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May 2021 – No. 2

Bridge in a Box: New Aluminum Bridge Designed for Rapid Emergency Response

During natural disasters, existing bridges often get destroyed, requiring the quick construction of a new bridge in order to provide support to the affected area and transport people out of the danger zone. In order to meet this need, MAADI Group developed the light vehicle tactical bridge (LVTB), also nicknamed “Bridge in a Box." This article looks at how aluminum extrusions enable the construction of this new type of bridge, which can be easily fit into a standard container for transport by train or helicopter and quickly constructed on site without any heavy machinery. 

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AMAG Launches Construction of Austria’s Largest Rooftop Photovoltaic System

AMAG Austria Metall AG began construction of a rooftop photovoltaic system, which will be installed on its new rolling mill in Ranshofen, Austria. The solar power system is a part of the company's overall sustainability strategy.

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Ford and ExOne Develop Binder Jet 3D Printing for Al

Ford Motor Company and the ExOne Company have jointly developed a patent-pending process for rapid and reliable binder jet 3D printing and sintering of aluminum that delivers properties comparable to die casting.
NASA's First Flight on Mars

NASA's Ingenuity Mars Helicopter achieved a successful first test flight on the surface of Mars — making it the first aircraft in history to make a powered, controlled flight on another planet. Aluminum and light materials play a key role in the design of many critical structures and components of the helicopter, making the flight possible. 
Aluminum Used for Maximum Rigidity in New Mercedes

The Mercedes AMG SL roadster architecture consists of the combination of an aluminum space frame with a self-supporting structure. The designers were asked to develop the AMG-SL’s bodyshell without relying on preceding SL model designs or components.


SECO/WARWICK Group is a leading global manufacturer of heat processing furnaces and equipment, including annealing and homogenizing furnaces. SECO/WARWICK aluminum furnaces are in operation in more than 30 countries worldwide for primary and secondary aluminum production.  

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Post-Consumer Aluminum Scrap Intake Surpasses 20 Million Tonnes

The International Aluminium Institute updated its Material Flow Model, which reveals new data on global aluminum scrap usage. Read more...

International Patents

Our May list of patents includes developments of new technologies for the forging of aluminum, used throughout the transportation industry, from aerospace to automotive to bicycles. Read more...


The upcoming August 2021 edition of Light Metal Age will be focused on aluminum remelt and recycling. The issue will be distributed at Aluminum USA in Louisville, KY, on September 1-2; the 2021 Aluminum Summit (the joint meeting of the AEC and AAC) in Nashville, TN, on September 14-16; and the Aluminum Association Annual Meeting in Washington, D.C., on September 29–October 1. 

Editorial topics in the issue will include:
  • Remelt & Recycling
  • Scrap Sorting Technologies
  • Casthouse Best Practices
  • DC Casting
  • Alloy Development & Characterization
  • Extrusion
  • Anodizing
If you haven't already placed an ad in the August 2021 issue, act now to ensure your company’s message is carried to the right people — your next customer. Please call Rose Eaton at (650) 588-8832 or email for current advertising rate information.

Ad Deadline: July 21, 2021

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