August 2016
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Happy August!

We hope everyone is enjoying their beautiful BC Day weekend, and the clear blue skies of summer!   
What's New!

Gene Keys Workshops

Having completed a whole series of workshops on the Activation Sequence, Venus Sequence, and Pearl Sequence, I now feel confident to spread my wings further afield and so I am willing to go anywhere to spread the profound message of the Gene Keys. If you have any interest in me coming to a particular location to do workshops, please get in touch through

Pender Island - Pearl Sequence 
Our next gathering on Pender Island will be completing the Golden Path through the Pearl Sequence. The day begins at 10 am on Saturday August 13th and includes two 2-hour sessions with lunch in between. It will once again take place at The Studio, Hope Bay, Pender Island.
Please RSVP here if you wish to attend.

Victoria Gene Key Gathering
After returning from Findhorn, Scotland, where we were part of the Star Pearl Retreat with Richard Rudd, we have now integrated enough to share our experiences. This is the completion of this series of sessions on the Gene Keys. It will take place on Sunday August 28th at 3:30 pm and run for approximately two hours, followed by a pot luck. Please RSVP here if you plan to attend. 
Majestic Mount Shasta
by Peter Tongue

The month of July began with a trip down to California to assist in taking 15 Sunrise Middle School Students from San Jose on a spiritual pilgrimage to Mount Shasta and some of the other sacred sites in the area. We stayed in the A-Frame House at the Stewart Mineral Springs, the same place we'd stayed on another pilgrimage to the area two years ago.
Our first full day was a journey up Mt. Shasta itself. We arrived at Bunny Flats at just under 8,000 feet to discover the barrier was down across the road and we could drive no further. Apparently Shasta has had the heaviest snow fall for many years this winter and the upper meadows were still in 2 feet of snow and Panther Meadows, our planned destination, was very wet. We chose not to walk up the road but take a trail up the mountain.

It was a beautiful hike with some steep sections. I was impressed by the fitness and agility of all of the students as this was a significant uphill hike. Although we were told it would eventually reach Panther Meadows, there was no way it did in the time available. I think perhaps the mountain decided it wasn’t the right spot for us to visit during our time there. However, as we climbed up to the top of the tree line, we came across a huge snow bank and this was Nirvana for the kids!

Almost all of the students were Hispanic, with one from Vietnam and one from Ethiopia, and so this was a very special moment in their life experience - SNOW! They had a great time snowballing, building snowmen, and sliding down the bank of snow.

Initial impressions had been a bit of a concern as a group of young men on the trip didn’t seem to be buying into the intention of the journey, nor the expectations of the rest of the group.We had a sharing circle with the whole group that evening to discuss the behaviour some of these students were exhibiting, to help establish our individual reasons for being on the pilgrimage, as well as our collective goals. It went well. 

Stewart Mineral Springs is itself a sacred area where two springs -one white and one red - bubble out of the ground alongside each other. They represent the feminine (red) and masculine (white) energies and when flowing into each other provide us with the opportunity to balance those energies within ourselves.
The Springs has a bath house where the waters of the white spring, rich in silicate minerals, get heated up and you have the wonderful opportunity of lying in the hot spring water right up to your neck in your own individual bath and room. After luxuriating in these healing waters, you then go into a communal cedar-lined wood fired sauna where all of your pores open up to receive these mineral blessings. Finally, you plunge into the Creek outside, which is very cold, to seal in the blessings. You then repeat this whole process two more times, to really cleanse the system. All of this is done in a quiet meditative space and we were really pleased with the way our youngsters responded to the spirit of the place.
We then visited Shasta City Park, to the Headwaters of the Sacramento River where the waters gush out of the ground having flowed down the mountain, partially in the open and also underground. The locals come to collect these beautiful pure waters for their personal use and it is another sacred spot where seekers gather.

A special treat of the week was a visit to the Crystal Room where Bev, the owner, has hundreds of Alchemical Crystal Bowls. Quartz crystal singing bowls with different minerals and gems embedded in them in a special process-each bowl giving off its own sound and healing frequencies when played. Your whole body buzzes as you enter the store. She took our group into a back room where she played and instructed us on the different qualities and sounds of many different bowls. It was amazing and the children were mesmerized.

The next day we headed off for Pluto's Caves. Rowena, who runs Stewart Mineral Springs, suggested we take some Sage to do some clearing and cleansing around the graffiti that has been etched into the walls of the caves. There are three caves: a communal cave for day-to-day living, a birthing cave with a hole in the roof where a shaft of sunlight comes through, a portal to other realms, and a mile-long cave that goes deep into the darkness.

We saged the graffiti in all three caves. At the first cave, one of the boys asked if he could do the saging, and as he did so, one by one, each of the children moved over to the wall of the cave - one hand on their heart and one hand on the wall - it looked like they were lined up at the wailing wall! At that moment, I felt as though we had achieved our goal for the week. All coming together in oneness and blessing, righting a wrong.
A number of the students loved the creek and, although cold, would stay in for extended periods of time after returning from our activities each day. 
Terry, one of the leaders of the group, and some of the girls set up a beautiful sacred space with an altar in the centre for our final ceremony. Each person was saged and entered the space to drumming and a quiet meditative atmosphere. It was a very special occasion as each person was honoured for their contributions during the week and the students received certificates of completion.
The final treat was a visit to McLeod Falls on the drive home. It is a stunningly beautiful waterfall paradise as once again a number of the students took to the frigid waters. It brought the trip to a wonderful conclusion.
I must acknowledge Teresa Robinson, the Principal of the school, for having the courage to organize this trip and bring these children on this amazing adventure, which they will remember for the rest of their lives, and Terry Damlos for bringing her calm devotion to the children in her leadership of the group. For me, it was a fantastic opportunity to co-create alongside young people once again, which is both refreshing and rewarding. 

The work with the Gene Keys continue to flourish and I had a wonderful weekend in Surrey and White Rock doing one-on-one sessions and an Activation Sequence Workshop. The following weekend, I was on Salt Spring Island doing a workshop on The Pearl Sequence, including some discussion of the Star Pearl Retreat in Findhorn. The more I delve into the Gene Keys, the more profound it becomes. There is no doubt in my mind that the whole transmission has been fully activated and more and more members of the tribe are gathering through synchronistic connection.

All we have to do is show up and say YES!

The Mayan Day Out Of Time is July 25th each year, and so July 26th is the Planetary New Year. This year is Blue Spectral Storm, which means “Purifying rain and lightning shatters false realities”! This time period leads into the Sirius Star Gate and 8:8 Portal as Sirius returns to the morning sky, rising with the Sun. This was the most important time of the year to the ancient Egyptians as the return of Sirius from the underworld signaled the flooding of the Nile and the indication of the fertility of the land to come.

Sirius can’t be seen as it first rises because of the brightness of the Sun, and so it has to reach an elevation of 7 degrees to be viewed just before the sun rises, and only for a brief moment. In that moment of its first appearance, if it is bright blue and sparkly, then a wonderful harvest is indicated. If it is dull red, then the harvest might not be so good. On the west coast, this year the first day when we can see Sirius rising just before the Sun is August 8th, the 8:8 window of light, and a great opportunity to advance spiritually.

Looking forward to the Dog Days of Summer and having Fun in the Sun! 
Photos Courtesy of Teresa Robinson & Zia Cole 
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