April 15, 2020
God Still ACTS in Washington and Beyond!
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Hello Washington Conference family!

May you be salt-seasoning that brings out the God-flavors of this earth (Matt. 5:13)!

A Time for Meaningful Connections

by Doug Bing, Washington Conference president

It is heartwarming to see new friendships being made as a result of the hardships that our country is facing. Friendships that are made as deliveries of food are made. Friendships that are made as neighborhood walks are taking place. Friendships that are made as prayer is being offered for the sick.

Friendship that are made through the multitude of teleconferences that are being made. Friendships that are being made as people seek out meaning in spiritual things and maybe renew their friendship with God. Friendships are even being renewed via virtual alumni reunions!

Let us be friends with God and take that friendship into our communities each day and be the hands and feet of Jesus lifting people up and pointing them to Jesus.
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It Is Written Spared From Tornado

A tornado touched down and flattened trees around the It Is Written ministry headquarters in Collegedale, Tennessee, early Monday, April 13.

"Miraculously, the building was spared," shares Pastor John Bradshaw, It Is Written president. “It became clear when we looked at drone footage that tornadoes had come through on either side of our ministry home. They flattened trees along two distinct paths before lifting just yards short of a nursing home and a dental practice. We’re extremely grateful to God, and we are praying for those families and businesses that have experienced devastating loss. We were spared from what would have been a disaster. Literally a few feet in either direction and things would be very different today."
The storm came just days before It Is Written is set to begin Hope Awakens, a virtual online evangelistic series. Over 24,000 people have registered for the live event, which begins Friday, April 17 at 7:00 p.m. Eastern Time, and registrations continue to pour in.
"We are trusting God to get us up and running in time for the meetings," Pastor Bradshaw said. "God knows how urgent it is that people hear hope and certainty, when there is so little in the world right now."
Pastor John Bradshaw will be the featured speaker during Hope Awakens, which will livestream online and on mobile apps. Registration for the series can be completed at
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Hope Awakens Begins This Friday

It Is Written will conduct a virtual, online evangelistic event starting April 17 that will reach all of North America. Livestreamed from Collegedale, Tennessee, in English, Spanish, and American Sign Language, this event will share hope especially needed in a time like this.
The month-long series, entitled Revelation Today: Hope Awakens, will present the prophetic message of the Bible while speaking to hearts burdened by anxiety, fear, and uncertainty. The interactive meetings will be viewable on mobile devices and online. You're invited to attend!

(10 western Washington churches are virtual host sites!)
Attend Hope Awakens Starting This Weekend!

Virtual Worship Experiences

You voted with your eyeballs! Our Sabbath School Panel is going back to its original time at 8 am (versus our trial at 9:30 am)!

Connect with your local and conference family of faith for a time of worship, Bible study and prayer. The Sabbath Stream schedule is:
  • 8 am - Sabbath School Panel (30 minutes)
  • 9:30 or 10 am - Local Bible Study Sessions
  • 11 am  - Local Worship Streams (see a growing list of local streams)
  • 12 pm - Sabbath Worship Stream (45-55 minutes)
  • 5:30 pm - "Faith Over Fear" Prayer Call (60 minutes)

This Week on Sabbath Stream

  • David Salazar and friends look at Bible Study lesson #3 about How to Interpret the Bible. Study along!
  • Pastor Ofa Langi from Auburn City Adventist Church will be the featured Worship Stream pastor. His topic is "Life to the Full."
  • ....and there will be music and a special feature for kids!
Follow @washconf and your local church on Facebook to receive notification about live and premiered sessions!
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See a List of Local Streams

Prayer Time Together

Join the evening "Faith Over Fear" prayer call Saturday evening at 5:30 pm (1 hour prayer time). Call 404-891-6338 and enter access code 772937# to join. You may mute/unmute your line by pressing *6 or the mute button on your phone.

The Five T's of Giving

If you don't have spare funds but want to help, you can! You can give of your time, your talent, your treasure. And with social media, you can also give your testimony and ties.
Masks are still being accepted at medical facilities throughout the region (you’ll want to check with local requirements as there are some variants). In addition, we encourage you to make masks for you, your family, your neighbors, homeless shelters, food banks, nursing homes, local nonprofits, and fellow church members. Let's help protect each other!

Children's Ministry has a goal of 4,500 masks! Add your masks to the tally!
Join the Sewing Cause!
Check in with your local food bank(s). Common needs right now: volunteers, nonperishable food items, baby and adult diapers, cash, paper products, laundry products, and more. Through Monday at 9 am, Auburn Adventist Academy is accepting nonperishable donations for Auburn Food Bank.

Each city in our area has needs. Thank you for working your network to rally volunteers, individual donations, or corporate donations.
We are grateful for how you are "being the church" to your community through your acts of time, talent, and treasure. Thank you for continuing to support your local church and conference ministries with your tithe and offerings.
Ways to Give
How is God working in your life during this time of essential service and quarantine? How is God growing you? What are you learning and discovering? Share the gift of your story. Let your testimony be a gift to God and be a source of encouragement to your network of friends, family, and colleagues. Write. Record. Illustrate. Express what God is placing on your heart.
Share Your Story

Happy and Healthy!

Health Ministries has a vibrant and growing Facebook group! You are welcome and invited to join! Group moderator Elida Jerez shares a variety of health tips, stories, recipes, and ideas for healthy living. May you be encouraged and inspired to make choices for a new start with Jesus each day!
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