July 2016
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Happy July!

We hope everyone is having a beautiful Canada Day weekend as me move more deeply into the dreamy, magical days of summer.  Wishing our American soul family a wonderful holiday on July 4th, as well!  June has flown by with her long shiny wings, opening us all up to the great fullness of Mother Earth as Father Sun reaches his zenith in the sky.  For all of us living in the Northern Hemisphere, these are the best possible moments for aligning with the light, communing with All that Is, and celebrating this momentous time we are living in. 
What's New!

Gene Keys Workshops

White Rock & Surrey
Following the successful Banyen Book introductory Gene Keys talk, a full 1-Day Activation Sequence Workshop has been arranged for Sunday July 17th, from 10-4 pm in White Rock. Individual 1-on-1 sessions may also be available in Surrey on Saturday July 16th.

If you are interested in either of the above, please RSVP here.  

Salt Spring Island
Our next gathering on Salt Spring Island will be completing the Golden Path through the Pearl Sequence. The day begins at 10.30 am on Sunday July 24th and includes two, 2-hour sessions with a pot luck lunch in between. It will once again take place at Quiet Joy Massage Centre.
Please RSVP here if you wish to attend.

Pender Island and Victoria Gene Key sessions will be coming up in August. 

Radio Interviews

The radio show Peter recorded with Patty Malek after returning from Scotland and the Star Pearl Retreat has been really well received and is still available here!
Summer Solstice Sun
by Peter Tongue

This month has just flown by since the return from Scotland, to the point that I hadn’t even considered the need to write this article for the July Newsletter! It’s been another power-packed month, leading us ever on to greener pastures. I would like to give my perspective on how the month has unfolded and will continue through the next few months as waves of magnificent energy are raining down upon us to assist us on this phenomenal journey of Ascension. People have been asking when is Ascension going to happen? It is happening already and the closer we align ourselves with Mother Earth the easier the journey is going to be.
This month, the Celestial Realms have contrived to raise our frequency and vibration to a new pitch, if only we are open to receive and ground these energies into form. I finished the last Newsletter talking about the New Moon in Gemini on Saturday June 4th when we did ceremony on the sacred Isle of Iona, tuning in with many groups across the planet who were also engaged in ceremony, many of which were Water Blessing Ceremonies, flooding the Earth with beneficial intentions for healing.

This day coincided with the Grand Cross of the Mutable Signs by stellar bodies including the Sun and Moon taking up positions in the same degrees of Gemini, Sagittarius, Pisces, and Virgo. This was like a launching pad into new levels of existence which also required us to let go of the past and anything holding us back from setting ourselves free.
Once back home in Canada, I was reminded of one of the key elements of the Star Pearl Retreat in Findhorn which was to embody these powerful frequencies of light being made available to us by paying attention to our hands and feet, honoring them. Breathing deeply through the lower belly while paying attention to our spine and posture. Finally, using our voice to anchor these energies through toning, singing and paying attention to the tone of our voice as we speak. Grounding and anchoring these energies through these three sets of practices.

We then had the visit of Dr. Abey from Sri Lanka who added to the potent forces of energy being made available to us by his powerful Water Blessing Ceremonies the following weekend of June 10th-12th. I had the opportunity to take Dr. Abey and Shari Chase out into our Landscape Zodiac and anchor these powerful energies that we all carried with us from our many recent activities of light from around the Globe.
As these energies amp up and we shift into new dimensions of existence, the rules change and what used to work in our 3-D World no longer does. It is now time to recognize ourselves as beginners on a new adventure, coming from the heart and feeling into our natural state of abundance - following our inner guidance and the synchronicities that show up in all sorts of interesting ways. Trust your own inner truth and follow your heart with full integrity in service to the greater good. I strongly recommend watching Matt Kahn’s latest You-Tube Video  where he himself has further shifted into a new level of energy and dimension, bringing through some very important insights.  

Now the energies started to build towards the Summer Solstice on June 20th, the most powerful moment of the month, which this year coincided with the second Full Moon in the sign of Sagittarius, the first one being a month ago at one degree, and this one at 29 degrees. This is the last degree of any sign, and so it provides us with the opportunity for completion, releasing old patterns of thinking.

This second Full Moon in Sagittarius was symbolized by “Once in a Blue Moon - when magic happens!”  The Mutable Grand Cross also formed once again with Mercury taking the place of the Sun, Moon, and Venus - a further launching pad, just in case we'd missed the first one!
We held our Solstice Ceremony at Raven's Ridge, Harry’s wonderful sanctuary in the Highlands, on Saturday, June 18th.  The energies there were both potent and tangible. Harry had experienced a building intensity of energy during the course of the week, as the ceremony approached.

Zia guided us through a wonderful experience, inspired by the Gene Key associated with the Pearl in the Golden Path, which is 45, with a shadow of Dominance, gift of Synergy, and siddhi of Communion - all brilliantly coupled with the spirit of Communion that flows naturally through all of Nature at this time of year.

For the 45th Gene Key, the shadow of Dominance is created by having a fear of not having enough food and money and is very tribal in nature. The shift into Synergy requires Trust, and so we worked with the quality of trust at the Base/Belly chakra of the property before we moved up into the Sacred Geometry, where we all joined together in a one Heart meditation, recognizing that when we trust each other and our unique gifts, magic happens.

As we moved up to the Crown Chakra of the property we partook in a sacred Communion ceremony with rice wafers and wine to truly imbibe and embody the divine consciousness coming through the powerful meditation we'd just experienced. This was a communion with our own inner divinity as well as the divinity within all of life. We could literally feel this new awareness of our interconnected oneness and commitment to the All That Is, transcending all sense of separation from others.
The final step was to move into the front yard of the sanctuary and offer gifts and blessings to Mother Earth as a way to anchor the divine energies of communion we'd just experienced at the top of the property - bridging Heaven and Earth. This also included anchoring the energies from all of our various travels over the past several weeks into our local landscape of Victoria. Many people had given us items to take with us to Scotland, some of which were left there while others were blessed and brought back. Others attending had brought special crystals and sacred waters to plant here as well. Zia also included Dr. Abey's sacred rice and water.

One by one, blessings were added as we made this sumptuous, abundant Offering to our Beloved Mother Earth. It was a beautiful and powerful ceremony in joy, communion, and celebration!
I like to reflect at this time of year as to why the ancient indigenous people of the World spent so much time building structures to capture the moment of the sunrise of the Summer Solstice. There must be something really special about it. Some of these structure took lifetimes or more to build. The intention seems to have been to create a pathway for the rising Sun on its longest day to kiss Mother Earth along some form of guiding channel, so it could be observed and honored in ceremony. Many believe today that it is a Portal that opens up to bring waves of energy and information through to assist us on our journey. This energy needs to be captured or channeled in some way. Others believe that this year’s Solstice was the turning point of the Age, opening up this massive energetic Golden Gateway -an opening into the Oneness, the essence of the vital creative force.
We all experience these energies in different ways and at times they can be challenging, particularly as we get glimpses into new dimensions and think perhaps we are going crazy. We are not! It's all part of our adapting to the New Earth upon which we are all evolving.

The completion of the month sees the birthdays of both Canada (July 1st) and the United States (July 4th) both Cancer babies, and this year coinciding with the New Moon in Cancer early in the morning on July 4th. This is a highly emotional energy with the Sun, Moon, Venus, and Mercury all in Cancer, inviting us to focus on our feelings, and to nurture ourselves. In these new times, we need to be emotionally self-sufficient and part of that is making sure we care deeply for ourselves, allowing for ample rest, rejuvenation, and recovery time. So, under what circumstances do you feel replenished, loved, and held in the arms of the Beloved? This is what this period invites us to do. Spend time alone doing what you love to do most.  Make real your dream and say yes to new beginnings in loving kindness! We are on an amazing magic carpet ride, so let go, and go with the flow of this wonderful opportunity to fly!
Photos Courtesy of Zia Cole & Shari Chase
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