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February 8, 2018
We value (A)dventist education, (C)oaching leaders,
(T)otally involving members in ministry, & (S)piritually growing in Jesus. This is Washington ACTS!

The Gospel According to Duke

by Jerry Russell, Washington Conference vice president of finance

When I was a kid we had a Dachshund named Duke. One of Duke’s biggest fears was water. He wouldn’t even go into our bathroom because that is where the water was.

It was one day that Duke made a heroic gesture when he thought that his family was in danger. This gesture made me think of the love of Jesus coming to earth to save us.

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The President's Report

January has been a busy first month of the year! Innovation labs have been given the opportunity for young adults and adults to listen better, regional days of celebration is bringing community together, and pastors spent valuable time growing spiritually together. Scroll through the full report from Washington Conference president Doug Bing!
See the Full Report!

Stewardship: Motives of the Heart

Enhance your study in this quarter's Adult Sabbath School Lesson, Stewardship: Motives of the Heart, with short daily videos from John Matthews capturing the thought for that day's Sabbath School lesson.

Here are some ways you can use this resource to make your Sabbath School study even more practical and helpful—for you and for your Sabbath School class members:
  • Show one of the videos during class time to generate discussion.
  • Email the daily video each day to those in your Sabbath School class.
  • Listen to the videos and get ideas for teaching the lesson.
  • Use the videos to prepare a short True/False or multiple choice quiz to hand out at the beginning of the Sabbath School class.
  • Prepare a sheet of discussion questions based on the videos that class members can take home to supplement the ideas presented in the class.
Watch a Video Gallery from John Matthews!

AMEN Everett Clinic

There is a heart out there that needs you! AMEN Clinic is seeking Dental, Vision and Medical practitioners as well as general volunteers for a free clinic coming to the Xfinity Conference Center in Everett!

Join volunteers in April to support the AMEN Everett Free Clinic by serving those in need in this community! Sign up at This is an opportunity you will not want to miss!

For questions, please email

Volunteer for AMEN Everett!

Become an Online Missionary!

Center for Online Evangelism

Each year there are millions of Google searches for answers to questions like:
“Is God real?”

“What happens when we die?”

“How do I know I’m saved?”

“Why is there so much suffering in the world?”

Additionally, many people are hurting, entertaining suicidal thoughts, or feel there is no hope for their situation. They turn to the internet for companionship, understanding, information, anonymity, and more. It’s easier for them to pour their hearts out on Google, Reddit or a topical forum than it is to come to a friend, neighbor, co-worker or family member.
Keep Reading About Online Missionary Work!

Localized Leadership Training

We have a leadership coach in our midst! Craig Carr, vice president at Washington Conference, has doctoral research in helping local church leaders excel. He will be presenting his first leadership training session at Tacoma Central Church this weekend. (Click the church name for event details)

Interested in hosting your own leadership training at your church? Make arrangements with Craig Carr!
Request a Leadership Training with Craig Carr!

Urban Centers of Influence

Did you know? We have thirteen (13) key urban areas are located here in western Washington! We are seeking your feedback! What ideas do you have for a Center of Influence? Read more about the concept of Centers of Influence, and then send us your ministry ideas!

One of the ways to reach these urban areas is through a Global Mission Urban Center of Influence. It's a project that is usually built on a business model for the specific purpose to leading unreached urban people groups into Adventist fellowship. The primary outreach approach involves relationship building and meeting specific community needs in long-term, day-to-day interaction.
Read More About Centers of Influence!
Register Now for Biblical Justice: Urban Ministries Conference

Come Work With Us!

Three positions have recently opened up for a Human Resources director, a Trust Officer, and an Outreach Ministries director at Washington Conference.
  • Human Resources works with all the employment related issues of hiring, retirement, health care, policies, dismissals, etc.
  • A Trust Officer in Planned Giving will help members with end of life documents, planned gifts, and preaching at different churches and letting people know about the department and the services offered
  • Outreach Ministries works with Adventist Community Services, Disaster preparation ministries, Prison Ministries, Personal Ministries, and Urban Ministries.
Learn More About the Job Positions!

Are you ready for Safety Sabbath?

The safety of every church is a top priority for Adventist Risk Management, and we believe that Safety Sabbath is a way for church leaders to learn how to truly protect their congregations. We hope you will join us in conducting a safety drill in your church on March 24.
Safety Sabbath is all about preparation and practice. It is a day set aside for churches to emphasize emergency and safety planning. It is a day to practice the plan you have prepared, and make sure the congregation is ready for emergencies. It is an opportunity for churches to learn about the risks and potential incidents they may face, and prepare themselves to navigate those incidents.
You'll find a wide variety of #SafetySabbath2018 resources online for registered participating sites.
Get Free Safety Drill Resources for Your Church!
Request a Conference Speaker for Your Church in 2018!

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