January 2017
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Happy 2017!

Happy New Year, Dearest Friends and Soul Family. We hope you're enjoying a beautiful holiday season as we say good-bye to 2016 and hello to a whole new way of being. Wishing you a most joyous, loving, and transformative 2017! A New Earth is unfolding before our very eyes, and it is with the greatest honour and gratitude that we we embark upon this uncharted terrain by your side. This is the the most momentous time in all of eternity to be alive on this magical planet - what a gift to be here, experiencing it all with You. Enjoy the sacredness of each and every moment, starting with with the first sunrise of the year, taken in Victoria!      
What's New!

Gene Keys

Richard Rudd offered an introductory webinar on the 64 Siddhis of the Gene Key Transmission on the Winter Solstice and I strongly recommend viewing what he had to say as it gives the background story to the development of the Gene Keys and his reflection on introducing the Siddhis into our lives.

Gene Keys Workshops

Having completed a whole series of workshops on the Activation Sequence, Venus Sequence, and Pearl Sequence, I now feel confident to spread my wings further afield and so I am willing to go anywhere to spread the profound message of the Gene Keys. If you have any interest in me coming to a particular location to do workshops, please get in touch through

White Rock

I will be returning to White Rock to host a full day workshop on The Pearl Sequence on Sunday, January 8th from 10 am - 4 pm with a pot luck lunch incorporated. I will also be available for one-on-one individual Gene Key sessions on Saturday January 7th. Please contact me or Dr. Bill Russell at for further details. Please feel free to pass this info on to anyone who might be interested.

Seven Sacred Seals on Salt Spring Island

Zia and I have been invited to Salt Spring Island to do a full weekend workshop on the Seven Sacred Seals. This is a most Mystical Transmission and is open to anyone who would like to attend, although completion of the Venus Sequence would be a major asset. We will meet at Ram Spring Wellness Yurt beginning on Friday March 3rd evening and completing the Transmission by 4 pm on Sunday March 5th.  Please contact me through or Gwen Gagne at for further details. Please feel free to pass on to anyone who might be interested!

Radio Shows

Soul Talk Radio
I will be making another appearance on Patty Malek's radio show on Wednesday January 18th at 4 pm Pacific, just before the US Presidential inauguration, so that should make for an interesting interview! Here is the link to register for this free event.

Voice America 
In December, I had the honour of interviewing Kathy Welter-Nichols for the first episode of her 13-week series on Bulimia breakthroughs, called "Chasing Hunger." Kathy has developed a proven method to assist people in recovering from eating disorders. The show aired on Tuesday December 13th, and you can listen to it archived on Voice America - my old network! 
A New Year! A Fresh Start!
by Peter Tongue

2016 has been quite a year and when we look back on it, I think we will see it as a very important transitional year from the old to the new. The Astrologer Tom Lescher said it was a year of purification and I tend to agree with him. So why was this challenging year so necessary for the next step in our evolutionary process?

We have reached the "choice point of no return" and as we step into 2017 we are going to be met with some powerful energetic influences to assist us on our way. They will only assist us, however, if we welcome them into our personal and collective fields. Patti Cota-Robles, whom I respect enormously, has said that her guidance has indicated that from the 1:1:1 to the 11:1:1 (January 1st to January 11th  2017), unprecedented waves of electromagnetic energy are going to descend upon our planet. These will impact our electrical systems externally and our nervous systems internally. If we have not resolved the deep inner core issues that we have been living with much of our lives, then this is likely to lead to some anxiety, fear, and the sense of being ungrounded. I have already been experiencing the “Absent Minded Professor” archetype! 

Relaxing into our breathing and setting the intention for our nervous system to also relax is an important element, as well as spending time in nature, breathing deeply, and aligning ourselves with nature - our beloved Mother Earth!
2016 was a "9" year in numerological terms and it completed a 9-year cycle, as well as a 3-month cycle since the September 16th Lunar Eclipse. 2017 is a "one" year and the entry into a new 9-year cycle. So it is a good idea to spend some time over the next few days reflecting on what has taken place over the last 9 years in your life, and, in particular, what has come up for you in the last 3 months. Whatever that is, it has returned in your life to be acknowledged and set free for all time. I am blown away by the old patterns and people from the past who have shown up to help me understand and clear some residues from the past. This has been necessary to complete the purification so we can step forward into the New Energy with Ease and Grace.
One of the most important realizations we need to have for this New World is that we must only bring with us the beliefs and values that are definitely ours and not something that was imprinted into us by our parents, teachers, other adults, and the system itself. I am still having epiphanies of beliefs I thought were mine but were actually someone else’s. It is time to set ourselves free and only do what we really want to do. Of course we have responsibilities which have to be met, but we don't need to be playing the martyr or victim. Be really aware of any resentment you carry towards any situation and change your perception of what the situation is - or simply do it differently.

Dare to dream yourself into this New World which is upon us. The Old Systems and Paradigms are falling apart and will no longer work in this new energy. We are like new born babes stepping into a different dimension that works differently from the old one. So bring the wisdom you have gained, but do not be limited by it. I believe that 2017 will be a breakthrough year for us so long as we step out of limiting factors in our lives. Go beyond the bounds and you will be fully supported by this new energy. Doors will suddenly open for you! We are on a movement towards Revolutionary change and it’s time to bring out your genius to support this collective transformation. Co-creation and collaboration will be key to our success. What is your unique contribution to the Shift of the Ages into love, peace, and harmony?
I want to reflect on the events of Standing Rock because they are a microcosm of the macrocosm and we can clearly see the highly-polarized energies of the old and new worlds coming face to face there. It is not over yet. As most people who arrived to support the prayerful peace movement have now left, we need to keep a focus there in our own prayers in support of the perfect outcome. There were those connected deeply with Spirit, devoted to our sacred Mother Earth, protecting the water, and ultimately all of life. On the other side were those disconnected and separate, only interested in monetary gain, with no regard for the land other than the profitable resources it provides.

There were several really significant events that took place in addition to the ultimate blocking of the pipeline access. If we reflect upon all that has been wrong in our world, most of those elements showed up in this confrontation and were transformed. Military and police who used force and intimidation to get their way softened their approach. Priests showed up to protest against the Doctrine of Discovery, an order from the Pope in the 1400s still in effect today. The US Veterans asking for forgiveness for all of the atrocities committed against the indigenous people, and a wealthy oil magnate, disgusted with himself for what he has done for the sake of greed and money. And the youth stepping up! Amazingly Chief Sitting Bull predicted 140 years ago that the 7th generation would be the ones to make a stand and the Indigenous Youth of today are that 7th Generation. They continue the prayer vigil at this very moment, when most of the others have left.
This is also a reflection of the duality that exists between the masculine and feminine. The masculine energy sadly still believes it can solve all problems without working in partnership with the feminine. Our future success depends upon the masculine and feminine working together, hand in hand in equality. The dominance and oppression of the female voice must now come to an end. In this situation, the Indigenous people represented the feminine and the oil magnates the masculine, once again trying to force their will and get their own way. However, a really important shift took place in some of the people gathered at Standing Rock. Over ten thousand people gathered in support of the Indigenous and the feminine with their hearts wide open. This triggered a similar heart opening in those who had lost touch with their own compassion and empathy. It was like they were waking up from a horrible nightmare. This is the big shift that needs to take place in all circumstances on our sweet Earth. The situation at Standing Rock has shown the whole World how to live from the heart!
Winter Solstice Ceremonies

We were fortunate to have two winter Solstice Ceremonies this year, creating a lovely window of opportunity for us to delve deep into our true nature. The first was on December 18th at Raven’s Ridge, Harry’s sacred sanctuary in the Highlands. It was totally green in Victoria, but a few inches of crisp, crunchy snow lay on the ground at Raven’s Ridge creating the perfect Winter Wonderland Scene. We gathered inside and, as people arrived, Zia smudged each person and Harry offered them a gentle healing session to help set the best possible tone for the day. We gathered in the cave-like space downstairs and sat quietly until we were ready to begin. Zia led a beautiful meditation using the symbol of the white rose within to shine our inner light on the darkest day, coupled with a red rose for us to bring our emanation out into the World.
Incandescent with our own inner light, we then moved outside into the Winter Wonderland and weaved our way through the magical garden space, beginning at the front of the house where we honored the elemental realm. We then made our way up to the Sacred Geometry where Peter led us in an activity to connect with the Galactic Centre which is directly overhead on this day. Alcyone in the Pleiades and Sirius below our feet completed a triangle of alignment, specifically with the water element in our bodies to bring the water into a more ordered state so that we could become beings of living crystalline light walking the Earth. 

Harry has expanded the space in his sacred garden to include a new area and we incorporated that new vortex location into our Ceremony, offering our loving blessings to the land through our red roses. One by one, each person stepped forward, wrapped in our open-hearted chanting, and offered their red rose to the land and to the World. It felt really good! After we closed sacred space, some of us climbed up to the top of the property to connect with the Guardian Angel who had a lovely crown of snow upon her head.
Now we retired inside to complete the journey with hot lemon ginger tea and Christmas treats. Harry creates an epic Christmas atmosphere inside his home at Christmas time, with incredible decorations and classic holiday icons. Sitting inside the cozy space and looking out onto our snow-covered Mother Earth brought a wonderful sense of warmth and fulfillment for this most festive season.
The second ceremony of the Season was on the actual Winter Solstice, December 21st, and it was a blessing ceremony for our beloved Holy Thorn Tree. A few years ago, when we were showing the tree to visitors from Salt Spring Island, Elizabeth Blakely received the message that Zia was to make a tincture from its berries. It took two years, but when we were out in the landscape doing ceremony for the Fall Equinox, Zia felt it was time. She carefully collected the Holy Thorn's berries in the mid-afternoon and put all of the tincture elements together that evening.
For three months, the concoction steeped in a dark place, and by the Winter Solstice it was ready to be born. Zia felt the first thing she must do was bless the tree with it and to offer it to the community. Sixteen of us gathered for the ceremony, holding space as we blessed the tree and then we each took a turn tasting and anointing ourselves with it. It has a very sweet scent and a pleasantly potent flavour.

Hawthorn berry tincture has many different uses, but the most common is for the heart. Hawthorn medicine, when used properly, is very effective for opening the heart as well as creating a powerful heart coherence amongst all who partake in it. When we tuned into the elixir, we could literally feel it had its own "pulse". Hawthorn is known to regulate blood pressure as well as ease angina symptoms. It is also used in the treatment of anxiety because it has such a calming effect.  

We sang a heart song chant as our circle drew closer and closer to the tree. We ended with a few moments of loving silence, feeling the spirit of the tree and the warmth of community. During our sharing afterwards, Peter reminded us of the Holy Thorn legend, that Joseph of Arimethea cut down the Lebanese Hawthorn Tree, where Christ's Crown of Thorns had come from. Symbolically, the Holy Thorn carries within it the Blood of Christ as well as the entire Christ Consciousness Lineage through its DNA. When we take in the elixir made from the blood-red berries of the tree, we are imbibing that Christ Consciousness vibration into our DNA. And what better time to do it than the Winter Solstice, just before Christmas!  We all left the ceremony feeling a beautiful, pulsing warmth within our hearts, taking that energy back to our own hearths and homes and families.
Photos Courtesy of Zia 
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true freedom, has nothing to do with how we spend our time on the material plane. True freedom is not an effect. It is a kind of ever-expanding spaciousness that arises spontaneously inside you as you come to understand how deeply victimised you really are by your own core beliefs.”

- Richard Rudd 
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