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May 2, 2019

We value (A)dventist education, (C)oaching leaders,
(T)otally involving members in ministry, & (S)piritually growing in Jesus. This is Washington ACTS!


By Doug Bing, Washington Conference president

What battle is outside your window? When the prophet Elisha was on his death bed, the king of Israel visited and wept over him. The king was not a true follower of God and had been worshiping idols. However, when he heard that Elisha was dying he went to see him.

In 2 Kings 13:15-17, Elisha told the king to take an arrow and shoot it out of the east window. Elisha placed his weathered hands on the king’s hands as the arrow was notched in the bow and he prepared to shoot. The king pulled back the string and released the arrow on its flight out of the east window. The east window was chosen because it was where the Syrians had most recently won the battle with the Israelites.

When the arrow had flown out of the window Elisha prophesied that the king would gain the victory over Syria. Elisha then told the king to take the arrows and strike the ground. The king halfheartedly hit the ground three times and was admonished by Elisha for not aggressively hitting the ground to signify complete victory over the Syrians.

There are lessons for all of us from this story. Continue reading to see what lessons Doug gleans from this story!
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God Still ACTS: 2019 Washington Conference Constituency Session

Prayer provided the spiritual bookends to the 60th Constituency Session of the Washington Conference. Delegates came from across the conference to participate in the session, held April 28, 2019, at the Auburn Adventist Academy Church in Auburn, Wash.

In his opening devotional, John Freedman, North Pacific Union Conference president, called on delegates to make it a session of prayer. “You can’t do church business unless you worship first,” he said. “We need wisdom that comes from the throne of God.”

And so they did, in music and in prayer circles around the meeting sanctuary — 300 people in small groups, entreating the Holy Spirit to be present. It was, in fact, an invocation of the very theme of the session, "God Still ACTS," even in the midst of a constituency business session.

Read the Full Session Report from the Gleaner!

General Conference Rules of Order

Delegates asked, we're answering! Delegates at the 60th constituency session for Washington Conference asked for a digital copy of General Conference Rules of Order that was voted to adopt at Sunday's meetings (versus using Robert's Rules of Order). A digital copy is available for viewing at
Read the General Conference Rules of Order

Equity & Equality at Teacher Inservice

Equity (providing fair access) and equality (providing identical access) served as a training theme for Washington Conference educators on Apr. 29 in Auburn. This was the first time in memory for Washington educators to discuss equity as a team.
“Equity is something we all deserve,” Sheri Crooker shared in her training with Washington educators. “We have a job to do to disrupt the status quo and rise to the higher calling of working from an equity stance. What occurred in the past defines current realities which define future outcomes. We are called to be allies and advocates. Listen to the whole story. Use your privilege to be a voice and educate other people. Find common ground. Our conversations and work on equity will not end until heaven.”
In her presentation, Crooker guided educators through phrases and questions to effectively engage in courageous conversations.
Read Advice for Listening and Learning Well

Auburn Adventist Academy Alumni Weekend

100 years is a significant milestone! Join Auburn Adventist Academy for an Alumni Weekend on May 3-4 as they celebrate 100 years of education and service! To register and learn more about AAA Alumni weekend, visit the Auburn Adventist Academy Alumni page!
See the Alumni Weekend Schedule!

Join Us at #WACampMeeting This June 14-22

#WACampMeeting is coming soon this June 14-22! Immerse yourself in a time of spiritual renewal, personal prayer time, and daily seminars from our fantastic Camp Meeting speakers: Dan Jackson, David Smith, Brant Berglin, Bill McClendon, and Sung Kwon!

Workshop and training topics will include:
  • CPR renewal
  • Clerk training
  • Estate planning for grandchildren
  • Marriage and relationships
  • Prayer and revival
  • and much more!

Reserve Your #WACampMeeting Lodging!

Select your Conference Tent or (Dry, Partial, or Full) RV site TODAY at!
Select Your #WACampMeeting Lodging Today!

Meet & Greet

Washington Conference leaders would like to say hello to you at one (or more) of these upcoming events. When you see them, please mention this "hello invitation" from Washington ACTS!
May 3-4 | Conference Leaders will attend Auburn Adventist Academy 100th Alumni Weekend
May 4
| Craig Carr will preach at Monroe Adventist Church
May 4 | Doug Bing & Craig Carr will attend Pastor Victor Rodriguez's Ordination at Chehalis Church [4 pm]
May 5-8 | Craig Mattson & Educators will be at Gem State Academy Accreditation

May 11
| Craig Carr will preach at Arlington Adventist Church
May 14 | Conference Leaders will be at Spring Pastors' Meeting at Washington Conference
May 15 | Conference Leaders will be at NPUC Leadership Training at Washington Conference

May 17-18 | Doug Bing will attend NPUC Regional Convocation in Gladstone, Ore.

May 25 | Doug Bing will preach at Chehalis Adventist Church

Connect All Week Long!

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