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May 18, 2022


Welcome to the May 2022 edition of the Community Food Funders Newslink. This is a monthly compilation of news, articles, reports, and upcoming events for funders in the tri-state region interested in an equitable and sustainable food system. Our past newsletter archive is available online.

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CFF Spotlight

2022 Champions Award Accepting Nominations

In 2017, The Community Food Funders steering committee created the Champions Award to recognize the leaders empowering food system change in our region. The award aims to promote the work of an outstanding organization that is working towards the transition of our food system to one that pursues a true triple bottom line: a system that honors and values people, the environment, and sustainable economic models. We are now accepting nominations for the 2022 award. We made some changes this year, to better align the award with its intended purpose and with our values as a network. Now, anyone can nominate an organization, including self-nominations. Deadline: May 27, 2022.

‘I Would Love to Fly a Trans Flag, But It Might Put My Animals in Danger’

Last year, CFF hosted a briefing on the importance of 1:1 business technical assistance for food and farm businesses. As part of that briefing, we heard from farmer Lee Hennessy. In this article, he writes about what it is like to be a trans farmer in rural New York.

Selected Events

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Policy and Advocacy for Food Systems Change: A Conversation with Seasoned Leader

May 18, 1pm ET 
Food policy experts Edna Rodriguez of RAFI-USA, Kate Fitzgerald of Fitzgerald-Canepa, LLC, Paula Daniels of the Center for Good Food Purchasing, and Savi Horne of North Carolina Association of Black Lawyers, Land Loss Prevention Project will be joining a panel conversation moderated by the Wallace Center’s Susan Schempf to share their experiences and perspectives on engaging in food policy and advocacy. Together, these leaders bring decades of experience using policy and advocacy as tools for creating lasting change. We’re honored to have them share insight into best practices and approaches for navigating food systems policy and their visions for moving these efforts forward.

De-normalizing predatory marketing of unhealthy food: Strategies and tactics

May 31, 9:30-11am
Predatory marketing describes the practice of aggressive advertising of products known to damage health. A growing literature documents that predatory marketing of unhealthy food, alcohol, tobacco and other harmful products increases premature deaths and preventable illnesses and widens racial/ethnic, income, gender and other inequities in health. This session explores the strengths and weaknesses of a variety of public health, business and political strategies to "de-normalize" predatory marketing of unhealthy food. De-normalization seeks to make this practice socially, politically, ethically, or legally unacceptable.

20th Annual SAFSF Forum: Commitment & Accountability

June 20-22
Kansas City, MO

SAFSF amplifies the impact of philanthropic and investment communities in support of just and sustainable food and agriculture systems, and the SAFSF Forum is the only national gathering for and by funders supporting just and sustainable food systems change. The Forum challenges participants to understand the need for grantmakers and investors to take on risks in order to co-create more resilient, sustainable, and equitable food systems—and at the same time, provides space to cultivate connections with peers so that no one organization is going at it alone. We invite funders, investors, and food system partners to gather in community. Join peers for three days of dynamic funder-led workshops, strategic plenary sessions, regional site visits, and deep relationship-building. These extraordinary times require extraordinary action, and sessions will mobilize new connections for global, national, and regional issues like climate change, consolidation, land access, racial equity, and more.

Resources & Announcements



Buffalo Food Justice Advocates and Partners Call for End to White Supremacy and Anti-Blackness  

The Buffalo Food Equity Network (BFEN) is made up of over 100 people of color, predominantly Black folks who are East Buffalo residents. On May 17th they released a media advisory that read in part: "Intentional and systemic racism and historic disinvestment in Black communities has led to the circumstances of the tragic white-supremacist terrorist attack that left ten people dead and three wounded at a neighborhood grocery store on Saturday. No one should lose their lives while shopping for food."

RFP: Seeking Consultant to build tools, resources and learning platforms for a new field of practice in aging

United Neighborhood Houses of New York [UNH] seeks to hire a consultant who has experience observing and documenting community-based processes and facilitating efforts that lead to the co-creation of tools, resources, curricula and learning platforms. The consultant will work with UNH and its member settlement houses to develop and advance new practices. These new practices would be built upon a strength-based approach to aging in intergenerational community centers. Deadline: May 18.


Podcast:  Black Women in Activism and Food

"During the civil rights era, Black women used their skills as chefs and cooks to support social movements in this country. On this episode, Deb is joined by scholar and writer Suzanne Cope to explores the legacies of two such heroes, Aylene Quin, who helped feed and support the Civil Rights movement in Mississippi, and Cleo Silvers, who helped create the Black Panther Party's Free Breakfast for Children program. Deb also checks in with Arley Bell, a millenial baker who believes she can make a difference in food and activism though her beautifully decorated cakes and pastries." - Setting the Table (Whetstone Radio Collective)

Podcast: Ancient Green: Moss, Climate and Deep Time

"Long, long ago—before there were trees, before there were flowers, before life existed outside of the churning oceans—mosses bravely ventured onto dry land. In this special Earth Week episode Robin Wall Kimmerer, author of Braiding Sweetgrass, takes a long view of life on Earth, exploring how mosses—ancient beings who transformed the world—can teach us strategies for persisting amid a changing climate". - Emergence Magazine


Report: The FDA’s Food Failure

"A monthslong POLITICO investigation — based on more than 50 interviews — found that drugs and other medical products dominate food at the agency, both in budget and bandwidth. Over the years, the food side of FDA has been so ignored and grown so dysfunctional that even former FDA commissioners readily acknowledged problems...We published a deep dive into the agency’s structural failures, lack of action to prevent major produce outbreaks and slowness to try to make food healthier. We encourage you to bookmark it and read it in full." - Helena Bottemiller Evich, Politico. You can read the four key takeaways of the investigation here.

Article:  Developing a community-based local food system in Will County, Illinois

"In a new JAFSCD article,  Marie Asma Ben-Othmen and Jerry H. Kavouras examine the food system in Will County, Illinois (USA) to identify stakeholders and assess their engagement, opinions, and interests in promoting a shift to a more localized and community-based food system, dubbed Food For All. The authors built on Paul Sabatier's advocacy coalition framework (ACF), an evidence-based framework focusing on stakeholder values, beliefs, and positions to understand their viewpoints and involvement." - Journal of Agriculture, Food Systems, and Community Development

Report: The FoodPrint of Farmed Seafood

"The noble promise of aquaculture — to create more food for a growing world population — has, in some cases, only repeated the errors of land-based industrial agriculture. This report aims to educate consumers about the world of farmed seafood, help them learn about the problems with much of today’s industrial aquaculture, and understand how they can buy better seafood that supports a more sustainable future. It’s important to note that ethical consumerism alone won’t stop industrial aquaculture. With this report, we hope to raise public awareness so we are all encouraged to exercise our agency, change public policy, and get more connected to our local food providers." - FoodPrint

Food in the News


The Field Report: New UN Climate Report Urges Food Systems Solutions—Before It’s Too Late, Lisa Held, Civil Eats, Apr 4 2022

Protest Movements Could Be More Effective Than the Best Charities, James Ozden, Stanford Social Innovation Review, Apr 14, 2022

We’re here to clear the air on what trust-based philanthropy is and what it isn’t, Carrie Avery, Pia Infante, Philip Li and Brenda Solorzano, Alliance Magazine, Apr 21 2022


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Food and Agriculture Policy

Earth and Environment


Organizing and Mutual Aid


Job Opportunities

Multiple Positions, Black Farmer Fund (NY)
Part-time Grants & Administrative Associate, Woodcock Foundation (Remote)
Program Coordinator, Advocacy Institute (Remote)
Land Organizing Director, National Young Farmers Coalition (Remote)
Executive Director, Restaurant Workers Community Foundation (Remote)
Farm to School Intern, American Farmland Trust (Remote)
Operations Manager, East End Food Institute (Long Island)
New York Deputy Director, American Farmland Trust (Remote)
Development Manager, Socially Responsible Agriculture Project (Remote)
Operations Director, Real Food Generation (Remote)
Grants Manager, Tides (Remote)
Donor Relations Coordinator, Grassroots International (Remote)
Consultant / Senior Consultant, Community Wealth Partners (Remote)
Programs and Communications Coordinator, EDGE Funders (Remote)
Intern, Farmer to Farmer Program, Winrock International (Remote)
Multiple Positions, GrowNYC (NYC)
Data Manager, Growth, GiveDirectly (NYC)
Multiple Positions, New York Women's Foundation (NYC)
Director of Development and Communications, Bronx River Alliance (NYC)
Operations Manager, The Sylvia Center (NYC)
Multiple Positions, Hot Bread Kitchen (NYC)
Lead Organizer, Brandworkers (NYC or North Jersey)
Community Health Worker, Comfort Food Community (Greenwich, NY)
Multiple Positions, Cornell Cooperative Extension (NYS)
Organic Educator, NOFA-NY (Long Island)
Vice President, Institutional Giving, Environmental Defense Fund (NYC or Washington D.C)
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