August 4, 2020 Special Edition
God Still ACTS in Washington and Beyond!
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Today is the day our law makers need to hear from us! Governor Inslee is under intense pressure from public school teacher’s unions and certain county health departments to close all private schools.

Private schools have worked tirelessly all summer to meet the reopening guidelines that the state has given to us, and we are ready! Each of our 19 Adventist schools in western Washington have a detailed Safe Start plan. Some are posted on school websites; some are available by email.

Please use the links below to communicate with your district lawmakers and with the governor’s office.


Here is a suggested message after you identify yourself:

“I’m calling to lend my voice of support to small private schools who are ready to open for business. Our Seventh-day Adventist schools have worked all summer to prepare to welcome students within a framework of new Covid-19 guidance. Our schools are safe and ready to open.”


▶️Call the Governor's Office: Jay Inslee - 360-902-4111

▶️Find your district lawmakers:

Thank you for your help with this important lobbying effort.

Craig Mattson
VP Education
Washington Conference of Seventh-day Adventists

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