March 2017
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Happy March!

This first day of March celebrates Saint David's Day and the first flourish of daffodils bursting up through the soil.  We've had a fair taste of winter this year in Victoria with more snow than we've seen in several years, and now that March is here we can easily witness the beautiful contrast of Spring as flowers blossom through the melting snow. 

With March, we return to the balance point of the Vernal Equinox - where the hours of light equal hours of darkness.  All of nature awakens as we move towards the warmth of summer. This is a time of rebirth and new beginnings, and the best time of all to set new intentions and start new projects. It's also a wonderful reason to spend more time outside, marveling at the abounding miracles of nature. 

Wishing you a magical month of March as the New Year begins in earnest! 
What's New!

Gene Keys

Wonderful Breaking News!  Richard Rudd is going to be in Victoria doing a Gene Key Day on Friday, July 28th. The gathering is called ‘The 64 Names of Love - embodying an ecstatic life with the Gene Keys’.  Woohoo! This is a reflection on the 64 Siddhis! 

The gathering will take place at the Church of Truth111 Superior Street, Victoria, BC, starting at  9:30 am and finishing at 5 pm on Friday, July 28th, 2017. Cost is $150 Canadian. The gathering will be advertised on the new Gene Key website to be launched in the next couple of weeks and you will need to go to their online store to register. It is limited seating and so we strongly recommend early registration. We will let you know when the website has been launched! 

Gene Keys Workshops

Having completed a whole series of workshops on the Activation Sequence, Venus Sequence, and Pearl Sequence, I now feel confident to spread my wings further afield and so I am willing to go anywhere to spread the profound message of the Gene Keys. If you have any interest in me coming to a particular location to do workshops, please get in touch through
Seven Sacred Seals on Salt Spring Island

Zia and I have been invited to Salt Spring Island to do a full weekend workshop on the Seven Sacred Seals. This is a most Mystical Transmission and is open to anyone who would like to attend, although completion of the Venus Sequence would be a major asset. We will meet at Ram Spring Wellness Yurt beginning on Friday March 3rd evening and completing the Transmission by 4 pm on Sunday March 5th.  Please contact me through for further details. Please feel free to pass on to anyone who might be interested!

Sacred Site Pilgrimages

Quest for the Golden Hinde

We have linked the article from the September 2016 Newsletter in which we first described our planned Sacred Site Journey to the Heart Chakra of Vancouver Island in the Strathcona Mountains which you can read here: Quest For The Golden Hinde

Since then we have had deeper insight into the reason for the trip. In 2015, Zia and I did Sacred Ceremony in the Rocky Mountains of Colorado in May and then took a group to the Canadian Rockies in the last week of September to coincide with the final of four consecutive Full Blood Moons. The reason we did this was to engage in the activation of the Rocky Mountain chain to shift into the 5th Dimensional Crystalline Frequencies. It was a wonderfully successful pair of trips. 

Vancouver Island is mentioned in JJ Hurtak's magnificent work, The Keys of Enoch, as one of 13 key vortex sites on the planet and has been described as a "Sleeper Grid Waiting to Activate!" We feel that this is the time to activate the sleeping grid of Vancouver Island into the 5th Dimensional Crystalline Frequencies. This will take place during the week of the Total Solar Eclipse, beginning on the exact Eclipse time at the Base Chakra of the Island at Saxe Point meeting there at 9.30am on Monday August 21st and then moving up into the Heart Chakra visiting a number of key spots in the landscape and then returning home on the afternoon of Saturday August 26th, 2017.  

The Cost of the trip is exactly $1000 and includes all transportation, meals, accommodation, entry to Horne Lake Caves, Ticket for Mt. Washington Mile High Chair Lift and a morning canoe ride on Buttle Lake. We have already had good interest expressed since the article last September and if you have not already contacted us please do so through this e-mail if you are interested in joining us for this fantastic opportunity.
It's Happening NOW!
by Peter Tongue

Over the last few months people have been asking when is this shift going to happen? The answer is it is already happening. The Shift is on, both through Awakening Humanity and the Cosmic energies bombarding the Earth at this time. One clear measurement of the Earth Changes is the increasing frequency of the Schumann Resonance which is a measure of the natural heart beat or pulse of Mother Earth. The values were constant since measurements began but now, not only is the pulse increasing but it is surging to even higher frequencies in certain locations. It is really wise to tune in to Mother Earth when you arrive at a new location on the Earth, as this shift is happening everywhere but not in a consistent way. Just spending a few moments tuning in will make for a much easier transition and alignment with the new location, particularly if it is a sacred site.
Unity Grace made her return to the Pacific North West early in the month with the intention of grounding the energies she had connected with on her major sojourn to Western Europe and in the United States. There is a wonderful group of totally committed supporters of her work on Salt Spring Island and this was her first port of call, to anchor the sacred feminine resurrected frequencies into the landscape there through Water Ceremonies and blessings of the land.

Mother Earth herself challenged us through the deep Highlands snow to keep a date at Raven’s Ridge, Harry’s Place, for Unity to once again anchor these wonderful, powerful energies of the feminine into Vancouver Island through the Portal of Light that resides there. This was a wonderful meeting of a number of different groups coming together with one accord. She was guided to do a Water Ceremony the following day which was the Lunar Eclipse on Friday February 10th at the base chakra of the Island at Saxe Point to begin the Activation to be continued on our sacred site pilgrimage on the occasion of the Total Solar Eclipse on August 21st. She was also guided for the group to do ceremony at Government House to complete the process.
We have just experienced the Annular Solar Eclipse last Sunday February 26th which opens up a wonderful opportunity for personal and collective transformation from now until the Total Solar Eclipse on August 21st. This eclipse saw six planets in Pisces and three in Aries, so this was all about the end of the Age of Pisces and the beginning of a new opportunity culminating in the fire energy of Leo in August.

The nodes of the moon have been in the Pisces/Virgo axis and will now be shifting into the Leo/Aquarius axis. This means that there will not be another Eclipse in Pisces for eighteen years. This is the time to bring any shadow frequencies of martyrdom, self-sacrifice and victimhood to an end for all time. Take time to reflect over the next few days where you have played these roles in your life previously putting your own needs on the back-burner. Now there is no room for compromise. We all need to step up into our own personal freedom, not letting anything stand in our way. We are being called to fulfill our Divine mission on the planet at this time.
For those involved in studying the Gene Keys, this is a very intense time as we are moving through the 55th, 37th, and 22nd Gene Keys in rapid succession. The 37th Gene Key does represent the end of the Age of Pisces and the shift back into balanced masculine/feminine relationships through equality and tenderness. The 55th Gene Key represents the shift into the Age of Aquarius by transforming our victimhood into freedom, individually and collectively. This is the evolutionary journey up and out like the kundalini energy rising, but just as important is the involutionary journey down and in as we anchor more light and aspects of our higher self, down deep into the physical body. This is the 22nd Gene Key in action as we honour and accept all of our feelings with ease and Grace. The recognition that all of our suffering has contained a blessing. When we can embrace this concept, we are well on the way to setting ourselves free to live in peace and harmony whatever arises.
Which leads me into the latest Matt Kahn You-Tube video in which he uses the mantra “All is Well” to simply describe this process. A deep breath in, bringing energies down from the Celestial Realms, stating to yourself, “All is Well!” Then, breathing out and sharing these powerful energies with humanity. It is as simple as that! He suggests that we are the announcers of well-being for all to experience.

Another very helpful tool that has just been released is the latest Tom Kenyon Sound Healing through the Hathors. The intention is to bring restorative energies to our body, mind and spirit, through these challenging and tumultuous times. It is just nine minutes and restores us to a peaceful place within. 

We truly are ambassadors of the New World, once we have set ourselves free from any limitations of belief.
Photos Courtesy of Zia 
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