Sangfor New IAM Firmware 11.0 : Take Back Control of your Network
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For many IT managers, managing the Network can be a nightmare when you have hundreds, thousands of users, all in different departments. On top of that, many employees are now bringing their own devices such as mobile phones or tablets, which bring even more chaos. What can you do ?
The new IAM Firmware (11.0) can help you take back control of your Network by allowing you to manage Wireless endpoints & related applications, as well as making your life easier thanks to the integrated & complete reporting tools suite provided with Sangfor IAM. 
Account Management
● Allow user to login with multiple devices via one account at the same time.
● Allow to set the max. number of online devices for one account to avoid any abuse.
● More flexible account control compared to MAC binding.
Manage Endpoints according to Device Type
● Allow to set different control policies for every endpoint group.
● Generate traffic report for every endpoint group.
Traffic/Time Quota based on User & Application
● Set daily or monthly traffic quota based on user.
● After user logs in, login page will display the remaining quota.
● After reaching the quota, IT administrators will have 2 choices: 
(1) Directly block their access to internet.
(2) Put them into a slow-speed channel.
● IT administrators can check in real time quota information, including quota status of every user as well as set or reset the quota amount.
● Sangfor IAM supports traffic/time quota based on applications, which are listed in our Application Library. 
Mobile Application Control
● Database with 700+ mobile applications.
● Updated every two weeks.
● Generate traffic report for mobile applications.
Detect & Block Illegal Wi-Fi Hotspots
Detects and displays illegal wireless hot-spots in the network. You can decide whether to block them or not in order to protect your internal network and avoid confidential information leakage.
Enhance Wireless Network Authentication Capability
Many of you already have existing WLAN, however most of them do not support authentication based on QR Code/SMS/Portal. With Sangfor IAM, the existing WLAN will be able to support multiple authentication methods and make it more flexible to provide a convenient and safe wireless environment.
User Authentication via QR-Code
Two types of scenarios: 
A) Approved by Staff
B) For Temporary Visitor (Self-Scanning)
SSO with Existing WLAN
● Unified management of LAN & WLAN.
● SSO with existing WLAN (Cisco/Aruba/Ruckus) via radius/SNMP.
● Avoid repeated authentication for user.
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