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March 28, 2019

We value (A)dventist education, (C)oaching leaders,
(T)otally involving members in ministry, & (S)piritually growing in Jesus. This is Washington ACTS!

Let Go of My Son

By Doug Bing, Washington Conference president

Have you ever been in Pathfinder when you were young? Being a Pathfinder was one of the great memories of growing up in the church. I enjoyed the weekly meetings, earning honors, marching, and the overall time with friends. One Friday afternoon we were preparing to go on a camping trip and our Pathfinder director had gathered all of us outside to give us instructions. I was standing in the back of the group and frankly was not listening at all. I had discovered these little seeds that were shaped like round pellets that were on the trees above my head. They were wonderful little objects. However, I was not planting them. Instead I was picking them off and lobbing them towards unsuspecting fellow Pathfinders, mainly the girl side of the group of Pathfinders. I would toss them at some girl and then act like I was listening very attentively to the director. Soon I had zeroed in on one particular young lady. Again and again I lobbed the pellets at her.

Little did I know that her older brother was standing away from the group and watching this take place. Now this guy was like Goliath! He was tall, rode a motorcycle, and he worked out. He was huge. At least he was much bigger than me. The next thing I knew, the brother had me by the scruff of the neck...

Continue reading to see how Doug connects his experience in Pathfinders to how God protects us as His children!
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Adventist Students Serving Overseas

Did your school ever go on a spring break mission trip? A group from Puget Sound Adventist Academy and another from Auburn Adventist Academy have been spreading God's love one service at a time in Dominican Republic and the Philippines!
  • Auburn Adventist Academy students have been working in the Philippines with In His Service Amianan ministry doing work projects, aiding in medical outreach, and Vacation Bible School!
  • Puget Sound Adventist Academy students worked on service projects and gardening projects to help clear out the garden and plant new seeds in the Dominican Republic!
We praise God that Alex, a PSAA student who had to have an emergency appendectomy, is out of the hospital and healing well. Please continue to pray for her as she makes a full recovery and the groups of students who are starting their return home.
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This Week's Offering Goes to North American Division Evangelism

Not hungry! If one of your children were frequently not hungry at dinnertime, would you be concerned? Well, that’s what happened to one family while serving as missionaries in Brazil. Rick had just turned three, and often at mealtime he would not have much appetite. This puzzled his parents for some time, until one day his mother happened to mention this to some of the neighbor ladies in her apartment building. Comparing notes, they discovered that Rick had been going around to the other apartments during the day mooching food! He would go up to a door and knock, and holding up three fingers, he would ask for three of something. No wonder he wasn’t hungry at mealtime! So, the expression “three cookies” (or “tres bolachas” in Portuguese) became a family joke.

One reason why some people don’t come to church is that they are not hungry. Ellen White speaks of them, “[They] are feeding on husks and will remain spiritual dwarfs as long as they gratify Satan. . .These persons forget the words of Christ: ‘Seek ye first the kingdom of God, and His righteousness; and all these things shall be added unto you’” (1T 500).

This week's offering is for North American Division Evangelism. Please prayerfully consider helping plant a seed in someone's heart for God.
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A Journey Through the Holy Land

Holy Land Tours enrich the spiritual growth of our leaders and in return our churches and schools. Right now, Washington Conference has 21 representatives on tour! In the first three days, the Holy Land tour group visited Mt. Nebo, the site where John the Baptist was beheaded, Petra, where on one of the mountain ridges Aaron died, and some were baptized in the Jordan river.

"Yesterday we spent time in Jesus' home, visited Capernaum where he had His ministry, rode a boat on the Sea of Galilee, and saw the Nazareth Village," Pam Scott shares. "It's surreal to know this is where Jesus lived and walked. What a beautiful place to live; a small village by the sea, lush with flowers and trees and fruit."

In the days that have continued, the group has been continuing their tour to visit the ruins of Jericho, Magdala (where Mary Magdalene lives), the city of Korazim near the Sea of Galilee that Jesus condemned, a Jewish sanctuary with some carvings that even included Greek mythology, and much more!

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Apr. 1-13 :: Delegate Information Meetings

Next week, the first of many Delegate Information Meetings starts in preparation for Constituency Session this coming April 28! Visit to discover more about constituency session and meeting times.
Learn More About Constituency Session

Meet & Greet

Washington Conference leaders would like to say hello to you at one (or more) of these upcoming events. When you see them, please mention this "hello invitation" from Washington ACTS!
Mar. 31 | Leaders at Large Committee Meeting at Auburn Adventist Academy Church
Mar. 31 | Doug Bing, Craig Carr, & Jerry Russell previewing HOPE House in Tacoma
Apr. 1 | Leaders at Delegate Information Meeting in Bremerton
Apr. 2 | Leaders at Delegate Information Meeting in Burlington
Apr. 6 | Craig Carr speaking at Centralia SDA Church in Centralia
Apr. 6 | Craig Carr visiting Fire Rekindled at South Tacoma Adventist Fellowship
Apr. 8 | Leaders at Delegate Information Meeting in Chehalis
Apr. 9 | Leaders at Delegate Information Meeting (English) in Federal Way
Apr. 10 | Leaders at Delegate Information Meeting in Kirkland
Apr. 11 | Leaders at Delegate Information Meeting in Seattle
Apr. 13 | Leaders at Delegate Information Meeting (Spanish) in Federal Way
Apr. 19 | Craig Carr at Journey to the Cross at Auburn Academy Church
Apr. 26 | Craig Carr at Deaf Ministries Vespers at Puyallup Church
Apr. 28 | Leaders at Constituency Session in Auburn

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