March 2016
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Happy March!

With two Eclipses, the Vernal Equinox, St. Patrick's Day, and Easter Weekend, March promises to be a full-on, high-energy month. How to keep up with it all?  By slowing down as much as possible!  No matter how busy life seems to get, it's important to go outside once in a while and take in all of the sights and sounds of nature.  Other wonderful ways to stay aligned are through Ceremony and spending quality time in heart-centred community. We have many event offerings for March that can assist with this, and hope to see you there!      
What's New!

Gene Keys Workshops

Peter is heading to Calgary for the weekend of March 4th-7th to do a FREE Gene Keys introduction on the Friday evening and a full 2-Day Workshop covering the entire Activation and Venus Sequence on Saturday and Sunday. Private one-on-one sessions will be available on Monday March 7th. Click here for details

Join us for our next Gene Keys Gathering in Victoria as we focus on the Pearl Sequence - March 13th, starting at 3:30 pm with Tea afterwards. Newcomers welcome.  Please RSVP here to reserve your spot! 

Gulf Islands 
After very successful introductory workshops on Pender and Salt Spring Islands, in-depth sessions on the Activation Sequence have just taken place and will continue each month with the exception of March.  Stay tuned for the next dates!

Radio Interviews

Join Peter for a radio interview with Tom Matt on Boomers Rock Radio on March 14th at 2:30 pm PST

"Your Flight to Freedom - Entering the Aquarian Age"
Peter had 2 On-Line Radio Interviews in February - both entitled "Your Flight to Freedom - Entering the Aquarian Age", but each very different and well worth listening to!  If you missed them live, then you can still tune into the Free Replays for the next little while by clicking on the links below.  
Soul Life Times with Patty Malek
You Awakening with Jacklyn Johnson


Join Zia and Peter for an Equinox Ceremony at Harry's Sanctuary in the Victoria Highlands on Sunday March 20th from 2 to 5 pm.  There will be a potluck celebration afterwards.  Please RSVP if you would like to attend, and we'll send you all of the details!  
March Events at a Glance

March 1st - St. David's Day
March 4th  - Peter's in Calgary for an Introductory Gene Keys talk. Free event. 7.30 pm at the Self-Connection Book Store. Click here for more info.  
March 5th & 6thCalgary 2-Day Workshop - Gene Keys Activation Sequence & Venus Sequence
March 7th - Private Gene Key Sessions in Calgary
March 8th - International Women's Day & New Super Moon in Pisces - Total Solar Eclipse at 5.54 pm PST
March 12th - Judy Guadalupe Workshop in Victoria from 9.30 am - 1:30 pm
March 13th - Victoria Gene Key Gathering - Pearl Sequence at 3:30 pm - Email Peter for Details
March 14th - Boomers Rock Radio - Tom Matt interviews Peter at 2.30 pm PST
March 17th - St. Patrick’s Day
March 19th - Spring Equinox at 9.30 pm
March 20th - Spring Equinox Ceremony at Harry’s place, Victoria Highlands - Email Peter for Details
March 23rd - Penumbral Lunar Eclipse - 4:47 am PST, Full Moon in Libra at 5.01 am 
March 25th to 28th - Easter Long Weekend
The Wounded Healer!
by Peter Tongue

What a magnificent early spring we are enjoying in Victoria. We are so blessed to be living here. The flowers are in full bloom and birds are singing their joyful songs. We moved into the sign of Pisces on February 18th and this was quickly followed by the Full Moon in Virgo just 4 days later on Monday, February 22nd. I want to include the energy of that Full Moon in this Newsletter as there is a very important and helpful concept for us to grasp. Pisces is a Water Sign and is about the Sea of Consciousness of all that is.  It is very easy under the sign of Pisces to slip into the oneness connection. The shadow of that is being dreamy, scattered, and susceptible to escapism and addictions to numb down this acute awareness. Virgo is an Earth Sign and its shadow is to be over-concerned with details and being highly self-critical. The positive aspects of Virgo help us to be well-grounded and present in our bodies. This positive combination of these two opposite signs provide us with the gift of being rooted to the Earth while at the same time being other-worldly! This is important because we are presently walking between the worlds of the 3rd and 5th dimensions, which we need to merge and integrate together.
We are deeply indebted to Aluna Joy who recently put out a wonderful article on the dilemma that we face in this transitional time. I hope you will take a few moments to read it because it will give you tremendous insight to experiences that many of us are having, and how to manage them as well as work with them to practice connecting to other realms and dimensions. Here is a short quote:
"How many times have you thought about doing something, turn around and your intent vanished into thin air? You can't remember what you were about to do. The simple fact is that in the act of turning around, you shifted the reality you were in. Then you turn around again out of frustration, and it comes back! You are not losing it. We are being prepared for dimensional travel." 
Link to full Aluna Joy article.
On March 8th we have the first of the eclipses of the year, with two in March and two in September. I personally believe the time between the two sets of eclipses is going to be a critical phase in the next stage of our evolution and the heart of our journey through this year. The March 8th event is a Total Solar Eclipse during a New Super Moon in Pisces. This means that the Moon is at its closest or Perigee motion to the Earth and will completely block out the Sun for four minutes. It will not be visible in North America and will largely take place over the Ocean and so its impact is on all of us worldwide. The Sun, Moon, South Node of the Moon, and Chiron are all conjunct at this time. What does this mean as far as we are concerned? The South Node of the Moon represents where we are coming from and the North Node is our future destiny. Chiron, which has been described as an Asteroid, represents the Wounded Healer. So here we have an opportunity to clear up all of the old wounds of the past that we cannot take into our future world of the fifth dimension. This is our opportunity to heal those old wounds, set ourselves free and vibrate at the frequency of our future while assisting others in the process.
The legend of Chiron includes three wounds which we need to understand and apply to our own situations. Chiron was born of the Greek God Kronus and a nymph called Philyra. Kronos had already taken off, having had his way with Philyra, both of whom had transformed themselves into horses. So Chiron was born a Centaur - half-horse, half-human, and was rejected and abandoned by both of his parents who were appalled by his appearance. So here is our collective first wound to be considered. Rejection and abandonment! We need to soften our hearts, be gentle with ourselves, and be prepared to dissolve the armour we create around our heart to protect ourselves.
Living a life as half horse, half man creates the second wound - an identity crisis. Is he a wild horse or a civilized human? All of us have an untamed animal nature within us trying to emerge, often suppressed. This wound also refers to the conflict between our true Divine Nature and Human Nature. The healing of this wound takes place by navigating between the Worlds and integrating the two.

Chiron is adopted by Apollo and becomes well respected until Hercules, while jostling with some centaurs, accidentally pierces Chiron with a painful wound that will never heal. Chiron is Immortal and so he has to live with this painful wound for all eternity. This is the third wound. Someone, often a parent or close friend, wounds us permanently because we can never get over it, even though it was an accident in the first place. An opportunity comes up for Chiron to relieve himself of the pain. Prometheus who stole fire from the Gods for the good of humanity has been chained to a rock by Zeus and every day, Zeus' Eagle eats his liver. Each night the liver regenerates itself and so the Eagle returns to eat it time and time again.
The only way out for Prometheus is if an immortal being will come and take his place. Chiron releases him and is now rendered mortal - he finally dies and is set free from his wounds. This is the third wound and involves the healing of a deep wound within the soul. Freedom from pain by dying to all of our old ways and beliefs, habits and behaviors. It provides us with the opportunity to make a fresh start by surrendering ourselves up in service to the Divine and becoming the healer ourselves once we have gone through this process of healing from within. Contemplate this legend from your own personal point of view because the Solar Eclipse is about setting new intentions, making a fresh start, and following your own true path of transformation and enlightenment. To do that we have to heal these deep wounds that we carry. Then the wounded healer becomes the liberated healer.
The Spring Equinox occurs on March 19th and in many of the old traditions, this was the beginning of the New Year. It is a time when day and night, light and dark, are exactly equal in balance and harmony with each other before the light takes over heading into summer. This is the perfect time to get clarity on your future direction and begin putting new inspiration into practice as we move into the action-packed energies of Aries - full of enthusiasm and dynamism for the new challenge that lies ahead.

Easter follows one week later and is a reminder that the days of Martyrdom are over and we simply need to let go of any tendencies for victimhood that we may still have. To take full and absolute responsibility for everything that takes place in our lives, realizing that the Universe is always trying to show us something that we need to accept and understand.

March is going to be a powerful month!  Enjoy the energies - and, most of all, have fun as we move into this wonderful time of year.      
Photos Courtesy of Zia
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