November 2016
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Happy November!

Happy All Hallow's Eve, Samhain, and All Saints Day!  With fresh blossoms coming out as resplendent leaves are falling in Victoria, it's sometimes difficult to tell whether it's autumn or spring. The weather has been mild, while the hours of daylight are shortening and the nights are growing longer. Beginnings and endings seem to be happening simultaneously, as is reflected in the world all around us. It's a time of celebration and letting go, all at once, which can be a bit confusing. As always, spending more time out in nature can be a soothing balm for the soul, helping us to remember that anything is possible. If your belief in magic ever wanes, just spend some time with the leaves and the flowers, and they'll remind you that miracles abound.  

Wishing you a magical month to come!  
What's New!

Gene Keys Workshops

Having completed a whole series of workshops on the Activation Sequence, Venus Sequence, and Pearl Sequence, I now feel confident to spread my wings further afield and so I am willing to go anywhere to spread the profound message of the Gene Keys. If you have any interest in me coming to a particular location to do workshops, please get in touch through

White Rock
I will be returning to White Rock to host a full day workshop on The Venus Sequence on Sunday November 6th from 10.00am-4.00pm with a pot luck lunch incorporated. I will also be available for one-on-one individual Gene Key sessions on Saturday November 5th. Please contact me through or Dr. Bill Russell at for further details. Please feel free to pass this info on to anyone who might be interested.

Salt Spring Island
I have been invited back to Salt Spring Island to do a follow up on any and all aspects of the Gene Keys as well relating the process to the powerful work that is being done with the sacred sites, ley lines, and grid systems of the planet. We will meet on Saturday November 19th at 10.30am for 2 two-hour sessions with a potluck lunch in the middle. I will also be available for one-on-one individual sessions later on Saturday afternoon or on Sunday November 20th. Please contact me through or Gwen Gagne at for further details. Please feel free to pass on to anyone who might be interested!

Radio Shows

Soul Talk Radio
I will be making my third appearance on Patty Malek's radio show on November 9th at 4pm Pacific, the day after the American Presidential Election, so that should make for an interesting interview! Here is the link to register for this free event.

Greatest You Summit
I will also be making two appearances on Christine Williams' "Greatest You Summit" on November 17th and November 30th at 5pm Pacific on both occasions. I will be doing an introduction to the Gene Keys on the first show, and then a follow-up to explain how the process applies to the current Global circumstances and our work with the Planet's Energy Systems, including sacred sites, ley lines and the activation of the crystalline grids. To register go to
by Peter Tongue

Monday October 24th was Global Oneness Day and for the occasion, Humanity’s Team created an absolutely outstanding series of panel discussions between some of the best-known spiritual leaders of our time: Deepak Chopra, Doreen Virtue, Panache Desai, Bruce Lipton, Gregg Braden, Patti Cota-Robles, Matt Kahn, Ken Wilbur, Michael Beckwith, Jean Houston, Barbara Marx-Hubbard, and many more. The day consisted of 1-hour segments where the panel of experts discussed different aspects of Oneness during their allotted time. The entire day was free and all of the sessions were available for 48 hours afterwards so one could listen over a more extended time period. I managed to listen to a good number of the discussions, and I’m proud to say that our very own Christine Glenn was a central figure in the organization of the day in her significant role with Humanity’s Team. Congratulations Christine, for anchoring the energies worldwide on our behalf!

So what did I learn from the summit? First of all, that we are right on track in what we are doing and how we are envisioning this shift of the ages playing out. Whether it be from an ancient traditions, scientific, conscious business, philosophical, or systems analysis perspective, there is a magnificent coherence happening world-wide and a powerful convergence of ideas playing out. I will just comment on some of the interesting perspectives that emerged throughout the Summit.
Michael Beckwith said that we are “The Reporters of the New Paradigm”! Our role is to report on that which is currently emerging. Our current media adage is “If it bleeds, it leads”, and we need that to become “If it loves, it leads”! He also gave this somewhat convoluted but important statement, particularly appropriate for the month of Scorpio, the mystery and force behind the form. He said,” If we believe more in what we cannot see, then we will not see what we used to see, and what we cannot now see will begin to appear!” That’s worth a contemplation!

The Science and Spirituality panel did a wonderful job of linking the way the new quantum science is now proving the truth of the interconnectedness of all things and the now-proven fact stated by Dean Radin that “Consciousness interacts with this interconnectedness.” In other words, we are constantly tapped into the “All That Is” and we have the individual and collective ability to influence it through our prayers, meditations, and emanations of pure love.
Duane Elgin explained that our greatest wound is the separation from the Living Universe. We have been conned into believing we live in a world of dead matter and the accumulation of material things is the goal. Not so! We need to go on a journey of aliveness in awe and wonder of the Living Universe that is all around us and moving through us. There is a giant pattern of vibration organized by the Great Cosmic Mind and we are an integral part of it. What is your specific and unique area of expertise? Your contribution to this Great Cosmic Mind? We need to prime ourselves to discover and live our core strengths.

There is a world-wide new order of leadership emerging from regular people coming together forming alliances, and many of these are through women’s organizations. Jean Houston said “The rise of women in full equal partnership with men in the domain of human affairs is the most important event of the last 5,000 years!” Wow! It’s happening from the ground up - social artistry, social change. There is also a rising up of young people under the age of thirty who have a philosophy of love and caring. There is a re-genesis of human nature taking place with many examples all over the world. We need a collective vision and a collective voice as we approach this wonderful tipping point. By elevating and deepening our inner life, we can engender passion for the possible - coded with greatness.
Ken Wilbur made a very powerful and important contribution. He pointed out that our ancient teachings have always focused on Awakening and Enlightenment through various practices, but it is only in the last hundred years that any attention has been given to “Growing Up!” In other words, people have had numerous Awakening experiences without necessarily having the maturity to balance that experience in their everyday lives. He says “How you experience waking up depends upon where you are in growing up!” He outlined 4 levels of growing up that go from Self-Centred to Care-Centred, which is tribal or ethno-centred in nature, to World-Centred, and finally to the full integration of our masculine and feminine qualities - resulting in Cosmic-Centred or “Integral Oneness”. It’s well worth checking in with yourself to sense where you are in your Waking Up and Growing Up!
Which brings me to the American Presidential Election and all the drama that has taken place over the last few months. It has been difficult to stay calm and centred through the debacle that has taken place and some of the horrendous behaviour which we have observed. However there IS a point to it all! All that has been hidden in the past is now being revealed to us, so that we can see with open eyes the incredible mistreatment that humanity, and women in particular, have undergone. It’s somewhat disconcerting how many members of the general public are still buying into bigotry and prejudice, but that is also an indication of how sound asleep many people still are. This is the most amazing wake-up call the World has been given and an opportunity for a mass awakening of humanity to occur. Will this in fact lead us to the Tipping Point? 

I have no doubt that our role now is to embody the principles discussed above. To become really self-aware of when we slip out of oneness and into fear, anxiety, worry, and concern. When we catch ourselves, we simply pause, breathe, and return our focus to the heart and the awe and wonder of nature that is all around us - the Living Universe! Let us practice staying in that state of joy and love that expands the heart. Love is the fundamental reality when all man-made boundaries are removed for the well-being of all. Let’s try and remain in that state for as long as we can, independent of what is happening in our daily lives and in the news!
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