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March 2021 – No. 2

The SPL Waste Management
Challenge in Primary Aluminum

Spent potlining (SPL) disposal is one of the largest environmental waste management challenges confronting worldwide primary aluminum smelters due to its toxicity. This article provides an overview of SPL, its composition and classification as hazardous waste, and its disposal options. Looking at the top ten aluminum producing countries, this article by primary aluminum expert Alton Tabereaux describes various innovations from around the world designed to address the challenge of SPL.

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Matalco Continues to Expand Its Recycling Operations Across the U.S.

Matalco Inc. is making progress in its plans to expand its existing aluminum casting capacity by approximately 75%. First announced in 2018, the plan includes the construction of several greenfield aluminum remelt facilities for production of billet and rolling slab.

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Big Blue Tech. Developing Mg Production

Big Blue Technologies has officially begun producing primary magnesium metal on its pilot system in Denver, Colorado, which uses a proprietary carbothermal reduction process. The company aims to introduce the world’s most energy and material efficient primary production process.
Companies Use Blockchain to Trace Sustainability

Rio Tinto and Hydro have both introduced blockchain-based systems to improve and verify the collection of data for their sustainable aluminum products. Such technologies will help to meet the demand for greater transparency on where and how the products that customers purchase are made.
Anchor Harvey forms Electric Vehicle Workgroup

Anchor Harvey, based in Freeport, Illinois, launched a new Electric Vehicle (EV) Workgroup. The company aims to draw from its century-long experience in forging components for the automobile and motorsports industries in order to set new standards for sustainable transportation.


Air Products is a world-leading industrial gas supplier, serving customers with a unique portfolio of gases, equipment, and technology. The company provides products and solutions for all phases of aluminum production and recycling, including oxygen-enhanced combustion systems, degassing, extrusion die cooling, annealing, and on-site gas generation.  

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Alumet Starts Up New Anodizing Line in the Netherlands

Alumet commissioned an anodizing line at its newly constructed facility in Etten-Leur, the Netherlands. The facility will enable the company to introduce bright anodizing and new colors. Read more...

Electric Aluminum Yacht Speedily and Silently Cuts Through the Sea

Designed with sustainability and pleasure in mind, the SARVO37 is an electric-powered boat made from a specially developed ‘sea-aluminum’ comprising 60% recycled content. Read more...


The upcoming April 2021 edition of Light Metal Age will be focused on aluminum extrusion.

Editorial topics in the issue will include:
  • Aluminum Extrusion
  • Automated Press Handling
  • Adding Value with Fabrication
  • Quenching
  • Profile & Die Design
  • Billet Casting  
  • Applications: Automotive & B&C
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