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Damselfly hunting insects in my yard
Did you know that it is a myth that parents won't care for a baby bird you touched to put it back in its nest? Read more about what to do if you find abandoned wildlife in your yard from ODNR. If you find injured wildlife in your yard, here's what to do from the Ohio Wildlife Center.

I see dragonflies and damselflies (one in the photo above) in my yard, and they are here just for the insects since I have no water nearby. They are difficult to spot unless they are moving. They are 95% accurate on their hunts due to their compound eyes with over 30,000 lenses. This makes them hard for predators to catch. See stunning, close-up videos and read more about these fascinating creatures in our yards from National Wildlife Federation.

Consumer Reports magazine says that a shaggier lawn will mean about 10 fewer hours spent mowing during the season. They suggest waiting until grass is 4 & 1/2" and mowing it to 3". They also say to only apply only organic or compost fertilizer once a year in fall. They conclude that chemicals are a human risk when on the lawn and end up in waterways, entering our drinking water.

Opossums may have that long, fur-less tail that reminds people of a rat, but they actually are related to Kangaroos and use their tails like a Monkey. I love them and always look to see if they have babies hanging on them or sticking out of their pouch. Please brake for them because they are slow to react. Read more from the NY Times and Ohio Wildlife Center.

I'm always picking up plastic sacks, Styrofoam, plastic 6-pack holders, trash and other debris blowing down the street into my yard or through my gutter and throwing them into my trash. Please help keep these dangerous materials from harming wildlife and from going directly into our streams and rivers, polluting our drinking water.

Good news: Lowe's is to stop selling products with Neonicotinoids (see May Nature Scoop) in them. Home Depot is requiring labeling products containing Neonicotinoids.

- Toni, Habitat Ambassador Volunteer, Please explore my website

Tips for Your Yard

-  Organic Lawn Care: Mow grass high (3-4 inches) so lawn shades out weeds
-  Remove Invasive Garlic Mustard, crush it when you first see it come up so it doesn't get sunlight. See this excellent video. Put it in the trash because it continues to go to seed even when the plant is dead
-  Stomp your feet, clap your hands and turn the porch light on and off to let the skunks leave the area before letting pets out on a leash
-  Check for and remove paper wasp nests under overhangs on your house before they grow large in summer and become a problem
Updated Native Plant Source List
-  To make Hummingbirds' sugar water, I use extra-fine sugar (mine is made by Pioneer; carried at Meijer) and stir it into water without heating

Nature News

-  Read about the value of Insects in your yard
-  Be a citizen scientist and monitor Monarchs (see 6/20 training in events) and read about what impact you will make

Nature Events with Backyard Habitat Information

Please send your backyard conservation educational event with a link the month prior to the registration deadline (e.g. May 1 for June issue)
-  6/1, Why Plant Native?, 7pm, Barbara Velez Barbosa presenter, St. John's Lutheran Church, 133 W South St, Lithopolis
-  6/6, Start Summer at the Wetlands, Sawmill Wetlands, 2638-2674 Sawmill Place Blvd, Columbus
-  6/13, Monarch Butterfly Day, How Can I Help the Monarch Presentation & live Monarchs, Candy Sarikonda, Wild Ones Columbus, Columbus
-  RSVP 6/13 for 6/20, Monarch Larva Monitoring Training, Sarah Dalton, Barbara Velez Barbosa, Columbus
-  6/20, Monarch Fiesta, Fee, Cincinnati Nature Center, Long Branch Farm & Trail, Goshen
-  6/27, Honeybee Festival, click on link at top, fee/car, Delaware
-  Reg now for 7/11, Pollinator Palooza Symposium, Julie Zickefoose keynote, Fee incl lunch, Franklin Park Conservatory, Columbus

Other Nature Events

Please send your backyard conservation educational event with a link the month prior to the registration deadline (e.g. May 1 for June issue)
-  Reg now for 6/1, Advanced Butterfly Gardening Workshop, Fee, Glouster
-  6/6, Annual Wetlands Gala - Go Native in Your Landscape, native plant sales, Amherst
-  6/9, Stroll in the Savannah, Wild Ones Oak Openings Region, Toledo
-  Reg now for 6/13, Canine Capers, Family Workshop, all ages, Fee, Ohio Wildlife Center, Powell
-  6/13, Monarch Butterfly Day Children's Program, live Monarchs from Monarch Watch, Candy Sarikonda, Wild Ones Columbus, Columbus
- Reg now for 6/20, 6/21 or 6/27, Seeing the Forest from the Soils, Lecture Hikes, Fee, Cincinnati
-  Reg now for 6/29-7/1, Owlets Summer Camp ages 4-6, scroll down at Ohio Wildlife Center, reg form, Fee, Powell
-  6/28, Tour of Oxbow with Jon Seymour, scroll down at Cincinnati Wild Ones, near Lawrenceburg, IN
-  Reg now for 8/27-8/29, Flora-Quest, limit 100 people, Fee, Mohican Forest & Malabar Farms, SE of Mansfield

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