CAPIC quality in a Sofitel 5 * in China
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Improve food quality and hygiene for Hospital Puerta de Hierro Madrid Spain
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One more high end reference for Tournus Equipement at Rixos Sharm el Sheikh
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Superior UNIC espresso machines in growing coffee shops chain PACIFIC Coffee
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Sofitel is a French luxury hotel chain which is present all over the world.

In the 5-stars hotel in Xi’an, China, situated in the heart of the city, Sofitel gathered the Xi’an heritage and the French hospitality.

Besides the 414 rooms, suites and flats, the Xi’an hotel proposes 5 sophisticated restaurants (Chinese, Japanese, Muslim, barbecue and Western restaurant) and the Chain has trusted in CAPIC quality to equip the kitchen of the Azur restaurant (Western restaurant) with a Celtic range cooking suite.

All the team of the Azur Sofitel restaurant greatly appreciates working with the CAPIC equipment (fryer, open burners, oven, plancha, lava stone chargril, pasta cooker...).
And of course, CAPIC is proud to have a new reference in China thanks to Sofitel.  


The hospital Puerta de Hierro en Madrid for its 50 years anniversary was looking to improve the quality of meals
served to patients not in accordance with the hospital management.
SOCAMEL solution has been selected after several trials among main players in the industry. Today more than 1900 meals are served daily with the concept Double-Flow Ergoserv, meal delivery equipment with remote technology and convection technology supplied by Socamel Espana, subsidiary of Socamel Technologies France.

Tournus Equipement has been selected as the supplier of all the shelving systems for storage rooms by the RIXOS Sea Gate Sharm El Sheikh in Egypt, a resort of 695 rooms and suites, to be opened August 15, 2015. It is part of Rixos Hotels Group, one of the fastest growing luxury hotel chain in Turkey.  

The customer has selected the anodised aluminium and polypropylene mats, designed and developed for storage rooms.The anodised aluminium offers a lifetime warranty against the rust.

The polypropylene mats are removable and can stand temperature from -30°C (freezer) up to 90°C (dishwashing machine).


Very light, Very easy assembly (no tools), load resistance up to 150 kgs per level, attested by GS certificate.
Please see our demo


The worldwide growing coffee segment has also reached the Asian market. Since its debut in Hong Kong, Pacific Coffee has rapidly expanded its activities in mainland China with the opening of 300 stores as from 2011. To reach the goal of providing the perfect cup of coffee to its customers, Pacific Coffee chose UNIC professional grade equipment, with a customized version of 2 groups TWIN MIRA and 3 groups TRI MIRA models. The combination of the highest quality coffee beans to user-friendly and reliable UNIC espresso machine is the explanation of the success of Pacific Coffee who is pursuing its mission, The Cup, The Thought, My way with rigour and passion.

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