Sangfor NGFW: Best Practice for Universities
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Smart deployment with SANGFOR Next Generation Firewall (NGFW) can solve network security issues of universities cost-effectively. 
Key Challenges
● Huge number of internal users and large bandwidth requires top-notch performance.
● Rise of cyber threats against business application services, conventional Firewall + IPS security infrastructure turned out to ineffective in terms of protection.
● Lack of security analyzing tools with overwhelming workload in maintaining the entire security architecture.

Key Evaluation Criteria 
● High performance after enabling all security functions.
● Effective security protection to endpoints as well as business application servers.
● Reduce the complexity of operation & maintenance. 
Learn more about the success stories of customers using SANGFOR NGFW !
Universiti Kuala Lumpur (UniKL)
The Previous firewall (Wat**G***d) faced performance issues due to massive internal DoS attacks. After replacing it with Sangfor NGFW, UniKL does not feel anymore slow connection from its internet connection. Sangfor NGFW provides the same functions and performance as the previous firewall, as well as with an inside-out threats prevention system such as internal DoS prevention feature.
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Tunku Abdul Rahman University College (TARC)
Previous firewall (For**G**e) faced performance issue after enabling bandwidth management feature. Instead of adding an additional tier of device, TARC replaced the current firewall with SANGFOR NGFW which solved the performance issue while providing more effective bandwidth management service. 

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Universiti Selangor (Unisel)
Previous firewall (For**G**e) faced performance issue, as Internet traffic surged after implementing online-learning program. SANGFOR NGFW has been deployed and is able to ensure high performance under large traffic environment. In addition, it provides value-added feature such as automatic balance the traffic for the two existing internet links for full bandwidth usage.
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Universiti Pendidikan Sultan Idris (USPI)
UPSI was receiving frequent attacks to web application servers from both outside and inside. The previous firewall turned out to be ineffective and the main website has been defaced several times. SANGFOR NGFW provides full protection with FW+IPS+WAF+APT modules and has managed to defend against any attacks since its deployment.

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Best Practice of SANGFOR NGFW
● Internet Gateway: Equipped with advanced, emerging threats and APT prevention capabilities.
● DMZ: Prevent public-facing applications & business from data loss as well as site tampering.
● Data Center: Full-layered threats prevention & risk mitigation for core business data.
● Core Biz Server: Enforced protection for security & continuity of critical business services.
● Interconnection point: Segmented security zone to prevent threats expansion in a large scale network.
● Branch: Visualized, controllable and secured edge network with a lower TCO. 
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