April 2017
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Happy April!

And Happy All Fool's Day!  There are many myths and legends as to how this irreverent holy day got started. One of the most common stories traces the origin back to Pope Gregory. Several ancient cultures used to celebrate New Year's Day just after the Spring Equinox, around the time of April 1st. When we switched to the Gregorian calendar in 1582, New Year's Day became January 1st. Those still celebrating New Year's on April 1st were called "April Fools"! 

Whether this story has any truth doesn't really matter - the point is: today is another day to celebrate a new year and all the fresh life springing up around us - whether we are fools or not!  We also celebrate Easter this month, which means another opportunity for rebirth. Aren't we blessed, with so many new beginnings ahead of us at this time of year? 

Happy New Year!  Wishing you a magical April!  
What's New!

Gene Keys

Wonderful News!  Richard Rudd is going to be in Victoria doing a Gene Key Day on Friday, July 28th. The gathering is called ‘The 64 Names of Love - embodying an ecstatic life with the Gene Keys’.  Woohoo! This is a reflection on the 64 Siddhis! 

The gathering will take place at the Church of Truth111 Superior Street, Victoria, BC, starting at  9:30 am and finishing at 5 pm on Friday, July 28th, 2017. Cost is $150 Canadian. The gathering is advertised on the new Gene Keys website and you will need to go to their online store to register. It is limited seating and so we strongly recommend early registration. The cost is $150 Canadian and unfortunately, the Gene Keys Paypal account is in US Dollars, so if you have already registered you will have paid $150 US which is over $200 Canadian. The good news is you are going to be reimbursed the extra money you have paid and all future registrants will pay $115 US which is approximately $150 Canadian, depending upon the exchange rate on the day. 

As Richard is going to be here and he has such a strong following in the Pacific North West, Midi Berry, the Gene Key Society Chair has decided to hold the first official Gene Key Society meeting also here in Victoria on the following day - Saturday, July 29th at the same venue, starting at 9 am and finishing at 5 pm. This is a phenomenal opportunity to anchor the full force of the Gene Key Transmission into our Sacred Island as well as ourselves. I am over the Moon!

Gene Keys Workshops

Having completed a whole series of workshops on the Activation Sequence, Venus Sequence, and Pearl Sequence, I now feel confident to spread my wings further afield and so I am willing to go anywhere to spread the profound message of the Gene Keys. If you have any interest in me coming to a particular location to do workshops, please get in touch through
Sacred Site Pilgrimages

Quest for the Golden Hinde

We have linked the article from the September 2016 Newsletter in which we first described our planned Sacred Site Journey to the Heart Chakra of Vancouver Island in the Strathcona Mountains which you can read here: Quest For The Golden Hinde

Since then we have had deeper insight into the reason for the trip. In 2015, Zia and I did Sacred Ceremony in the Rocky Mountains of Colorado in May and then took a group to the Canadian Rockies in the last week of September to coincide with the final of four consecutive Full Blood Moons. The reason we did this was to engage in the activation of the Rocky Mountain chain to shift into the 5th Dimensional Crystalline Frequencies. It was a wonderfully successful pair of trips. 

Vancouver Island is mentioned in JJ Hurtak's magnificent work, The Keys of Enoch, as one of 13 key vortex sites on the planet and has been described as a "Sleeper Grid Waiting to Activate!" We feel that this is the time to activate the sleeping grid of Vancouver Island into the 5th Dimensional Crystalline Frequencies. This will take place during the week of the Total Solar Eclipse, beginning on the exact Eclipse time at the Base Chakra of the Island at Saxe Point meeting there at 9.30am on Monday August 21st and then moving up into the Heart Chakra visiting a number of key spots in the landscape and then returning home on the afternoon of Saturday August 26th, 2017.  

The Cost of the trip is exactly $1000 and includes all transportation, meals, accommodation, entry to Horne Lake Caves, Ticket for Mt. Washington Mile High Chair Lift and a morning canoe ride on Buttle Lake. We have already had good interest expressed since the article last September and if you have not already contacted us please do so through this e-mail if you are interested in joining us for this fantastic opportunity.

Radio Show

I will be returning to the Patty Malek radio show for further Gene Key and Energetic updates on Wednesday April 26th at 4.00pm PDT. Here is the link to the radio show. 

Inner Transformation and Alignment!
by Peter Tongue

In the first week in March, Zia and I facilitated a Seven Sacred Seals Retreat at Ram Spring Wellness Retreat Centre on Salt Spring Island. This was a major event in our work together as we had not attempted this Transmission before. There is a significant difference in teaching the Gene Key Process through the Golden Path Sequences, Lines, and Gene Keys themselves compared to this highly Mystical Transmission invoking energies from the higher realms while doing deep healing work through the Core Wounds of everyone present , including our own.

We decided to use the seven Invocation meditations that Richard Rudd had used at the Retreat at Hollyhock. I would do the Evocations or explanations associated with each of the particular Seals and Zia would lead us through an initiation into that particular line core wound. It was an ambitious undertaking as we only had just over two days to cover all seven seals. It worked out remarkably well and we even had a real initiation on the final morning, with a significant overnight snowfall challenging the participants to somehow find their way to the Centre. All eighteen made it and we could feel the sense of accomplishment people felt. The entire group had passed the test!
Later in the month, I went off to North Carolina to spend a week with Charlie and Stella on “Butterfly Farm” where they have worked diligently with the land to co-create a healing Sanctuary for people to go to rest, recover and rejuvenate. Five of us gathered to bless the land and open the Retreat Centre up to its highest purpose. I have been engaged with Charlie, Judy Guadalupe and Terry Damlos over the last few years to co-create a system of education that meets the needs of our children and now we all came together to help create something special on this 22- acre property.

We spent time tuning into the land and then involved ourselves in a three-hour ceremony, visiting different locations on the land, making offerings and blessings as we went. Zia had gifted a blessing bundle containing crystals, rose petals, and lavender ,which we placed in the crystal clear flowing creek on the land strategically placed below the main natural spring supplying the most beautiful refreshing water. It felt really good as we completed our Ceremony just as the Sun set over the Smokey or Blue Ridge Mountains, which as the dusk moves in create this mystical blue hue along the mountain ridge.
I am always aware of extra pieces that may need to be done on these trips and so I asked Charlie where we might want to go on our “day off”. Straight away he said, “The Devil’s Courthouse!” Can you think of a worse name for a beautiful sacred site perched on a ledge at 6,000 feet overlooking five different States? I immediately knew some old “fear” energies needed to be cleared here. So we set off with crystals, flutes, and a drum to climb to the top of the Devil’s Courthouse where we also learned there was a legend of a one-eyed monster trapped in a cave below the peak. Could it get any worse? I even found a Devil’s armchair to sit in at the top!
Unfortunately, these sites have been used to create fear and block the free-flowing energies of the ley line grids of the area. As I sat in the Devil’s armchair and became aware of the need to wake up the sleeping giant, Judy started beating the drum louder and faster and I knew exactly what she was doing. Waking up the sleeping Giant!

Charlie and Stella played the flutes beautifully and I focussed on activating the Blue Ridge Parkway crystalline ley line grid. This is a road built along the ridge line that extends for hundreds of miles. Now the energies can flow freely again and the Devil’s armchair can become the Dragon’s Throne - unleashing these Dragon energy currents!

It had been suggested that I do a Gene Key Workshop for the people in the area and we had twelve join us for a wonderful full day of Gene Key interaction. It continues to amaze me how as I travel different parts of North America, everyone who is attracted to these gatherings are from the same Soul Family! It just flows so smoothly and there is a total alignment and synarchy experienced.

It was a great day!
One of the attendees, Michael Jackson, channels the Archangels and Ascended Masters and he was so delighted with the day that he offered the five of us a reading. On the last evening together we received this message through Michael which relates to all of us. We asked if there was anything we should be doing as a group at this time. The answer was interesting. The message was that this was a time for our personal work, not group work and that we should all focus on our inner transformation. If we do so, in 18 week’s, we will be amazed at the expanded awareness we have, that we can’t even imagine at this time. So do your inner work during this time!

Later, I checked where 18 weeks takes us and incredibly it is the week that Richard Rudd comes to Victoria to do the day workshop on the “64 Names of Love!” This time is a preparation for that! I have just watched the first of four Webinars that Richard is doing called “Dare to Be Divine” accessed by becoming a member of the Gene Keys Society for $77. He is on top form in the Webinar and I have no doubt that through our deep connection with Richard and the Gene Keys Framework, we have the most wonderful opportunity being gifted to us to ASCEND into the next level of human evolution.
The wonderful bonus I received at Charlie’s Butterfly Farm was to stay in the delightful Tree House that he and Stella have on the property. Its construction occurred through a series of fortuitous events that brought the crew of “Tree House Masters” to build and film the creation of this Sanctuary nestled in a perfect triangle of three huge Poplar Trees secluded away from the main House, alone in the woods. Here is a link to the trailer for the actual show which aired sometime last year.

It was the perfect spot to spend some time in quiet reflection. More and more as I dig deeper into stillness and silence, I find the incredible craftiness of the mind to take me out of the present moment, either reflecting on the past or more likely thinking about things that need to be done in the future! Becoming aware of this ego resistance to stillness is key to our ability to be calm, centred and serene in our daily lives. I am definitely a work in progress on this one!

We have just moved through the New Moon in Aries and this is the perfect time to set your deepest intentions for the next phase of your life. Incredible fire energy urging you along your chosen path, whether it be for the next six months or for the entire year. There is a re-alignment taking place to a new magnetic pole star and it is to Vega in the Harp constellation. More to come on this in a later edition.

There will be some re-adjustments occurring in our physical, emotional, mental and spiritual bodies so pay attention to what your body’s needs are as there is likely to be some added sensitivity. Look after your body well with good sleep, diet, exercise and positive outlook on life. It’s going to be great!
Photos Courtesy of Terry, Charlie, & Zia 
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