June 2016
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Happy June!

Bright blessings to each of you as we approach the longest days of the year! We have just returned from our pilgrimage to Scotland, which included the Pearl of Prosperity Gene Keys Retreat at Findhorn as well as sacred ceremony in several other sacred sites along the way. We have so much to share this month and trust you will enjoy the journey as if you'd been right there beside us!
What's New!

Gene Keys Workshops
As we have just returned from the Star Pearl Retreat in Scotland, dates have not yet been set for the follow-up workshops on Pender, Salt Spring, and Victoria. More info coming soon!

A 90-minute FREE introductory talk on the Gene Keys with more detailed workshops to follow. Banyen Books & Sound at 11.30 am on Sunday June 19th.  Please let anyone from the mainland, who might be interested, know about this event!

Radio Interviews
A brand new interview talking about our experiences in Scotland and the Star Pearl with Patty Malek will take place on Wednesday June 15th at 9 am PDT and will be available archived. Click here to register!
Dr. Abey - Wonderful Opportunity!

Dr. Jayanath Abeywikrama is coming to Victoria to do a variety of healing sessions this coming weekend. He is a renowned Ayurvedic medical doctor who comes from an ancient Sri Lankan unbroken lineage of healers. I know Dr. Abey personally and interviewed him on my radio show

He is a wonderful, highly-evolved human being whom I strongly recommend to you. He will be offering a number of sessions in Victoria, some of which will be by donation. All events take place at the Church of Truth, 111 Superior Street with the first session on Friday June 10th at 7 pm - "Journey Into Healing."  Please visit my Events Page for full details. 
Gateway to the Pearl
by Peter Tongue

The long-awaited Star Pearl Retreat at Findhorn in Scotland finally arrived and we were ready for action. A lot of information came in at the last minute from a variety of sources and it was really heartening for us to feel the wonderful support from our spiritual family for the pilgrimage we were about to undertake.

It became clear that this was more than the Pearl Retreat as six of us from Victoria set off for Findhorn at different times, visiting different sacred places before and after the Retreat. We now know we were doing a lot of grid work as part of our mission. Roslyn Chapel is a key marker in the landscape with ley lines crossing in a number of directions and one of our group spent time there connecting to the north-south Rose Line as well as the line running east-west across the country, passing through Mt. Schiehallion, the Fortingall Yew Tree, and heading off to Iona, all places the others were going to visit. These ley lines had been interfered with in the past, and part of our work was to clear these blockages, returning the grid to its fully-balanced masculine-feminine flow.
Mt. Schiehallion, “Hill of the Fairies”, is in the center of Scotland and is considered to be of great spiritual significance. It is perfectly conical in shape. Zia and I hiked up the trail and into the mist surrounding the top. It was like returning to Avalon! There, in a lovely fairy dell, we did our first ceremony to connect with the beautiful landscape and honour the elementals of this land. Earlier that day, we’d also connected through a stone circle and the 5,000-year-old Yew Tree in Fortingall.

The next day, we all gathered at our residence in Cluny Hill, a ten-minute drive from Findhorn, a beautiful energy vortex in itself with a powerful hill behind and a lush pond below, such that the residence itself was enshrouded in powerful energy.
We were excited for the Star Pearl and what the Retreat would reveal. Over the last few months, Richard Rudd has been working with Peter Lawrence on an expansion of the original Pearl Sequence, called the Star Pearl. This Star Pearl contains the original four spheres of the Pearl and an additional three, creating a six-pointed Star around the central Pearl which becomes your personal Star Merkabah. Once activated, it can potentially help you to fully realize your abundance and prosperity in this lifetime. This is a brand new concept which still needs to be tested, and so our group of 150 attendees were to become the guinea pigs of this new adventure. 

One of the keys to this process of manifesting your true abundance is to embody the high frequency energies being made available to us at this time. As Richard said, “Bringing Spirituality back to Earth!” This is achieved through grounding the energies through our feet and hands, relaxing the belly through deep breathing, and using the voice with clarity and discernment. We had powerful embodiment sessions to actually achieve this during the retreat.
Another important aspect of this process is mentoring each other to gain feedback into how each of us is doing on the journey, always becoming aware of our shadows still at play. There were many magical moments and powerful energy transmissions. It will also take some time to assimilate and integrate the material as we now have a series of new spheres, meanings, pathways, and Gene Keys to explore in the expanded Pearl. Unlike the Golden Path, which is a complete overhaul, the Star Pearl is more about refinement.

I do believe this process has tremendous potential for “Liberating the Planet”. It requires each of us to offer ourselves in service in whatever way we feel we can best serve. We concluded the Retreat with a magnificent Celebration. Over the next several months, each of us will be putting the Star Pearl into practice within our lives so that we can be living examples of how it works. Through the monthly Newsletter, I will keep you posted as to how the new Pearl of Prosperity is playing out in my life.
The New Moon in Gemini on Saturday June 4th at 8 pm PDT turned out to be a Grand Cross in the Mutable Signs which increased its significance astronomically. This was a profound opportunity for transformation to occur in sudden and unexpected ways, to think expansion and abundance, and to take back your own power - your personal sovereignty, trusting your own inner truth. We managed to coordinate into a number of Global ceremonies taking place, including several Water Blessing Ceremonies as well as ceremonies at inter-connected sacred sites all across the Planet. All of this was to open up the Pearl to Planetary Peace and Prosperity.

Before that, however, we had important tasks to perform. Following the Retreat, Zia and I drove along the full length of Loch Ness, home of the famed “monster”. We paused to do ceremony in a beautiful spot right on the shore after remembering the Loch follows the Great Glen Fault Line. At the shoreline, Zia noticed red and white sediment veins running along the length of the water and had the realization that Loch Ness was inhabited by two water dragons – a red female and a white male, both of which live beneath the tectonic plates and only appear on the surface from time to time. At that point, she was inspired to play the sacred tones of the crystal bowl and honour the dragons with her voice. As we finished the ceremony, we saw that two sail boats had appeared – a red one and a white one, sailing towards each other as if to merge!
Later that day, having driven across the magnificent landscape of the Isle of Mull, we arrived at the western edge just as the sun was setting over Iona. There are many legends about the connection between Iona and the Holy Family: Jesus, Mary Magdalene, Mother Mary, and John the Baptist, as well as the Goddess Bridget. She is clearly a feminine Island alleged to be a living, breathing baptism of fire. This was our first introduction to Iona and we felt so blessed to witness this awe-inspiring sunset at the exact moment of our arrival - directly over what seems like a sleeping dragon's head.  
Before crossing to Iona, we first needed to take a trip to Fingal’s Cave on the Island of Staffa. There is a close relationship between Iona and Staffa, as the two face each other and seem to be engaged in an ongoing dialogue. There are legends of how Iona was birthed from Fingal’s Cave on Staffa, when in fact Iona is thousands of years older.   

We spent some time with the friendly, clown-like puffins on Staffa before heading to Fingal’s Cave. Usually inaccessible due to rushing waves, on this day it was calm and so we were able to climb over the chain barrier and go inside. Deep within this ancient natural cathedral, Zia, using her voice and the tones of the crystal bowl, set the intention to release all of the old stagnant energies within the earth and open the space for fresh new energies to come in. In this wonderful echo chamber of basalt columns, the tones were Divine.
We were somewhat rushed to return to our boat upon exiting the cave. There was a cold wind blowing, and Zia set her bowl, now packed in its carrying case, down on the ledge for a moment to zip up her coat. The case tipped slightly and just before she caught it, she heard a loud pop. She knew without looking that she had just played the bowl for the last time. When we returned to Mull, she opened the case and found the bowl had broken into several pieces. Although she felt a great sadness, she knew the vessel had cracked and all of the old forms had truly been released.  

The following day, we made our way to Iona where we’d spend the next 48 hours walking the sacred isle while doing sacred ceremony at key locations. Our first responsibility, though, was to complete the crystal bowl ceremony that we'd inadvertently begun the day before. As we walked to the northern most point on Iona, Zia realized the broken bowl had to be completely shattered as we faced Fingal's cave on Staffa. We opened sacred space, then she lifted the bowl over her head and cast it down to the rocks below. There was an exquisite sound as crystalline dust rose into the air and drifted away on the wind. "May this crystal vessel be offered in sacrifice," she said, "so that each and every shard may plant a seed for new forms to flourish."   
The beaches on Iona are stunning. Pure white soft sand surrounded by waters from cobalt blue to green to aqua. Apart from the cold waters, you could easily be in the Greek Islands or the Caribbean. We spent some time on the beaches of the north east before heading down the back bone of the Island to the south, where St. Columba first came ashore. We felt the changing energies as we walked, sensing temperature shifts coming up from the ground and some puzzling fragrances that we could not account for.

We decided to experience sunset from the highest and what some consider the most powerful spot on the Island, the hill called Dun-I, the crown chakra. Adjacent to the peak is a heart-shaped well that is considered to be a “Fountain of Youth” containing powerful rejuvenating energies in the sacred waters. This was the slowest sunset we had ever witnessed! It seemed to go on for hours. We understood that it stayed light very late in these northern parts, but had not connected that to the very gradual descent of the Sun.
Saturday June 4th was the day of the New Moon Grand Cross and we began by visiting the Hill of Angels and discerning the most appropriate location for our New Moon Ceremony, setting the intention for new beginnings for us all in this elevated consciousness. We made our way to the isolated west coast of the island and even more magnificent white sandy beaches than the ones we’d seen the day before. In Port Ban, we discovered a cave on the beach which offered itself up for our ceremony. Here we had the sandy earth, a flowing waterfall, the warm wind, and the sun beaming down from directly above. We set ourselves up in the cave with all of the items that people have gifted to us for this sacred moment, including waters from around the World. We felt so blessed that so many of you had offered your loving support through these items and felt your presence there. Our ceremonial space was full of abundance including all of the elements: Earth, Air, Fire, Water, and Ether. It felt really good and full of spine-tingling life!
At 8 pm that evening, the precise time of the New Moon, we chose to go to the ancient Abbey. The Abbey has always been used as a focal point for the energies of the Island, and the connection to other sacred sites through the ley line grids, and so we set our intention, having already completed our ceremony to “connect up all of the dots” across the globe. The Abbey is still in full use and as we wandered in wonder, the Choir was rehearsing for the 9 pm service. A perfect end to a magnificent day!

I have no idea how all of this is going to play out in real terms in the World, but I am excited to be a part of it and witness the shift in human consciousness as we go through this magnificent transition together. It is getting more magical every moment. Stay tuned!
Photos Courtesy of Zia
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