April 2016
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Happy April!

We did it!  We made it through the wild and wonder-filled days of March, through the Eclipse Season, Saint Patrick's Day, the Vernal Equinox, and Easter - it has been an intense ride, and we saw it through from start to finish with several Ceremonies to help us stay aligned.  We are grateful for the ebb and flow of life, and looking forward to a quieter time of contemplation and integration as lovely April unfolds. 
What's New!

Gene Keys Workshops

Salt Spring Island
Our next gathering on Salt Spring Island will be a 2-part workshop with a pot luck in between, covering the second half of the Activation Sequence in the morning followed by our entry into the Venus Sequence in the afternoon. The day begins at 10:30 am on Sunday April 3rd at the "Quiet Joy Massage Centre". Please RSVP here if you plan to attend. Newcomers welcome!

Join us for our next Gene Keys Gathering in Victoria as we focus on the Pearl Sequence and our individual "Brand"- Sunday April 17th, starting at 3:30 pm. Newcomers welcome!  Please RSVP here to reserve your spot! 

Pender Island
We will begin our journey into the Venus Sequence with two sessions on Saturday April 30th beginning at 10.00 am for the morning session breaking for lunch and then returning for the afternoon session. Newcomers are welcome!

Radio Interviews

"Your Flight to Freedom - Entering the Aquarian Age"
You can still tune into the Free Replay for the next little while by clicking on the link below.  
Soul Life Times with Patty Malek
Amazing March!
by Peter Tongue

As this year continues, I think we will look back on March as the beginning of the “Turning Point” into our new way of being. It certainly was a powerful month and threw people for a loop at times, especially where time and space were concerned. The dimensions seemed to be in a state of constant flux, leaving us bewildered and confused at certain moments. Welcome to the New World!

I had an extremely successful time in Calgary over the first weekend in March, thanks to the wonderful support and organization skills of Janis Kirker. We had an introductory 2-hour session at the Self-Connection bookstore on Friday night, with 35 people in enthusiastic attendance, and then 12 of us got our heads down to 2 full days of study - covering the entire Activation Sequence and Venus Sequence in one 6-hour day each. This was a huge test for me as I had not taught the complete Sequences in such a short space of time, but it seemed to go well and everyone had a good sense of the significance of the lines by the end of the second day.
On Monday, I had 6 one-on-one private sessions looking deeply into the specifics of individual Hologenetic Profiles and the significance of the Gene Keys involved. There are some remarkable findings and synchronicities that emerge, and I think everyone had at least one major breakthrough moment over the course of the weekend.
The following weekend, we were blessed with the presence of Judy Guadalupe who came for a western Canada visit, starting in Victoria, and then moving on to White Rock and Red Deer. She led us in a wonderful workshop with her unique style, including the use of Light Language to tap into each of us individually, as well as bringing through wonderful vibrations of love and laughter.

She was able to attend our Gene Key Gathering on the Sunday where we moved further into the Pearl Sequence, looking into the Vocation and Culture spheres and we seem to be right on cue for our preparations for the Pearl of Prosperity Gathering in Findhorn, Scotland. It looks as though western Canada is going to be well represented there in May!
The Powerful Total Solar Eclipse on International Women’s Day on March 8th opened up an opportunity for us to be flooded with Spiritual Awareness over the two week period leading up to the Full Moon partial Lunar Eclipse on March 23rd. A great time to do Ceremony and we were fully engaged throughout this time, connecting to the Celestial Realms and Mother Earth - assisting in balancing these energies coming in through the Elemental Realms on St. Patrick’s Day, building up to the Equinox, and coming to completion on the Lunar Eclipse.
Many of you will remember our monthly journey’s around the landscape zodiac of Victoria and the final pilgrimage into the Hub of the Zodiac at “Daffodil Hill”, otherwise known as Camrose Park. The crown of this delightful park got burned to a cinder in a fire during the very dry conditions of last June. It was decimated and we were distraught when we saw it soon after. The park was kept closed for a long time and when we finally had the chance to return for a visit, we were amazed at how well it was recovering -the “ Phoenix Rising From the Ashes!” Zia felt it important for us to return for a ceremony to celebrate and honour this sacred spot in our landscape. Daffodils in full bloom we returned on Saturday March  19th.
We met near the Hub, at the intersection of 3 roads, which create a 5-pointed star: Camrose, Crown, and Salsbury Way. This 5-pointed star reminds us that when we walk the landscape in sacred pilgrimage, we are actually walking in the stars, with the heavens under our feet.

We spiral out from the centre, visiting 4 locations representing the elements: fire, water, air, and earth, connecting to all 12 Sun Signs in these locations before spiraling back into the Hub and the etheric realm beyond our comprehension. Zia leads us in the final ceremony and, as she welcomes in the Archangels while playing the Crystal bowl, layer after layer of  “energy clouds” move in to be part of our ceremony, visible for all to see!
It really was wonderful to be back in Ceremony in our Sacred Landscape. The Equinox was actually later that Saturday evening at 9.30 pm and then we held a second Ceremony at Harry’s Highland Sanctuary on the next afternoon. Harry has been inspired to name his Sanctuary "Raven’s Ridge" from now on, and the Ravens and Frogs were in full voice, celebrating during our ceremony!

Zia did a wonderful job creating a fluid processional ceremony, working with the fire element as we moved through the 3 main centres of the property and our own inner world, starting off at ground level and in the Belly, with a fire ceremony. Here we picked a “shadow” quality from the Gene Keys to transmute through the fire, then we moved up to the Sacred Geometry, the Heart Centre, where each person lit a candle as they entered, firing up the Heart.  Here, Zia guided us through a meditation to balance our inner Feminine and Masculine and then  we blended red and white wine to create the Sacred Union of the two within the Holy Grail.  Each of us picked a Gene Key "Gift” quality that we carried up to the top of the property - the "Crown", where, through our third and final fire ceremony, we named and released each of these Gifts into the World.  Then, from these upper planes, we each selected a “Siddhi” from the Gene Keys, an aspect of our higher self, to take home with us as we embody these higher qualities within our daily lives.

Gathering at the top of the property has become a very special moment as the energies there are so refined, and it can be very difficult to leave. We know, however, that a big part of our work is to bring these sacred energies back to earth with us to integrate on behalf of all.  At the end of our ceremony, we returned to our starting point at the bottom to anchor these divine energies and bless our sweet Mother Earth with the wine from our Holy Grail.  After closing sacred space, a wonderful pot luck celebration followed as many of us agreed this was one of the most powerful and profound ceremonies we had ever been involved in.

Now with the Sun in the first few degrees of Aries on March 23rd, the partial Lunar Eclipse was at 3 degrees of Libra and the Sabian Symbol for that degree of Libra is “The Dawning of a New Day!” A time when you see everything changed - seeing a New World! Letting the Old go! Open and Fresh. Our Cup overflowing with Spirit! I hope you will allow your Cup to overflow!

And now we have the focus on Easter weekend: the Crucifixion, Resurrection, and Ascension! A great time to allow yourself to die to all of your old ways of being and thinking. Rebirthing into this New World anew and raising your frequency and vibration on the Ascension path of love. We are living in magical times and I wish you well on your journey!
Photos Courtesy of Zia
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