Ng Teng Fong General Hospital : the first hospital using cook chill technology in Singapore
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Perfect food and wine pairing made simple at ACHOI
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Rosinox one foot in Kempinski
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Proud to equip the San Manuel Indian Bingo & Casino in Highland, California.
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Enjoy a stunning view with a delicious espresso from Hilton Amsterdam hotel
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Ng teng fong general hospital in Jurong, a brand new public hospital in Singapore, consisting of 700 beds, is the first hospital which uses cook chill technology in Singapore implemented by Électro Calorique.
With a substantive purpose in mind: to serve the patient seamlessly, comfortably and efficiently. Every aspect of the hospital has been planned to be patient-friendly, with special attention to the patient well being from admission to recovery.
Électro Calorique supported the hospital program and came up with a specific solution of food distribution systems in order to meet halal and non halal food


processes  while combining performance and ergonomics from the kitchen to the wards.

In choosing the latest medical, transport (AGV) and food processes technologies the hospital has managed to build a strong reputation in Asia Pacific.

Launched in 2015, amba Taipei Zhongshan is an extension of the "amba" collection, the next-generation concept hotel collection by Taiwan's Ambassador Hotel Group to celebrate 50 years of luxury hospitality.
ACHOI, the beautiful contemporary restaurant located on the main floor of amba Taipei Zhongshan, is designed for sharing good food and great company. Its open kitchen concept allows the guests to see the care and passion that is put forth in making an exceptional meal. In order to offer a sophisticated yet relaxed dining experience, this trendy place also adopts the Western dining concept of pairing delicious food with fine wines.
Located at the centre of the restaurant are two elegant yet efficient equipments - VOV3e - the wine by the glass dispensers by EuroCave Professional. Thanks to this installation, guests are given the option of tasting different wines that best accompany each cuisine free from the restriction of having to order a full bottle at traditional restaurants. The wine by the glass dispensers provide freedom of choice to the guests of Achoi and enables perfect matching of food and wine which enhances flavors and enjoyment of the dining experience.

Rosinox has recently installed in one of the the oldest luxury hotel, the Kempinski Dubai Mall, a special custom made Exclusif One PIECE TOP. This cherished tradition can be felt throughout the 48,000 square metres of Kempinski Hotel Mall of the Emirates, which opened in April 2006 as the first property of the hotel chain in the bustling city of Dubai.

Thanks to close support provided to locally bases UK consultant and strong dealer, Rosinox managed to win this prestigious project.

Kempinski Management as well as Executive chef are delighted to work with Rosinox Equipment and said “we would recommend it to whoever is looking for robust, powerful and reliable equipment".
After such a good welcome, why not to share the unique Levantine Cuisine, the true traditional cuisine in the Levant region, known in Arabic as the Bilad ash-Sham or Land of the North, which today spans Jordan, Lebanon, Palestine, Syria, southern Turkey and Cyprus.

Featured in all of their casual and fine dining restaurants, more that 285 shelves were ordered and delivered in December 2015 for their kitchens, freezers and coolers. This big order had been finalized by one of our distributors in the US, Trimark, ERF, Inc (San Fransisco, California). The representative was Western Pacific Distributors.

Quality coffee requires high-end equipment to extract perfect espresso shots: to fullfill this performance, Hilton Amsterdam hotel Sky Lounge bar selected UNIC professional grade espresso equipment for its coffee service.
Thanks to the commitent of Buscaglione local roaster, Hilton Sky Lounge bar has been impressed by the quality of the high-end multi-boilers espresso machine, STELLA DI CAFFÈ, designed and manufactured by UNIC in France.  The STELLA DI CAFFÈ perfectly matches the design of this amazing lounge bar that offers a relaxed atmosphere for who wants to enjoy a perfect cup of coffee while entertaining a stunning view over the historic Amsterdam center and the IJ river.
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