends of LLTW who donate each month and one-time donations sent as checks or done through our website. To every single person who has donated, THANK YOU!!
We hope to see you on Sunday Sept. 28th, 6:00-9:30 pm, at our biggest fundraiser of the year! Come hear wonderful music and check out our awesome items up for auction. Tickets are 10$ each and can be purchased right now. Ask a board member how you can get your tickets or contact and we'll make sure you get some! If you'd like to help sell some, we'd love that too!

Thanks from everyone at Love Lights the Way
for your support and prayers!

To learn more about donating, or to donate online, check out our online giving page: We can only do our work with help from people like you!
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