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For the Record: A note on information security

With computer hacking appearing in recent world news both inside and outside of the Jewish Genealogy world, JRI-Poland felt it important to address this issue with our valued JRI-Poland users and members. We want to always be open and transparent with you and, of course, remain deserving of your trust. Please read this statement carefully. Contact us if you have any questions at:

JRI-Poland is a completely independent non-profit organization. We do have formal and informal partnership relations with other organizations, such as JewishGen, Gesher Galicia, LitvakSIG, Yad Vashem, POLIN Museum, Foundation for Documentation of Jewish Cemeteries in Poland and the Emanuel Ringelblum Jewish Historical Institute in Warsaw in addition to our long-standing contractual agreement with the Polish State Archives. However, we do not collect nor transfer any of your personal information to any of our partners including your email address and/or passwords. Our systems and our security are fully independent of our partners and our JRI-Poland online database of historical Jewish records is accessed by several of them on a “read-only” basis.

JRI-Poland does not maintain ANY financial information about you. And we never will. When you make a donation to JRI-Poland, it is through a third-party banking system such as NetBank and PayPal. We have no credit card information on record. Note that certain information may be provided to federal and state governments as required to comply with Form 990 filing requirements. This information is not available to the public.

Finally, JRI-Poland will never contact you and request financial account information from you. Even your history of giving to us is kept private and secured within our financial accounting system and not shared, rented or sold to anyone.

As good practice, we do recommend that your JRI-Poland (free) account on our new website be established with a unique password which you do not use on other websites, especially your financial applications, in order to increase the protection of your assets.

We hope this answers any questions you might have had following the recent turn of events.

Stanley Diamond, Executive Director

July 21, 2021

Spotlight on: Volunteerism

Since our humble beginnings in 1995, JRI-Poland has relied on the generosity of volunteer time. From town leaders to typists, mailing specialists to transliteration experts, volunteers have continually strengthened our organization. Many have enriched our JRI-Poland Community by their exceptional commitment over many years – often stepping forward without being asked and just writing us with a simple “how can I help” email. Clearly, we are living longer and healthier lives because we have a reason to get up in the morning (and JRI-Poland is certainly worth it)!

Now, more than ever, we need your participation to help us make JRI-Poland even stronger. So, we are officially inviting all those who are interested, motivated, and have special talents or skills, to step forward and contact us at to let us know how you might be of help.

We always need more Town Leaders and Research Area Coordinators

We are looking for volunteers able to manage town fundraising projects, interact with researchers via email, and manage the data development for specific projects.

We are looking for volunteers to staff a “Help Desk”

Experienced JRI-Poland researchers are needed to volunteer time to serve on the JRI-Poland Help Desk by answering incoming inquiries or dispatching them to the right person to respond.

We have many more opportunities waiting for the “right person” to volunteer

We are looking for additional team members who understand organizing and training volunteers, project management, or to provide administrative and production assistance… people with social media, programming, writing, editorial and research skills. We need you if you are experienced with Tech Support, Customer Service, or Genealogy Research. We need you if you are multi-lingual.

We may know you well already, but we may not know your special talents or “super powers!”

Please write us at

Can you Believe that JRI-Poland has Only Recently Introduced Membership?

Now YOU can Become a Contributing Member of JRI-Poland, the Club!

The thought of a “club” invokes the image of silly hats and secret handshakes – but we don’t have either. However, the massive response to the introduction of JRI-Poland membership earlier this year is a clear indication that just being closely associated with our mission (and our club) is reward in itself.

The new $54 annual membership is of special importance to JRI-Poland. Researchers are now able to proudly contribute to JRI-Poland’s organizational well-being and help us pay for the computer processing needs and administrative expenses that keep us free and available on the Internet. Your annual membership will also provide several special, but intangible benefits. These are in development and will be announced in the coming months. For U.S. citizens, your membership donation will be gift tax-deductible to the extent allowable by law. JRI-Poland is a registered 501(c)(3) in the United States. Click here to join as a New Member!

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