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August 24, 2017

The Lord is There

by Doug Bing, Washington Conference president

Read through Ezekiel 48 and you will find long passages of excruciating detail about tribal territories, portions, and city measurements. And then come these concluding words: "And the name of the city from that time on will be: 'The Lord is there'."

God's designed a specific place, a home, for His remnant people. This home is where He wants to dwell. This home is where He wants to be with us. In Christianity, we talk about our bodies as temples of God. God wants to reside in your heart!

God wants to reside in our hearts and transform us from the inside out. When we allow God to be active and present in our lives, others can look and see a living example of how "The Lord is there." What a powerful, walking testimony each of us can be!

As you go into the Sabbath hours, pray about how you can write God into the story of your life. Listen to God's promptings about how you can be open to generously and meaningfully live out your faith in your thoughts, actions and interactions.

Miracles in Action

If you want to see a miracle in action each month, just take a look at the Evangelism Offering. Where this offering a dozen years ago amounted to $25,000 or $50,000 a year, the Evangelism Offering this year averaged $27,000 a month between June 2016 and May 2017!

"We see how a giving habit is now established," says Jerry Russell, Washington Conference vice president for finance. "This isn't just one person giving. This is multiple people giving their gifts each month."

Blessed by 232 Percent
In 2016, we received pledges and gifts at camp meeting for $216,718.32. By the end of the giving year, we had smashed the giving goal by a whopping 232 percent for a total of $501,482.70!

In 2017, we had $172,936.96 pledged and given at camp meeting. Already, you've given 60 percent of the goal!

"We pray before we count the offering," Russell says in reference to the camp meeting evangelism offering, "and we see how God multiplies the gifts."

What's the cost per baptism?
This is a common question we receive, so here's the answer:
  • Total Evangelism Income for 2016 (multiple sources): $817,743
  • Total Evangelism Expenses: $724,725
  • Carryover to 2017: $93,018
  • Baptisms/Professions of Faith in 2016: 594
  • Cost Per Baptism: $1,220.08

Interesting note here: the cost per baptism has consistently been in the $1,000-1,200 range since the 1980s!

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Russian Ministries

Did you know that we have 530 Russian speaking members here in western Washington, and weekly attendance is 675 people? Washington Conference Executive Committee members heard a report on Russian Ministries this week.

We have six Russian churches or groups that meet each week:
  • Russian Center for Spiritual Enrichment in Bellevue
  • Russian-Ukrainian Church in Federal Way
  • Tacoma Russian Church
  • Everett Russian Group
  • Kent Russian Group
  • Torah Study Center (A Russian Jewish Adventist outreach)

"Adventists are well-known in the Russian community," shares Pastor Vitali Oliinik, Russian Ministries coordinator. "We get calls for weddings, funerals, and training on tithing. Because of our weekly radio program and monthly newspapers, we are known for biblical knowledge and have a constant stream of visitors."

This summer the Russian churches held three week-long summer camps (hiking, basketball, and ping-pong). Seventy percent of participants came from secular homes. Families were connecting with each other in person and on Facebook. "We made great connections," Oliinik says.
Read the Russian Ministries Report

Hispanic Ministries

Here in western Washington we have 5,911 Spanish-speaking members who attend 21 congregations that are led by eight pastors.

There is always something going on in Hispanic Ministries! Pastor Wagner Cilio, Hispanic Ministries coordinator, reports the evangelism-oriented ministry schedule features two phases: January to August and September to December. In each phase, there are small group, youth, pastoral, and district evangelism campaigns. There is a strong emphasis on involving young adults in ministry and evangelism.

Each month also has an emphasis:
  • January - prayer convocation & marriage retreat
  • February - youth rally & small group inauguration
  • March - stewardship
  • April - elders' training
  • May - women's ministries (spring day)
  • June - Spanish camp meeting (Campestre Hispano)
  • July - young adult encounter
  • August - youth camp
  • September - women's retreat
  • October - Christian education
  • November - elders' advisory
  • December - Christmas
The most striking result of ministry activities: committed and involved members. Our Spanish-speaking congregations last year grew their family by 220+ newly baptized members. These new members are committed, dedicated, and integrated into their new church family.
Read the Hispanic Ministries Report
The Education and Communication teams presented an Ethiopian-themed lunch for Washington Conference staff meeting today. It was a new culinary experience for many, so we watched a humorous video about how to eat Ethiopian food before going through the food line! High five, team!
Where did you watch the eclipse this week? Most of our staff were in the office! A few ventured to the totality area in Oregon, and a couple staff members went to join Auburn Adventist Academy students (what a memorable first day of school!)

Meet & Greet

Come say hi to Craig Carr at the following locations :
  • Aug. 26 | Greater Seattle Filipino American Church
  • Aug. 27 | Puyallup Car Show

Come say hi to Doug Bing at the following locations in September:
  • Sept. 9 | The opening of the Free Legal Clinic at Maranatha Church
  • Sept. 15-16 | Washington Conference Pathfinder Camporee
  • Sept. 23 | Enumclaw Church
  • Sept. 30 | The joint service for both Indonesian Churches plus Adventurer Family Camp
Request a conference speaker for your church!

Job Opportunities

Education Administrative Assistant
Washington Conference is looking for an executive administration assistant for the Office of Education. The ideal candidate is someone who has previous school registrar experience, likes data, and geeks out with technology.

This person will produce and work with correspondence and records of a complex and highly confidential nature with a high level of technical skill. We're looking for a candidate with high levels of tact, friendliness, customer service, interpersonal skills, and organization skills.

Is this you or someone you know? Email your resume to Craig Mattson, vice president for education.
Job Description: Education Administrative Assistant

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