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October 12, 2017
We value (A)dventist education, (C)oaching leaders,
(T)otally involving members in ministry, & (S)piritually growing in Jesus. This is Washington ACTS!

The Man Who Changed the World

by David Yeagley, Washington Conference young adult ministry director

Early in the morning of September 26, 1983, Stanislav Petrov sat in front of the computer monitors in a secret bunker outside Moscow. As a Lieutenant Colonel in the Soviet Air Defense Force, it was his job to monitor a satellite early warning system designed to detect incoming ballistic missiles from the United States.

Suddenly the long, uneventful night was shattered by the sound of alarms. A single word began to flash on his backlit screen, “Launch.” Before he had time to react more lights began to flash declaring the grim truth. There were five US nuclear missiles hurtling toward the Soviet Union.

He had less than 20 minutes to act before the unthinkable happened.
KEEP READING! See what happened to Stanislav!

Quick Reflections from Annual Council

I really appreciated the focus that was presented at Annual Council on making disciples for Christ and not just a focus on baptisms. This paired with the idea of a continued or renewed focus on missing members and ways to reclaim them is refreshing as we think of ways to be holistic in our outreach into the community. 

I also liked seeing new unions being formed as a result of the growth of the work in Zimbabwe in spite of tough economic conditions. 
The discussion on unity and compliance was a long and complicated discussion. My grateful takeaway: the discussion was done with a real spirit of love. It was not a discussion filled with animosity, but one of respect and seeking ways to solve the issue at hand.
Read: All Hands On Deck to Reach The Cities

Clergy Appreciation Month

Show some extra love and appreciation for your pastor this month! Here are three tips to get you started!

1. Flood your pastor's mailbox with cards. Write a handwritten note with a meaningful message and a prayer for your pastor.

2. Share a practical expression of thanks: a homemade treat, a gift card, a handyman home project, a gift for the pastor's family, tickets to a community event, an all-expense paid weekend away or date night, or other meaningful gestures.

3. Get involved in church life! If you aren't involved, get involved. If you are involved, stay involved!

Interviewing Future Pastors

Bill Roberts and I spent time this week interviewing senior theology and religion majors at Walla Walla University.

I was so impressed by each student’s depth and balance and was encouraged at the thought of these future pastors serving well in the Seventh-day Adventist Church. Thank you WWY faculty and staff for your teaching, mentoring, and commitment to developing quality leaders!

Adventurer Family Camp

We had 230 children, parents, and grandparents at the Adventurer Family Camp last weekend! This is the 22nd annual gathering! Adventurer children, ranging in age from 4-9, shared their talents of music and memorized scripture, and learned about spiritual gifts. The best spiritual gift advice from the puppet show: "Don't be a pew potato!"
Browse a Facebook Gallery from Adventurer Family Camp!

Oshkosh Planning Meeting

Washington Conference Youth Ministries director, David Salazar, shares these two images from an Oshkosh International Pathfinder Camporee planning meeting.

Together in Prayer

Between hurricanes, earthquakes, firestorms and acts of violence, we have many reasons to pray for our communities. This week, in particular, we join in praying for the school family associated with Redwood Adventist Academy in fire-devastated Santa Rosa, California.

May God protect the firefighters, provide for now-homeless families, and prevent further destruction.
Redwood Adventist Academy Destroyed by California Wildfire

Get Involved! Volunteer at AMEN Tacoma!

Volunteers are still needed to help provide health, medical and spiritual care to Tacoma residents who are underinsured, uninsured, or low-income. Medical, dental, vision, and non-medical support volunteers are needed. Thanks for signing up at!

AMEN Tacoma will be serving the community on November 10 and 12 at the Boys and Girls Club, 3875 S. 66th St., Tacoma, WA 98402.
You are needed!
Watch this video invitation from AMEN Tacoma!
Volunteer to help at AMEN Tacoma!

Thanks for Your Camp Meeting Ideas!

We had quite a few people chime in with their interests for camp meeting activities! Thank you for sharing your ideas and interests!

Top 3 Requests:
  • Science Fair
  • Service Project(s)
  • Afterglow

Additionally, there was interest in a family fun fair, a watermelon feed, a prayer path, and hobby/ministry meetups. What say you? What activities would you like to see at camp meeting? The survey is still open!
Camp Meeting Activity Survey

Meet & Greet

Doug Bing (president) is on the road in October to several locations. If you see him, please say hello!

Meet & Greet

Say hello to Craig Carr (VP Admininstration):
Say hello to Tim Peterson (Planned Giving):
Request a conference speaker for your church!

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