January 2016 
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Happy New Year!

Welcome to the new year and the new Newsletter! Since its inception several years ago, staff at Chase International of Lake Tahoe have assisted me in its production.  I am deeply grateful to Shari Chase and her team for the wonderful support they have given me for all of this time!

Now, co-creating with Zia’s unique design and beautiful photography, we are taking sole responsibility for both the content and production of the newsletter.  We hope you will continue to enjoy the latest information, insights, and inspiring imagery.

What's New for 2016 

Radio Interviews
I've had the honour of being a guest on a number of radio shows recently, including You Awakening with Jacklyn Johnson, Soul Talk with Patty Malek, and Roundhouse Radio's HOME with Janna Lynn White.  If you're interested in learning more about the Gene Keys, I encourage you to listen to the available replays by clicking on the links above.  I'm grateful to the hosts for inviting me, and look forward to more of these interviews in 2016!

Gene Key Workshops
This year, with the blessing of Richard Rudd and the Gene Keys team, I will be on the road presenting workshops on different aspects of the Gene Keys. I am available to present whatever you and your community require, whether it’s an Introduction to the Gene Keys, Activation Sequence, Venus Sequence, or the Seven Sacred Seals. I'm currently partnering with individuals in their own community in a free-flowing exchange of energy. If you are interested in hosting such an event in your area, please  contact me
Ascension Products
My daughter Angela has opened a wonderful “Ascension Products” on-line gift store! She can provide us with enriching materials to assist us on our ascension journey. Check it out in the sidebar to the left! 
Embodying Truth!
by Peter Tongue

I hope you had a wonderful holiday season and are ready to enjoy a spectacular 2016!

I want to take this opportunity to recap the last 3 years and set the scene for this one. I am sure you will all remember the huge focus on December 21st, 2012, and all the predictions that went along with that. Some people were relieved, others disappointed, when some form of major event didn’t take place. What many failed to note was that the Mayan Elders themselves said that this end time date had a three year window associated with it which would give humanity the opportunity to awaken to a higher level of consciousness and step fully on to the path of evolution that has been awaiting us. It was a Cosmic Assessment to see what point we had reached.

Now it may not appear that we have done too well by outer appearances and yet the chaos and turbulence that has been taking place in the world has stirred up the grunge at the bottom of the Cauldron to be boiled off and set free. There are no hiding places anymore and anyone out of integrity is quickly exposed. The fear-mongering of treacherous and traumatic events like the Paris shootings have backfired and instead of going deeper into fear, the general public are responding with love, kindness, and compassion. The controlling forces' only weapon is fear and so when the majority of people stay in a place of love, even through horrendously challenging circumstances, the old game of power and control is over. This has been our challenge over these past 3 years and I believe we have come through it with flying colours.
I suggest you take a few moments to reflect upon what has happened in your life over these past 3 years and see how far you have come. Make note especially of any changes that have taken place since April 23rd, 2014. On that day there was a Grand Cross Alignment with four planets at exactly 13 degrees of the Cardinal signs: Uranus in Aries, emphasizing our personal freedom. Mars in Libra, our one-on-one relationships. Jupiter in Cancer, our family commitments and values. Pluto in Capricorn, our career and work in the outer world, with a particular focus on any inappropriate Patriarchy being exercised in the work place. This was our destiny calling us into accountability to ensure we made the necessary changes before the end of the 3-year period, which we have just completed. 

I know a number of people who fell ill, lost their jobs, moved home, broke up in their primary relationship, or decided to do family differently. This was not a gentle push and many felt they had no choice in what took place. It was all supposed to happen, leading us to be in the right and perfect place today, however uncomfortable it may have felt at the time.
In my case, one week after returning from New Mexico where we did sacred ceremony in the heart of the Santa Fe landscape zodiac to help balance and ground the potent energies of the Grand Cross, I interviewed Richard Rudd on my radio show.  One week after that, he was staying at my house! A totally unplanned event that was destined to happen. As a result of that meeting, Richard came to Hollyhock last June to do the Seven Sacred Seals Retreat which provided me with the opportunity to go to Romania to be part of the Venus Sequence Teaching. Since then, the work with the Gene Keys has become a central part of my life and work. It is profoundly significant and fits in perfectly and enhances every aspect of the spiritual work that we do. Before April 2014, I hadn’t even heard of the Gene Keys and now the transmission is central to my life.

Over this 3 year period we have been deeply prepared for what is to come and some have had to go through some major transitions to fast-track to where they need to be. Others have had a much smoother journey, or a combination of both. So what has all this been preparing us for?
I believe this year is the beginning of the transition into 5th dimensional living. Some have had glimpses of the experiences to come, stepping out of time and place, or feeling moments of utter peace and bliss. As this year unfolds, many more will have these experiences and for extended periods of time, while others will begin the journey. The ones who have gone before hold space for those to come. For certain, we need to leave behind any lingering limiting beliefs, doubts, even childhood conditioning, because none of these conditioned reactions belong in the 5-D world. Probably the biggest one of all is judgement, and in particular self-judgement. So do yourself a favour and leave judgement at the final closing of the door to 2015. And that, by the way happens on January 6th - Epiphany!

Although we celebrate the birth of Christ on December 25th, Epiphany is the day the Three Wise Men arrive at the Stable in Bethlehem offering gifts of Frankincense, Myrrh, and Gold. These gifts are given in the recognition that the baby Jesus is actually a Christed Being who carries the Christ Consciousness within. Jesus was the way-shower who came to show us the way. He came to show us that we are ALL Christed Beings who carry Christ Consciousness within us. We have just done a very good job of covering it up - even to ourselves!
I suggest you focus your attention on accepting yourself for the miracle you truly are and from the day of Epiphany on January 6th, 2016, begin to walk your one true path in the world. This requires you to be really clear on what is most important to you and removing any clutter and distractions which prevent you from walking that path. Others will want you to remain as you are, but it’s time to show your unique style and qualities to the world. Each of us has a role to play and each one of us is equally important. Gather those around you who understand and support your journey. We all need that.  

Embody Your Truth and let no-one stop you!
Zia took these photos walking our local Landscape Zodiac between Christmas and Epiphany, and I just want to comment on a couple of them. The duck skating on ice, if you look closely, is looking at his own shadow. This photo was taken at Swan Lake, which is Libra in the Landscape. Libra represents “The Other” who reflects back to us what remains hidden from us in our shadow side. So be brave like the duck and be prepared to look at your own shadow and realize that every difficult interaction you have is to help you see your own shadow and break the old habitual patterns wide open. Catch yourself in the pattern and move on!
The other photo is the sunset which was the final sunset of 2015 on New Year’s Eve. You will notice if you look closely that the Sun formed a figure of eight or INFINITY symbol. Every opportunity is open to you to fulfill your Divine Destiny in this lifetime and this was the final gift our Sun offered to us at the closing of the year. 
I am looking forward to this year with great excitement and anticipation. I hope you are too! 

Blessings and much love!
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